November 1999

Sacklunch 1.20: November 10, 1999

by The Editors on November 10, 1999

Latest Update: November 10, 1999
Ex-Variflex Employees Arrested
Rocco Attolico and Amarndo Padilla are accused of taking $250,000 in inventory from the company. Both were fired in March.

DEN Founders Caught In Scandal
The action youth video streaming site that promised to be the MTV for the Y Generation has some pre-IPO fun. But they still "officially" launched their new site today. Whatever else is wrong at the company, their site is pretty flashy.

Trestles Gets ASP Billabong Pro
During it’s recent meetings in Queensland, Australia the powers voted to make the Orange County beach home to the Billabong Pro Sept. 23-29, 2000. Talk about putting it in Bob Hurley’s face.

OC Weekly’s "Guilty Pleasures 2000"
Pro skater Omar Hassan was listed as the 626th best guilty pleasure in OC by the OC Weekly. He’s just before "Who’s idea was this" and right after the idea of "hunting season" on local gang members. Carabeth Burnside nailed number 1600 and 411VM came in at 1924.

Sanders Launches Women Surf Clinics
Bev Sanders, cofounder of Avalanche Snowboards, has started a new program to teach women how to ride the water waves. Gets Disney CFO
The power media conglomerate lands Richard Nanula adding to a team of action sports media players that already includes Skip Snead formerly of Surfing Magazine and former Girlgames and Snowboarding Online editor Shanti Sosienski.

Frank Hirata Master Skatepark Builder
He’s a pro skater and now a designer with the landscape architecture firm of Purkiss Rose-RSI in Fullerton. See, they don’t all turn out to be killers.

A More Immediate Menace
"FED-EXPRESS: Taxpayers spent nearly $3 million for the new terrorist-resistant plaza in front of the San Francisco federal building — but it’s going to take an additional $40,000 to protect the plaza from a more immediate menace: skateboarders. —San Francisco Chronicle.

Santa Cruz Makes Rules for New Skatepark
That’s right the supervisors are going to vote for required safety gear and more importantly, "No Profanity." Apparently, they have such an easy time enforcing the former, that they want to start working on the later as well.

Mixed Meta4s
"And in walks this kid looking as if he made a wrong turn on the way to the skateboard park, loose-limbed and straight-faced, wearing a baggy sweater, wide-wale cords and blue suede sneakers." — Sacramento Bee story on a Bridge tournament.

LA Weekly’s Cyber Davis Looks at
"It sucks, the shows suck, the quality sucks," said one source, then again, who cares. The Digital Entertainment Network is going public.

Variflex Buys Back Shares
The board of directors is buying back shares in their own company? Do they know something the street doesn’t?

Another Skatepark Debate
Another stupid city tries to decide whether to ban skateboarding or build a park.

Police Log
Keelson Lane: Three juveniles banged on a man’s door and skateboarded in his front yard in the 17400 block at 5:41 p.m. Tuesday.

"Robin Ogard, the owner of a surfing shop near the crime scene, said police told him to go inside and lock his door because a man in camouflage clothes was on the loose, shooting people." — Seattle Times.

Rich Harbour Still Shaping Art
Colin MacPhillips Takes Longboard Title
Gotcha Glacier Plans OKd
Beach Access Owner Sues Dr. Laura