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United By Fate: The New Globe Film Series

United By Fate: The New Globe Film Series

by The Editors on February 17, 2007

UnitedbyfateGlobe is rolling out an interesting video project titled United By Fate. It is a skateboarding film broken out into pieces and released sequentially online and for free. These episodic releases will feature the skate stylings of Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez, Shane Cross and the rest of the Globe team. When you consider the proselytic nature of skate video, this may well be the best execution of meme distribution yet (for more on that check out William Gibson’s book Pattern Recognition).

The first episode (which is 10:34 minutes long) features some amazing skateboarding by Globe’s Paul Machanu set to Motorhead’s God Was Never On Your Side.

Or check out the Quicktime version on Transworld Skate.

The UNITED BY FATE Skate Film Series by Globe:

What is it?

An episodic video experience consisting of individual film releases where viewers will be able to enjoy each one full screen on their computers whenever they want, for free, at www.globe.tv or www.unitedbyfate.tv.

When is it?
Episode 1 premieres worldwide February 15th in full Global Vision at a computer near you. Every few months we will release a new episode.

Who is it?

Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez, Shane Cross and the rest of the Globe team. Episode 1 features Paul Machanu.

Watch each Episode in full-screen glory:

Be sure and check the Globe website for new trailers, updates and Behind-the-Scenes footage on a regular basis.

WHAT is the BLACK VAN and WHY is it CHASING them?? The Globe skate team is on the run from a menace. It’s hard to know if this menace is the creation of their collective mindset or something even more dark and sinister. Will they make it out alive? Find out, as the world’s best skate team becomes UNITED BY FATE…

Episode 1 features the entire Globe skate team with Paul Machnau as the featured rider, and starts with a look at just how heavy Machnau can throw it down to the tune of “God Was Never On Your Side” by Motorhead; followed by an action packed flurry of bangers from the entire Globe team filmed around the Globe and edited to the Eagles of Death Metal’s “I Only Want You”; and, finishes to “Black Magic” from Slayer with a follow-up part from Machanu that will no doubt underscore why they call him the Machine. The World Television Premiere will air on FUELtv March 2nd, with a special behind-the-scenes program before hand—during Skate @ 8.

Episode 2 will feature Chris Haslam and his hirsute antics along with the rest of the Globe team. The World Online Premiere will be also air on Fuel TV in May.

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hateonthis February 17, 2007 at 3:47 pm

Mack nows style seems like its just getting better. Awesome way to deal with the bootleg video issue – put out your own. Bring on apples and haslams part!

Ralphie February 19, 2007 at 8:11 am

Sick sick sick skating! Globes team is really insaine.. more people need to back what they are up to! Kudos to globe!

Anonymous February 19, 2007 at 9:25 am

Great concept, also seemed to work really well when Volcom started doing it in January.

BobbySteve February 19, 2007 at 12:40 pm

The Globe project is a little different than piecing out left-over “bonus” footage from a film that was released on DVD five months before. But it is nice that VeeCo is doing something with all their B-roll.

la chupa cabra February 21, 2007 at 2:32 pm

too bad the brand is dead ! its not an attack just a fact !

la chupa crap eh? March 1, 2007 at 12:30 pm

The video is sick, the team is sick and the brand is alive and well.
The concept is genius. La Chupa Cabra es muerto, chupa me velga!

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