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Sacklunch 1.10: August 6, 1999

Sacklunch 1.10: August 6, 1999

by The Editors on August 6, 1999

Latest Update: August 6, 1999

Jamie Salter Buys Limited
Perry Gladstone is finished with Limited and Gen-X, owner of Lamar and Dukes, decides to pick it up from Volant.

United Sports International Exec. Quits
Lambert D. Vander was accused of running a stock-manipulation scheme with United Sports, then the next day he quits. Coincidence? Does anyone care?

OC Weekly Gets On Dr. Laura
The online sham-shrink didn’t know what she was messing with when she started slamming Big Brother.
Daily Pilot Readers respond to Dr. Laura story.

Thicker Than Water: A New Kind of Surf Film
Jack Johnson and Chris Malloy are making a film that “could change the face of surf filmaking.” Haven’t we already seen it all?

An LA Times Surf Video Review
Apparently, all the great writers are working on more important projects. So Mike James gets to review the surf videos like Got Surf.

McElroy Sells Out Huge
Foote Cone and Belding grabs the Newport Based surf, snow, skate advertising agency. Thom McElroy and Timmy Garret must be stoked!

Magical Mystery Water
Cold Hawai’ian water pumped from far below the ocean’s surface is a hot commodity. Seems it works wonders on nearly everything. Looks like it was the water after all.

Hynd Launches New Surf Tour
What the world needs now is a new surf tour, like I need a hole in my head. Or could this be a good thing?

Store Demands Apology From Dr. Laura
Beach Access owner says the radio host must say sorry or endure the wrath of the courts. The Big Brother magazine fiasco continues.

Epoxy Board Revolution
Surftech’s Randy French is making boards that are stronger, lighter, and more environmentally healthy, but how do they surf?

Body Boarding at Huntington
Big Deal. Sponge posturing in the HB Independent.

LA Times at the Waterman’s Ball
The 10th anual event attracked the kings of surf riding to the Dana Point Ritz for a party like no other. Gerry Lopez even made it.

Padaratz: From Wild Card To Winner
Neco Padaratz
climbed up from the basement to win the Gotcha Pro at Huntington Beach. But no one was all that surprised.

Random Quote
Cal guard Yauger Williams is awaiting word from the NCAA on whether he will be granted a sixth season of eligibility. Chronic knee pain forced Williams to retire from the game heading into his senior season last summer. But when he discovered that he felt no discomfort in his knees while snowboarding in the spring, he petitioned the NCAA.–San Jose Mercury News.

Day In the Life of A Surf Bodyguard
Thomas McClellan is a 6’4″ 320 mountain of a man and it’s his job to make sure the surfers make it up the beach and into the competitors tent. Who would mess with T.

Ballard Wins But She’s Not Quiting
She may have won the biggest mainland contest, but Rochelle Ballard is not packing it in just yet.

Surf City Walk of Fame Profiles
Six new names were added to the Walk of Fame among them Chuck Allen, George Downing, Tom Carroll, Leroy Grannis (Yeah Carlsbad!), Jack Haley, and Jericho Poppler.
Surf Walk Adds Six to Lineup.

Autobytel.com’s Pete Ellis Loves To Surf
For some reason the Autobytel annual shareholders meeting looked more like a luau.

Random Quote
“I love to go to the beach, which is why I live here. I ride my bike and take the Balboa Ferry over to the beach. I don’t really body surf or surf or anything like that, but I do go in the water.”–Lindsay Davenport in the LA Times.

Century of West Coast Surfing
The Newport Harbor Nautical Museum in Newport Beach is exhibiting artifacts from the last century of surfing from now until November. Who said Museums were boring?

Mission Viejo Skatepark Opens
The grand opening will be celebrated on August 18. Another public, free, skatepark for California.
Newberry Park Skatepark in the works.
Tustin Council Votes Not To Ban Skateboarding In Public parks.

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