Sacklunch 1.4: July 16, 1999

by The Editors on July 16, 1999

Latest Update: July 16, 1999
Australia Steals Pro Surfing and Texas Sucks
The ASP offices move from Huntington Beach and writer Dave Wielenga isn’t happy about it. “Again, you don’t have to be a surfer to feel a little sad about all of that,” he says. “In fact, not being a surfer kind of makes it even sadder.” Steve Pezman and Peter Whittaker are quoted.

Mammoth Hosts Winter Gravity Games
Suprising to many, Mammoth actually does something major to promote itself. Network TV’s not a bad place to start. The Games will be held Jan. 20-23, 2000

Surf City to Host Shockwave US Open
“Surfing is the original extreme sport,” says Ian Cairns, “but sports like snowboarding, skating, and wakeboarding, all are derivatives of surfing. This event will help re-invent surfing’s extreme sports image.” Yee haw, Mr. Cairns getting “extreme.”

The Hungtington Beach Surfer: A Survey
HB locs Bjorn Joffee and Brian Graham invite the media into their Surf City lifestyle. How can they afford it? With plans for a Live Cam and a future cable access show how can they not?

Pat Channita Gets Done in the OC Register

Writer Marcia Smith is oblivious. Here’s what she said about Pat: “before his event, nobody knew Pat Channita.” Nobody? Where has Marcia been?

Random Quote (Classic)
“We were out surfing the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I think we were all on the beach playing volleyball when we heard the news. We knew the world would never be the same.” —Leroy Grannis, on the Surfer Magazine website.

Longboards Making a Comeback
According to the LA Times, an “aging surfing population finds them easier to ride.” Wow, this is cutting edge news. Story includes quotes from Guy Motil, Randy Rarick, Peter Johnson, Stewart Surfboards, Alan Seymour, and more.

X Games Vs. Women’s World Cup
Russell Morse visits two sporting events and decides that the female ball kickers beat ass on the X Games ball busters. “The X Games turned out to be an event crowded with suburban middle-school boys charged on Mountain Dew, clad in No Fear T-shirts and each carrying a skateboard or a BMX bike.”

Shark Attacks on the Rise
Reported shark attacks in Hawaii have tripled since the 1970s. This is not good news for the surf community. “The ocean is not a swimming pool or a bathtub

PT Moves On Up At Rusty
Peter “PT” Townend now global brand manager at Rusty and former Disney emp Bill Holford replaces him. (This is old, but we missed it before).
New Surfer Magazine Interview with PT

Random Quote
“I don’t know where Supervisor Newsom lives, but I do know that it’s not in my neighborhood. If he did, I doubt he would be waxing rhapsodic about having to step over broken bottles, vomit and piles of debris left by X-fans. I guess benefit is in the eye of the beholder. —Beth Christensen ina letter to the SF Chronicle

Duke Stamp Decision Could Come Next Week
One week before the fate of the proposed Duke Kahanamoku commemorative postage stamp is to be decided here, supporters remain optimistic that the legendary Hawaii surfer will be awarded the honor.

Church Builds A Skatepark in Newport, CA
Finally, a church being smart about attracting kids. If more religions used this kind of marketing they’d probably be growing much faster.

Random Quote
“For a darker aesthetic, listen to Los Fabulosos Cadillacs‘ Grammy winner Fabulosos Calavera, where death is seen as a lonely, sarcastic buffoon surfing under the moonlit sky. Fabulosos combine hardcore with jazz, salsa with rock, tango with soundtrack music.” — Ernesto Lechner, LA MUSIC WEEKLY

–Surfrider Wins A Big One in Washington
–PSTA San Onofre Day 2 Heatsheet

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