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by The Editors on August 15, 2010

Bstan2010We thought it was pretty obvious, but apparently there are those who still haven’t figured it out. If was something you enjoyed reading in the past and you’d like to see what the editors are doing now, just click this link to visit Same stuff, different URL.

The content breakdown goes something like this: content from July 1999 until December 2006 can be found here in the Sacklunch 1.0 Archives. From November 2006 until February 2007 it is on the Sacklunch site here, and for the rest (July 2008 forward) please visit Someday we’re going to put it all together in one place, under one name. Maybe.


The Sack Is Back!

by The Editors on December 1, 2008

Let’s see: the last thing we remember it was sometime near the end of February 2007. Our corporate masters decided to play some good ol’ fashion business hardball and ended up giving us a “time-out,” and sending us straight to our room with no dinner.

We laid down on our bed and began reading some Tolstoy and we must have fallen asleep because the next thing we knew. . . it was December 2008. And here we are. And here is all our old content.

So tell us, what did we miss?


NBC Redoes The Dew Tour Branding

by The Editors on February 26, 2007

The Dew Action Sports Tour is now the longer, more difficult to say, The ASPT Dew Tour, the Action Sports Pro Tour.

“The new ASPT mark and logo provide our property with a consistent messaging and the opportunity to expand under one umbrella,” said Wade Martin, President of the ASPT Dew Tour. “Not unlike NASCAR or the PGA Tour, we want the ASPT to be seen as the gold standard in competitive action sports.”

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Page Knocked Out At Birthday Party

by The Editors on February 26, 2007

Sydney surfer Sam Page is in intensive care after being “bashed” by a bouncer at Players in Surfer’s Paradise. Page was celebrating his 21st birthday when, while being escorted out of the club, a bouncer punched him so hard that he was immediately knocked out and fell backward down a flight of stairs to the sidewalk below.

Mr Page is in the intensive care unit of the Gold Coast Hospital with serious head injuries. . . The bouncer, 32-year-old Eugene White of Labrador, faced Southport Magistrates Court today charged with grievous bodily harm.

Our thoughts are with Sam’s family and friends.

[Link: The Australian]


Aboriginal Surfer Gets WCT Wildcard

by The Editors on February 26, 2007

RichardsDale Richards, 18, of Tweed Heads, Australia earned a wildcard spot at the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast when he won the Quik Pro Trials and became the first full-blooded Aboriginie surfer to compete in a WCT event. But it won’t be any walk in the park:

Richards, who two years ago said his goal was to become the first indigenous world surfing champion, gets the chance to compete in a round-one heat against three-time world champion Andy Irons and South African Greg Emslie this week.

There’s really no one better to lose to, you know, if you’re going get shut out.
[Link: The Australian and]


Salema Get’s D-Listed

by The Editors on February 25, 2007

The catty writers at aren’t really feeling our boy Salema Maekela on Oscar night. They’re calling his Countdown To the Red Carpet on E! Television a “countdown-to-the-countdown”:

Debbie Matenopoulous, Jay Alexander, Sal Masekela, Ben Lyons, Catt Sadler and some other no-namers are counting down the arrival of Price Ryan Seacreast and her Royal Hiney Juliana DePandi who will countdown the arrival of the woman of the night, Ellen Degeneres. It doesn’t get more D-List than that!

No matter. Sal’s on The Sack’s A-list for life! Check out what Sal has to say in this interview with a South African entertainment site.
[Link: Gay Socialites and Tonight]


Trucker On Piste For Life

by The Editors on February 25, 2007

After getting lost riding pow at Cypress Mountain and standing out in the cold until 9:30 PM near Strachan Creek (where several others have died) 43-year-old snowboarder Elek Krizsai has happy to get rescued alive. Not surprising the truck driver from East Vancouver has a pretty strong opinion regarding riding out of bound:

“I’ve done it and it’s not worth it,” Krizsai said “In one minute, you’re living your worst nightmare.



Baller Lies About Snowboarding

by The Editors on February 24, 2007

Vladimir RadmanovicLakers forward Vladimir Radmanovic said Friday he made up a story about slipping on a patch of ice to cover up the that he was snowboarding for the first time. And that, apparently, was in violation of his basketball contract.

“First of all I’d like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, Lakers management and Lakers fans for initially lying about the circumstances of the injury to my shoulder last weekend. I’d like to, however, come forward and set the record straight at this time. The truth is that I hurt myself in a fall while snowboarding.

Vladi knows the truth: you can’t let a contract stop the stoke.

[Link: InsideHoops]


Snowboarder Dies On Neighborhood Kicker

by The Editors on February 24, 2007

Kyle Lamb, a 13-year-old snowboarder from Ontario, Canada died after landing on his head and neck after hitting a 1.3-metre high jump in a field near his house:

They said the jump was at the base of a 50-metre hill with a 30-degree slope. He landed some two metres from the ramp and was unconscious, with no vital signs, when paramedics arrived at the scene. He was later declared dead in hospital.

Kyle was not wearing a helmet.


Beachley and Slater Give It A Go

by The Editors on February 23, 2007

28061811The 2007 ASP Tour is heating up and two of the biggest stories are of course Layne Beachley and Kelly Slater. Between them they have 15 world titles. And while the LA Times may be stretching their comradeship for a better story, the truth is they have a lot in common:

“We’re like brother and sister,” Beachley said. “We constantly push each other and motivate each other and I rely on him for advice, and it’s nice to know that he’s always willing to provide it.”

We’re just hoping Kelly reels in the perfect 10th title. Because we love to see Quik kick down.
[Link: LA Times]