Quiksilver Bites Into Bluetooth

by The Editors on January 22, 2007

Now, thanks to a new partnership between Quiksilver and Plantronics it will be even easier to get taken out by a horribly distracted snowboarding soccer mom chatting on her cell phone while sliding down the slopes of your favorite resort.

The new collection integrates Quiksilver’s high-quality outdoor sports apparel with Bluetooth equipped mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players, allowing users to effortlessly access their favorite tunes and mobile calls without the worry of snagging a cord while blazing the slopes.

Luckily, mom will be okay because Quik was thoughtful enough to include the technology right inside a Roxy Shiver Helmet.
[Link: Yahoo Biz]

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Burton x Shiny Toy Guns x Gizmodo

by The Editors on January 18, 2007


It’s a coprom from some of our favorite brands. We’ll let the Shiny Toy Guns do the talking on this one:

Shiny Toy Guns believe in technology. Shiny Toy Guns believe in staying connected. Whether they are performing on stage or hanging out at home or out on the slopes, STG is all about staying connected, informed and, whenever possible, warm. So, this winter Gizmodo and Shiny Toy Guns have teamed up with Burton and Apple to help keep you not only connected this winter, but warm too.”

STG’s believe in many things, but proper punctuation is obviously not one of them.
[Link: Shiny Toy Guns via Gizmodo]


Apple Blows Us Away. . . Again

by The Editors on January 9, 2007

If you were thinking about getting us a late Christmas present. . . Say hello to the new iPhone. Oh, as a side note: the entire cellular phone industry is just about to be knocked on it’s ass. Funny how really good product can do that, isn’t it?

Dsc 0182

It’s all up on now. Check it out now, but we’ll have to wait until June 07 to get one. Damn.
[Link: via Engadget]


Burton x ACP Flash Drive

by The Editors on January 5, 2007

Acpep SnowdriveIt’s a keychain, a 2GB USB Flash Drive, and it’s in the shape of a Burton Snowboard. With the ACP-EP Snow Drive data smugglers even get their choice of cool Burton graphics: Custom, Gtwin, or Vapor. We’re kind of hoping Burton will be giving these things away at SIA. We could carry this whole site around on one of these dohickies.