Sacklunch 1.6: July 23, 1999

by The Editors on July 23, 1999

Latest Update: July 23, 1999

K2 Buys Ride Snowboards
Damn, now they own Ride, Planet Earth, Morrow, Adio, Katin, and a couple other companies we forgot. Who is next? Nike.

Gotcha’s Live Coverage of US Open
The people at Gotcha have some pretty cool tech running. Tune in to check out coverage of the US Open and next week the Gotcha Pro.

Juno Arlie Carsten’s Band?
TransWorld contributing writer Arlie Carsten’s band Juno gets a write up in the Seattle Weekly, however, Arlie wasn’t even there for the interview.

Mohr and Tudor Battle on Longboards
The Huntington Surf and Sport Longboard contest is on and. . . well, you can read this yourself.

Deffenbaugh Quits WCT for Family
“There was a time when Jeff Deffenbaugh was living out of a suitcase,” not anymore.

Random Quote
“You got on the bus and took up two seats with your skateboard and a third with your backpack. You sat your fat ass down in a fourth seat . . . when someone tried to move your skateboard, you dumped your water in the aisle and told the guy you’d only move the board if he was wearing a dress.” –Anonymous, OC Weekly.

Surfrider Lands OC Prosecutor

Senior Assistant D.A. Evans to step down to lead environmental and surfing advocacy group.

Surfing With Congressman Rohrabacher
Tony Dodero hits the waves with a politician. “I feel sorry for those members who represent places like… Nebraska,” Rohrabacher says. So do we.

Surfing Nobel Prize Winner Goes Corp
Kary Mullis the acid-promoting PCR inventor/La Jolla surfer takes a job in the private sector.

Shark Attack on Big Island
A 43-year-old Hilo surfer was bitten by a 6-8 foot shark on Wednesday.

Random Quote
“Ozzfesters represented every corner of the musical map: tattooed skateboard kids, grizzled survivors of the genre’s ’70 heyday, death-rockers, bikers and dazed, doobie-smoking surfer dudes.” —San Francisco Chronicle’s Neva Chonin on Ozzfest 99.

The “The Soaring Hawk” in OC Register

Tony Hawk is the most recent skater to get the “Marcia Smith” treatment. She says Tony is “starting to feel 31 years old.”

Editorial Says Surfing Final Okay
Surfing and Surf City Come of age according to the HB Independent.

Jan and Dean to Headline Surf City Festival
Two guys who’ve had their share of trouble and fun making surf music will play HB. But where’s Blink and Offspring?

Golden West Students Learn To Surf
Hey, it’s Surfing 101 when the bookish hit the waves in So Cal.

Those Surf Girls are Media Darlings
Here’s more evidence that girl-surf swell is gaining speed from the LA Times.

NZ Surfing’s Gash Of The Month
Surfing New Zealand was nice enough to torture everyone with a gapping fin gash to the knee. Yum.

–Ian Cairns Profiled In OC Register
–Reef’s Win A Prom Date Winner
–Rip Curl Heli Challenge in New Zealand

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