July 1999

Sacklunch 1.8: July 30, 1999

by The Editors on July 30, 1999

Latest Update: July 30, 1999
Vans Buys High Cascade Snowboard Camp
The company that just can’t get enough buys a camp to teach people to snowboard. Indoctrination starts young.
Vans Opens Skatepark in Bakersfield.

Letter From Wanaka
Snowboard Life editor Ewan Morrison is in New Zealand to cover the Rip Curl Heli Challenge. It sounds pretty good.

Dan Miller: Roxy Model?
A technical-service manager at the University of Arkansas would probably like to be a Roxy model. Do you think he has what it takes?

Dr. Laura is Big Brother’s Newest Enemy
Idiot radio personality Laura Schlessinger caught her son reading Big Brother and it’s the end of the world. “Dr. Laura’s right. The pornography in the magazine is well-hidden, because I haven’t seen it either,” Dave Carnie said.
Beach Access Owner May Sue Dr. Laura

Gotcha Pro Webcast
It’s in Real Player G2 and it rocks. Well worth checking out. You can watch in real time. Or watch it on the ASP Live site.
Occy video interview.
Slater video interview (ah huh!)

Tony Will Compete in Oceanside B3
After winning a couple gold medals in the 99 Summer X Games Tony Hawk is going to put on a show for the hometown crowd.

The Champ Speaks of Beating Machado
In an interview from the ASPLive site, that’s right, it Kelly “6-time champ” Slater in audio.
Beachley and Garcia Overcome Injury
The two warriors of the waves made it into the third round at the Gotch Pro in Huntington Beach.

Gotcha Glacier Has Management
The company that runs the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim announced that it’s going to be running the Gotcha Glacier indoor snowboard park.

Right Word, Wrong Place
The Celebrity Skin page (www.celebrityskinmag.com) is free but is designed to snare the surfer into an inescapable maze of the company’s credit card-snatching “interactive” sex sites.–Village Voice.

Curren Keeps Going and Going and. . .
Tom Curren looks as good as he ever did in the Gotcha Pro at Huntington Beach. 35-year-olds around the world rejoice.

Surfing’s Brisick Leading the Blind to the Surf
“I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy this,” said 24-year surfer Jamie Brisick, editor of Surfing Magazine. “Their excitement and enthusiasm is so contagious. It makes you feel good.”

Gotch Pro Dream Heat?
Is it possible to get a heat with Occy and Curren in 1999? On Thursday it was a real possibility.

More Lingo from Marcia Smith
How to talk like a surfer with OC Registers pipeline to action sports hipness.

Wahinies’ Woes and Layne Beachley
It’s tough being a girl surfer. What with all the guys hating you being out in the water, or that’s what Marcia Smith thinks it’s like.

The Beschens are Cool Guys
Yeah, here’s a news story. “Their wide-ranging personlaities have not kept them from succeeding.” The OC Register makes them sound like surfing Sybils.

State Gets Tough on Testing the Water
Thanks to new regulations coastal counties are required to increase testing for ocean pollution. So at least we’ll know how bad it is.

Neal Stephenson Writes Cool Books
His first one included a skateboarder with a great set-up and his new book is about cryptography. You should read them all.
Rape in the Woodstock Mosh Pit
This story included the word “surfing” so I linked it even though it has nothing to do with surfing.


Sacklunch 1.7: July 28, 1999

by The Editors on July 27, 1999

Latest Update: July 28, 1999
Johnny Tsunami Hits Disney Channel
A movie that gets the snowboard/skier debate all right. Johnny moves from Hawaii to Vermont to attend a prep school and is saved by snowboarding.

Random Quote
“The foyer of the restaurant features gray stone tile interspersed with pebble stone tiling. The walls are covered in grayboard, a weathered looking board wallcovering also known as Montana snowboard.”–Captain D’s Press Release.

Seal Beach Can’t Agree to Disagree
300 people jammed in the Seal Beach City Council meeting to voice their support for either windsurfers or the surfers debate over who gets to surf the San Gabriel river mouth.
Fighting for Surf Turf
–Windsurfers and Surfers Battle In Seal Beach

Justin Matteson Wins Rad Board
The San Clemente local takes the competition by skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding better than anyone else.

Three Mom’s Guard Surf City’s Culture
Natalie Kotsch, Ann Beasley and Michele Turner are helping to keep the surfing alive with The International Surf Museum.

K2’s Builds Snowboard Line

According to the LA Times, K2‘s purchase of Ride will help build their snowboard line. Sure.

Keeping Your Skate Spot Open
Skateboarding.com’s Lance Dalgart runs down a quick and easy 5-step plan for keeping skate spots open.

Shea Lopez Wins US Open Of Surfing
The surf was up in Huntington Beach and so was Shea Lopez as he blew past international competitiors to grab the 1999 title.
Lopez Dominates Final
–All Eyes on The Water at HB.

Keala Kennelly Wins For the Women
Winning a spot in the Gotcha Pro, Keala says taking the US Open Women’s event was the biggest win of her career.
Kennelly Scores Major Victory

Interference on Redman
She probably would have won the Open, however, Melanie Redman got a little impatient and got the interference call on the first wave of the finals.

O’Connell Saves his Best for Last
Laguna Beach’s Pat O’Connell doesn’t let his mother down and advances into next round.

Brook Bummed By Friend’s Pain
She’s happy to be advancing, but Serene Brook would rather be competing against Layne Beachley.

Corky Carroll on US Open’s Wild Friday
The surfing O.G. lays down the world from the stands at the US Open of Surfing for the OC Register.

The US Open “Gets Extreme”
Biking and skating were also featured at the US Open, but why would anyone want to miss the surf action?

Seal Beach Loc Ryan Simmon Wows HB
Ryan made it to the Quarter Finals of the US Open of Surfing and this is how he did it.

Surfers Find Wild New Rides
Notes from the Rad Board Competition. Whatever that is.

Duke Stamp One Step Closer
Hawaiian’s are getting closers to seeing the first local ever on a stamp from the US Postal Service.

Surf Inspired Bedsheets?
Doug Smith and Ed McLean are trying to get you into their bed. . . sheets. The sheets feature Aloha prints and could be the next wave in bedding.

Crowd Surfing at Woodstock
It was the 30th anniversary and could have been some of the best crowd surfing in the history of concerts.

Tony Hawk In The New Yorker?
The East Coast Media Machine has decided to profile Tony Hawk and skateboarding in general with a ten page story. Here’s what Skateboarding.com had to say about it.

Orland Illinois Skatepark Draws a Crowd
Built by David Evans and Associates Inc., the Orland Skatepark is 25,000 square feet of concrete fun.

–K2 Buys Ride Snowboards
–Gotcha’s Live Coverage of US Open
–Juno Arlie Carsten’s Band?
Surfrider Lands OC Prosecutor


Sacklunch 1.6: July 23, 1999

by The Editors on July 23, 1999

Latest Update: July 23, 1999

K2 Buys Ride Snowboards
Damn, now they own Ride, Planet Earth, Morrow, Adio, Katin, and a couple other companies we forgot. Who is next? Nike.

Gotcha’s Live Coverage of US Open
The people at Gotcha have some pretty cool tech running. Tune in to check out coverage of the US Open and next week the Gotcha Pro.

Juno Arlie Carsten’s Band?
TransWorld contributing writer Arlie Carsten’s band Juno gets a write up in the Seattle Weekly, however, Arlie wasn’t even there for the interview.

Mohr and Tudor Battle on Longboards
The Huntington Surf and Sport Longboard contest is on and. . . well, you can read this yourself.

Deffenbaugh Quits WCT for Family
“There was a time when Jeff Deffenbaugh was living out of a suitcase,” not anymore.

Random Quote
“You got on the bus and took up two seats with your skateboard and a third with your backpack. You sat your fat ass down in a fourth seat . . . when someone tried to move your skateboard, you dumped your water in the aisle and told the guy you’d only move the board if he was wearing a dress.” –Anonymous, OC Weekly.

Surfrider Lands OC Prosecutor

Senior Assistant D.A. Evans to step down to lead environmental and surfing advocacy group.

Surfing With Congressman Rohrabacher
Tony Dodero hits the waves with a politician. “I feel sorry for those members who represent places like… Nebraska,” Rohrabacher says. So do we.

Surfing Nobel Prize Winner Goes Corp
Kary Mullis the acid-promoting PCR inventor/La Jolla surfer takes a job in the private sector.

Shark Attack on Big Island
A 43-year-old Hilo surfer was bitten by a 6-8 foot shark on Wednesday.

Random Quote
“Ozzfesters represented every corner of the musical map: tattooed skateboard kids, grizzled survivors of the genre’s ’70 heyday, death-rockers, bikers and dazed, doobie-smoking surfer dudes.” —San Francisco Chronicle’s Neva Chonin on Ozzfest 99.

The “The Soaring Hawk” in OC Register

Tony Hawk is the most recent skater to get the “Marcia Smith” treatment. She says Tony is “starting to feel 31 years old.”

Editorial Says Surfing Final Okay
Surfing and Surf City Come of age according to the HB Independent.

Jan and Dean to Headline Surf City Festival
Two guys who’ve had their share of trouble and fun making surf music will play HB. But where’s Blink and Offspring?

Golden West Students Learn To Surf
Hey, it’s Surfing 101 when the bookish hit the waves in So Cal.

Those Surf Girls are Media Darlings
Here’s more evidence that girl-surf swell is gaining speed from the LA Times.

NZ Surfing’s Gash Of The Month
Surfing New Zealand was nice enough to torture everyone with a gapping fin gash to the knee. Yum.

–Ian Cairns Profiled In OC Register
–Reef’s Win A Prom Date Winner
–Rip Curl Heli Challenge in New Zealand


Sacklunch 1.5: July 21, 1999

by The Editors on July 21, 1999

Latest Update: July 21, 1999
Ian Cairns Profiled In OC Register
“I didn’t want to follow the rules, be on a team or have a coach tell me what to do. None of that,” said the macho surf promoter who is bringing the EXTREME back to surfing.

Reef’s Win A Prom Date Winner
TransWorld Snowboarding decided to give a REEF Girl Prom date to the person who wrote the worst tale of childhood trauma. Here’s coverage of that date on Snowboarding.com (not TransWorld’s Site).

Surf Lingo From the Surf Challenged
It always happens, the media wants to tell the world how “we” talk including 90s words like “shooting the pier,” “Hanging ten,” and “core.”

AP On the US Open/Gotcha Pro
A surf story with the words Ricky Martin in it from the Associated Press. At least they’re covering it, right?

Mike Todd In US Open 4th Round

“I love surfing big waves,” said Todd, of Laguna Beach. “I think I’m a better surfer when the waves are bigger.” Too bad there are no big waves in Huntington this week.

Santa Cruz To Outlaw Hate
Those fun-loving folks in Nor Cal just want to share the love by outlawing hate. It will be interesting to see how that works at Steamers.

Rip Curl Heli Challenge in New Zealand
Follow all the snowboard action from the Heli Challenge and the Wanaka Big Air right July 24-August 4.

Random Quote
Skateboarders are a hazard. . . One of these days, a skateboarder is going to get hit at the parking entrance or a person is going to get hit walking on Palm. –L.H. BRANDT of Burbank, CA in the LA Times.

Connelly’s Move To Longboards Pays Off
Connelly, 24, of Pacific Beach, advanced to the second round of longboarding after winning his first heat Monday, the first day of the Shockwave U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach

Surfing Royalty from Duke to Gidget
Here’ the LA Times breakdown for those of you playing the home version of the Surf Game.

Parsons Takes PSTA San Onofre
The big wave rider dominates the small surf to win the first event of the 1999 PSTA. And we thought Mike Parsons was a businessman.

Random NIMBY Quote
“I have an 11-year-old, and we would love to see a skateboard park for him. But, as responsible adults, please let’s rethink its location.” –JOHN PYSHNY Rancho Penasquitos in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Surfing Lake Michigan
“Midwestern dudes find the action (when the weather is right) on Lake Michigan,” says the Daily Southtown. And they’ve got pictures to prove it.

Surflink Online Bikini Contest, Again
Those wacky guys at Surflink are at it again with the online skin show. Yeah haw!

Skateboarder Hit By Car Dies
Brandon Snow was pronounced dead at 12:20 a.m. in the intensive care unit at Ventura County Medical Center.

Layne Beachley in LA Times
We all got excited about the Women’s World Cup soccer final, will the same happen for the women at the U.S. Open of Surfing? Probably not.

Women Sure Are Learning to Surf
Izzy Tihanyi gets more ink for the Surf Diva school in the LA Times. Damn she’s good.

California Surf Museum
Props for the Oceanside Surf Museum and the featured exhibit, “It Takes Two To Tandem.”

Taylor Knox on the Comeback Trail?
Sure that big wave was tough, but thowing out that first pitch was way worse. Here’s what’s up with Taylor Knox lately, accroding to the LA Times.

Just Where Can We Skateboard?
A father in Glendale searches for the law behind the City’s No Skateboarding Policy in Twilight in the Skateboard Zone.

Battle of the Boards in HB
OC Register sizes up the US Open and the Gotcha Pro.

Limp Bizkit’s Durst a Skateboarder?
According to to this Village Voice profile Limp lead Fred Durst is a not only all about the nookie, he’s a tatoo artist as well as a “sponsored skateboarder.”

–Surf City to Host Shockwave US Open
–The Hungtington Beach Surfer: A Survey


Sacklunch 1.4: July 16, 1999

by The Editors on July 16, 1999

Latest Update: July 16, 1999
Australia Steals Pro Surfing and Texas Sucks
The ASP offices move from Huntington Beach and writer Dave Wielenga isn’t happy about it. “Again, you don’t have to be a surfer to feel a little sad about all of that,” he says. “In fact, not being a surfer kind of makes it even sadder.” Steve Pezman and Peter Whittaker are quoted.

Mammoth Hosts Winter Gravity Games
Suprising to many, Mammoth actually does something major to promote itself. Network TV’s not a bad place to start. The Games will be held Jan. 20-23, 2000

Surf City to Host Shockwave US Open
“Surfing is the original extreme sport,” says Ian Cairns, “but sports like snowboarding, skating, and wakeboarding, all are derivatives of surfing. This event will help re-invent surfing’s extreme sports image.” Yee haw, Mr. Cairns getting “extreme.”

The Hungtington Beach Surfer: A Survey
HB locs Bjorn Joffee and Brian Graham invite the media into their Surf City lifestyle. How can they afford it? With plans for a Live Cam and a future cable access show how can they not?

Pat Channita Gets Done in the OC Register

Writer Marcia Smith is oblivious. Here’s what she said about Pat: “before his event, nobody knew Pat Channita.” Nobody? Where has Marcia been?

Random Quote (Classic)
“We were out surfing the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I think we were all on the beach playing volleyball when we heard the news. We knew the world would never be the same.” —Leroy Grannis, on the Surfer Magazine website.

Longboards Making a Comeback
According to the LA Times, an “aging surfing population finds them easier to ride.” Wow, this is cutting edge news. Story includes quotes from Guy Motil, Randy Rarick, Peter Johnson, Stewart Surfboards, Alan Seymour, and more.

X Games Vs. Women’s World Cup
Russell Morse visits two sporting events and decides that the female ball kickers beat ass on the X Games ball busters. “The X Games turned out to be an event crowded with suburban middle-school boys charged on Mountain Dew, clad in No Fear T-shirts and each carrying a skateboard or a BMX bike.”

Shark Attacks on the Rise
Reported shark attacks in Hawaii have tripled since the 1970s. This is not good news for the surf community. “The ocean is not a swimming pool or a bathtub

PT Moves On Up At Rusty
Peter “PT” Townend now global brand manager at Rusty and former Disney emp Bill Holford replaces him. (This is old, but we missed it before).
New Surfer Magazine Interview with PT

Random Quote
“I don’t know where Supervisor Newsom lives, but I do know that it’s not in my neighborhood. If he did, I doubt he would be waxing rhapsodic about having to step over broken bottles, vomit and piles of debris left by X-fans. I guess benefit is in the eye of the beholder. —Beth Christensen ina letter to the SF Chronicle

Duke Stamp Decision Could Come Next Week
One week before the fate of the proposed Duke Kahanamoku commemorative postage stamp is to be decided here, supporters remain optimistic that the legendary Hawaii surfer will be awarded the honor.

Church Builds A Skatepark in Newport, CA
Finally, a church being smart about attracting kids. If more religions used this kind of marketing they’d probably be growing much faster.

Random Quote
“For a darker aesthetic, listen to Los Fabulosos Cadillacs‘ Grammy winner Fabulosos Calavera, where death is seen as a lonely, sarcastic buffoon surfing under the moonlit sky. Fabulosos combine hardcore with jazz, salsa with rock, tango with soundtrack music.” — Ernesto Lechner, LA MUSIC WEEKLY

–Surfrider Wins A Big One in Washington
–PSTA San Onofre Day 2 Heatsheet


Sacklunch 1.2: July 12, 1999

by The Editors on July 12, 1999

Latest Update: July 12, 1999
Pierre Andre "Clever Marketer"
Sole Technology’s
main man gets a glowing write up in the Los Angeles Times. Yo. "A former world champion uses clever marketing to carve out a place in a fiercely competitive shoe business segment."

Costa Mesa Reviews Skatepark Again
City’s biggest problem with the skatepark, where to put it? Thanks to this the park’s construction has been put off indefinitely.

Skateboarder Hit By Car
Brandon Snow, 20-year-old of Camarillo man was in critical condition after being struck by a car while riding his skateboard through a busy intersection, Oxnard police said.

Snowboarder’s Quarterly Gets Canned
A magazine set to do for snowboarding what Steve and Debbie Pezman’s The Surfer’s Journal did for surfing was canned before the first issue even went to press. Editor Jeff Galbraith had already lined up massive winter sports talent and had begun production on the first issue when he got the call from Peterson employee Doug Pallidini. Apparently, Peterson would rather put the money on their newly repositioned magazine/event program Gravity.

Random Quote
“It’s a bit dangerous, especially when you try some jumps off cliff faces,” he says. “But that’s life.” –Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis on his favorite other activity Snowboarding.


Sacklunch 1.1: July 10, 1999

by The Editors on July 10, 1999

Snowboarder’s Quarterly Gets Canned
A magazine set to do for snowboarding what Steve and Debbie Pezman’s The Surfer’s Journal did for surfing was canned before the first issue even went to press. Editor Jeff Galbraith had already lined up massive winter sports talent and had begun production on the first issue when he got the call from Peterson employee Doug Pallidini. Apparently, Peterson would rather put the money on their newly repositioned magazine/event program Gravity.

Mortimer Gone From Skateboarder Magazine
Sean Mortimer former writer for TransWorldSkateboarding Business Magazine was tapped for the job of editor at Peterson’s newly revived SkateboarderMagazine, but was gone before the first issue hit the stands. Sources say he and photo editor Mike Ballard had differences, others say it was problems with the management.

Nathan Yant Joins Snowboarding Magazine
South-shore ripper and former Versace model Nathan Yant is the newest memeber of the TransWorld Snowboarding staff. He will be one of the Associate Editors now that Melissa, E, and Lucas are gone.

Huletto Edit Surfers Journal
Scott Hulet founding editor of Longboarder Magazineis leaving to become editor of TheSurfer’s Journal. Is Pez really going to loosen his gripon the reigns?

TinaBasich Celebrates Big 3-0
All Tina’s friends showed up at Patrick Brennan’s Boom Boom Room in SF for a big party. DaveGrohl was there (but he didn’t play and he didn’t proposeas was rumored). Happy B-Day Tina!

EvolutionOlympic Licensee
The Utah based manufacturer of “handmade” skis and snowboards is now the official ski and snowboard of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

AppleComputer and Joyride
A Joyride Snowboardspromo video was recently featured on the Apple Computerswebsite to show off videos that were created using the companies new FinalCut Pro video editing software.

AirwalkFinds a Buyer
Can you believe it? Airwalk,after gutting their team and telling photographers that they just weren’t going to get paid for photos used in the Airwalk catalog, finally found someone to bail them out of their finacial straightsin the name of Sunrise Capital Partners. Airwalkgets bought out.

SalomonGoes After K2
Put the Germans and the French together and you get what appears to be a suing machine. Like RideSnowboards, Salomonfeels that if you’re late to the table you better start suing somepeople to get up in the game. First stop: Salomon Accuses K2 of Binding Infringement.

Oakley Opens First Store
On July 2, 1999 Oakley unvailed the O Store. We didn’t go but we’ve heard it was pretty damn cool. But was Commie Girl there? That is the question.

Aipa, Buffalo, and Strauch Sue Abercrombie & Fitch
Maybe appearing in a homo-erotic catalog isn’t all that good if you’re a famous surfer. Then again, Abercrombie& Fitch has never has been on the low-down with muchof anything other than BruceWeber. Their new catalog features man-friendly skaters posing with the Queen. Does this mean a pro skateboarder’s suit isn’t far behind?

GravityGames Launch Website
Those guys at NBC and Emap/Petersonare hot on the tail of ESPN’s growing X Games franchise? Gee, we can hardly wait to see more TacoBell, Marines, and Mountain Dew advertising–especially on this brand new JAVA crazy website

Manic Magazine’s Dave Pedroza
He’s an extreme dude according to Orange County Weekly writer Dave Wielenga. Either way, Manic Magazine tries to cover the skate, snow, surf thing a little differently–with some thought ,and, oh yeah, feeling

Special thanks: to Jim Romenesko’s MediaGossip.com for the idea for sacklunch.com. In the words of Eddie Murphy about doing Richard Pryor material, “It’s a tribute.”