The Sack Is Back!

by The Editors on December 1, 2008

Let’s see: the last thing we remember it was sometime near the end of February 2007. Our corporate masters decided to play some good ol’ fashion business hardball and ended up giving us a “time-out,” and sending us straight to our room with no dinner.

We laid down on our bed and began reading some Tolstoy and we must have fallen asleep because the next thing we knew. . . it was December 2008. And here we are. And here is all our old content.

So tell us, what did we miss?


Fuel TV Hires An Online Guy

by The Editors on February 21, 2007

We’ve said it repeatedly, but one of the few walls standing between Fuel TV and a much, much larger audience is that linear TV is dead and they don’t have enough going on the web. It appears that this may change now that Lee Pearson has joined the Fuel team as Director of New Media.

Reporting to Olivares, Pearson is responsible for strategy and operations of non-linear network initiatives including Internet, mobile and other digital platforms. Pearson will continue to build relationships with all technical, content and development vendors in association with FUEL TV’s existing new media businesses, while exploring strategic partnerships to enhance FUEL TV’s position in the marketplace.

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Sullivan Quits Snowboard Mag

by The Editors on February 21, 2007

Picture1After launching what many have called the best looking snowboard magazine ever, Mark Sullivan has announced that he has decided to step away from his post as publisher of Snowboard Magazine. On his new website he explains it all.

I recently decided to step away from my post as publisher of SNOWBOARD MAGAZINE. After starting the magazine in 2004, our crew fought to make the best magazine in snowboarding. I think that we have a lot to be proud of and I stand behind each issue we put out.

More recently we had some financial difficulties and partnered with Storm Mountain Publsihing to help us find the success and stability we found elusive as a single title publisher.

Although our partnership has proven successful on many fronts, my difference of opinion on the operations of SNOWBOARD MAGAZINE requires that I look to new ventures.

It has been a great pleasure creating this brand and a community around a sport that I love. I have learned a lot and I want to thank each of you for the support to make it as far as we have.

Thanks, Mark.

More on this story soon. . .
[Link: MediaKnievel]


Snowblind: Can’t Live Without Video

by The Editors on February 21, 2007

SnowvisionDiversion Media, a New York City based video company has announced the launch of, yet another “broadband action sports channel.” Yee haw, the bandwagon is beginning to sag.

“ has been receiving a great response from the snowboard community as a distinctive site with impressive content,” said Nicholas Butterworth, President, Diversion Media. “We have been testing the beta site throughout the core snowboard community over the past several weeks and the feedback has helped to make our site stronger while remaining authentic.”

Yep, more authentic action sports from the heart of New York City. Follow the jump for more.

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Sneaux’s Human Skateboard Project

by The Editors on February 20, 2007

SneauxPES a commercial film company with representation in the United States and Britain has created a new stop-motion TV commercial for Sneaux Shoes in which one man rides another around LA and the LA river like a skateboard. Don’t know how they figured out who would be the bottom or the top. But the guy in earrings eats a lot of gravel in the process. Click the links to the watch the video.
[Link: PES via Digitmag]


Maroubra And The Bra Boys

by The Editors on February 19, 2007

156125 Bra BoysStacy Peralta made a self-referencial documentary about his crew of skaters, and now Sunny Abberton has done the same thing in Australia with a documentary called Bra Boys which is narrated by Russell Crowe.

[The film] focuses on the surf tribe known as the Bra Boys. Hailing from the drug-inflicted and poverty-ridden housing commissions of Maroubra Beach in Sydney’s south, this tribe has produced some of the world’s most renowned big wave surfers.

Bra Boys premieres at the State Theatre in Sydney on Wednesday, March 7. For more info check this Sydney Morning Herald story.
[Link: Yourmovies]


United By Fate: The New Globe Film Series

by The Editors on February 17, 2007

UnitedbyfateGlobe is rolling out an interesting video project titled United By Fate. It is a skateboarding film broken out into pieces and released sequentially online and for free. These episodic releases will feature the skate stylings of Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez, Shane Cross and the rest of the Globe team. When you consider the proselytic nature of skate video, this may well be the best execution of meme distribution yet (for more on that check out William Gibson’s book Pattern Recognition).

The first episode (which is 10:34 minutes long) features some amazing skateboarding by Globe’s Paul Machanu set to Motorhead’s God Was Never On Your Side.

Or check out the Quicktime version on Transworld Skate.

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The Daily Tomson Code Habit

by The Editors on February 14, 2007

ThompsonEach week we get a press release from Fuel TV about who is going to be on The Daily Habit show (John Stouffer is very good that way). And normally, we just post them in the Sack Forums. But tomorrow at 6:00 PM PST Shaun Tomson will be on the show and that means it will be well worth watching (in our opinion). Few people have seen more of the surf world than Mr. Tomson, and fewer still are able to communicate their wisdom as well. Click the jump for all the details.
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Future Claims #1 Newsstand Revenue

by The Editors on February 13, 2007

1T Fsm2.5SmIn the flaunt what you got category comes this: Future Snowboarding magazine is claiming today that they have captured 44 percent of the total snowboard magazine revenue from North Amercian newsstands. Here’s a little of their qualifications:

“Making it the No. 1 snowboarding magazine on North American newsstands in terms of revenue and No. 2 in North America in terms of copies sold.”

Being number two on North American newsstands never sounded so good.
[Link: Media Buyer Planner]


Primedia Sale Could Top $1 Billion

by The Editors on February 10, 2007

The New York Post is reporting that Primedia’s sell off of their Enthusiast Group (ASG’s parent) could be the largest magazine sell-off in the history of media with bidding that will “easily crack the $1 billion barrier.”

In sheer size, this Primedia auction is expected to dwarf the recent Time Inc. selloff of 18 magazines, which fetched a price estimated to be around $225 million. That deal – which was won by Swedish publishing giant Bonnier – is expected be finalized in early March and went for about 11 times its cash flow.

[Link: The New York Post]