Aussie Bodyboarder Nipped by Shark

by The Editors on February 3, 2007

A 26-year-old man riding a bodyboard at Shelly Beach, Australia (370 miles north of Sydney) was bitten by a shark today. He got chewed up on his foot and lower left leg, but the injuries were not life-threatening.

“He was catching a wave when the shark bit him,” Milnes said. “He didn’t see the shark at all.” The surfer took himself to shore where paramedics treated him before he was flown by helicopter to hospital.

[Link: International Herald Tribune]


Sharky Near Miss in Kauai

by The Editors on January 6, 2007

Art1B A six to eight foot shark took a 13 inch chunk out of 24 year-old Waimea surfer’s board on Friday while he was surfing alone at Housings; a spot fronting the Pacific Missile Range Facility. The surfer who walked away unscathed was not identified. This is the same spot where, 10 years ago, bodyboarder Michael Coots lost his right foot to a shark.
[Link: Honolulu Star-Bulletin]


NorCal Surfer “Not Chomping” For Waves

by The Editors on December 24, 2006

Ba Shark24 034 MacAfter surviving two separate shark attacks in recent years Guerneville, California’s Royce Fraley, 43, has decided that he’s going to wait a while before he charges back out into the cold, sharky Northern California surf. This holiday season he’s going to spend more time with his wife and two young children.

I’m not chomping at the bit to get back into the water,” Fraley, 43, told The Chronicle. “I had an offer to go surfing with a buddy last Sunday, and I declined. I’m definitely taking a break and enjoying my family. … If my feet were dangling down, I might not even have a leg or be here today. It’s made me more respectful of my life and my family.

Sounds like he needs to have a little counseling session with Bethany Hamilton.
[Link: San Francisco Chronicle]


Shark Rings in the Holidays Near Bells Beach

by The Editors on December 18, 2006

Svmap Narrowweb  300X340,0Peter Galvin, 25, of Yarraville, Australia was surfing on the Winkipop reef near Australia’s Bells Beach shortly before dusk when what is believed to be a White Pointer shark chomped him from behind resulting in puncture wounds to the top of his calf and a major gash under his knee.
[Link: The Age]


Remote Control Sharks?

by The Editors on December 14, 2006

KillersharkThe US Goverment’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently stopped funding a project by Boston University professor Jelle Atema in which sharks were being turned into remotely controlled devices “using either electrical stimulation to mimic their natural neural processes or . . . little gadgets attached to their noses that release delicious-smelling squid juice on cue.” And the same month we see shark attacks from around the world. Is this simply a coincidence? Or is someone trying to fund their research by threatening the world’s surfers with a army of “Zombie sharks?”
[Link: Engadget]


The Shark Hit On Me Right Here. . .

by The Editors on December 11, 2006

Ba Sharkattack104We mentioned yesterday that 43-year-old surfer Royce Fraley was attacked by a great white shark at Dillon Beach in Northern California. What we didn’t tell you is exactly where he got hit. He claims this was not his first interaction with the Mr. White and that he “only got a few scratches.” However, it looks like the Marin County sheriff is very interested in zooming in for a photo of the long and short of Fraley’s injuries.
[Link: SF Chronicle]


NorCal Great White Attack

by The Editors on December 10, 2006

‘Tis the season, it appears. Royce Frailey, 43, of Guerneville, CA was surfing with a friend when a Great White shark nicked Frailey’s right hip and upper thigh. Luckily, the board took most of the damage. The owners of the private beach where the attack occurred planned to post signs warning other surfers of the possible danger. That was nice of them.
[Link: San Jose Mercury News]


NZ Shark Nips 10 Year Old

by The Editors on December 10, 2006

Ten-year-old Elliot Paerata-Reid was surfing Raglan with his father Jamarl when a shark came up and snapped at the boy’s foot. He was cut on the top and bottom of his foot, however, doctors were able to stitch it all back up. Elliot said it was “a bit of a shame” the summer had got off to such a frightening start, but promised he would be back in the water surfing once the injury had healed. Charger.
[Link: New Zealand Herald]