It’s All Part of My Skateboard Pro Fantasy

by The Editors on January 28, 2007

Tosh TownThese are the stories people like Johnny Schillereff probably love reading. It’s about how skateboaders (element’s Tosh Townend in the case) get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to “hang out.” It’s about partying all night, waking up at noon, and then doing what you want:

“Waking up whenever I want and maybe checking the waves, get some food, hang out. It’s a pretty laid-back life. You can really do what you want,” Townend told The Australian between yawns. “But then when it comes to going on tour and doing media stuff I try to be professional about it and show up on time for meetings.”

Attaboy, Tosh.
[Link: The Australian]

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