Sacklunch 1.1: July 10, 1999

by The Editors on July 10, 1999

Snowboarder’s Quarterly Gets Canned
A magazine set to do for snowboarding what Steve and Debbie Pezman’s The Surfer’s Journal did for surfing was canned before the first issue even went to press. Editor Jeff Galbraith had already lined up massive winter sports talent and had begun production on the first issue when he got the call from Peterson employee Doug Pallidini. Apparently, Peterson would rather put the money on their newly repositioned magazine/event program Gravity.

Mortimer Gone From Skateboarder Magazine
Sean Mortimer former writer for TransWorldSkateboarding Business Magazine was tapped for the job of editor at Peterson’s newly revived SkateboarderMagazine, but was gone before the first issue hit the stands. Sources say he and photo editor Mike Ballard had differences, others say it was problems with the management.

Nathan Yant Joins Snowboarding Magazine
South-shore ripper and former Versace model Nathan Yant is the newest memeber of the TransWorld Snowboarding staff. He will be one of the Associate Editors now that Melissa, E, and Lucas are gone.

Huletto Edit Surfers Journal
Scott Hulet founding editor of Longboarder Magazineis leaving to become editor of TheSurfer’s Journal. Is Pez really going to loosen his gripon the reigns?

TinaBasich Celebrates Big 3-0
All Tina’s friends showed up at Patrick Brennan’s Boom Boom Room in SF for a big party. DaveGrohl was there (but he didn’t play and he didn’t proposeas was rumored). Happy B-Day Tina!

EvolutionOlympic Licensee
The Utah based manufacturer of “handmade” skis and snowboards is now the official ski and snowboard of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

AppleComputer and Joyride
A Joyride Snowboardspromo video was recently featured on the Apple Computerswebsite to show off videos that were created using the companies new FinalCut Pro video editing software.

AirwalkFinds a Buyer
Can you believe it? Airwalk,after gutting their team and telling photographers that they just weren’t going to get paid for photos used in the Airwalk catalog, finally found someone to bail them out of their finacial straightsin the name of Sunrise Capital Partners. Airwalkgets bought out.

SalomonGoes After K2
Put the Germans and the French together and you get what appears to be a suing machine. Like RideSnowboards, Salomonfeels that if you’re late to the table you better start suing somepeople to get up in the game. First stop: Salomon Accuses K2 of Binding Infringement.

Oakley Opens First Store
On July 2, 1999 Oakley unvailed the O Store. We didn’t go but we’ve heard it was pretty damn cool. But was Commie Girl there? That is the question.

Aipa, Buffalo, and Strauch Sue Abercrombie & Fitch
Maybe appearing in a homo-erotic catalog isn’t all that good if you’re a famous surfer. Then again, Abercrombie& Fitch has never has been on the low-down with muchof anything other than BruceWeber. Their new catalog features man-friendly skaters posing with the Queen. Does this mean a pro skateboarder’s suit isn’t far behind?

GravityGames Launch Website
Those guys at NBC and Emap/Petersonare hot on the tail of ESPN’s growing X Games franchise? Gee, we can hardly wait to see more TacoBell, Marines, and Mountain Dew advertising–especially on this brand new JAVA crazy website

Manic Magazine’s Dave Pedroza
He’s an extreme dude according to Orange County Weekly writer Dave Wielenga. Either way, Manic Magazine tries to cover the skate, snow, surf thing a little differently–with some thought ,and, oh yeah, feeling

Special thanks: to Jim Romenesko’s for the idea for In the words of Eddie Murphy about doing Richard Pryor material, “It’s a tribute.”

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