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Sacklunch 1.11: August 11, 1999

Sacklunch 1.11: August 11, 1999

by The Editors on August 11, 1999

Latest Update: August 11, 1999

Outdoor Retailer Show Hit by Tornado
Salt Lake City gets hit by freak tornado just when the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show is setting up shop. One person dies as an entire exhibit Pavilion is destroyed.

Andy Mac Meets the President
Why are vert skaters meeting with Bill Clinton? The bigger question: did Andy Macdonald wear his knee pads on his recent visit to the White House. We want to know!

Tara Dakides Writes Poetry
Sure, aside from kicking ass on the snowboard big air circuit and raging on her motocross bike, she occasionally puts pen to paper.

All Terrain Board Gaining Ground
Thougth those mountain skateboards were lame? Well, in Denver kids are getting way into them.

Beachley Wins $20,000 in Newquay Surf 99
The world’s richest women’s surf tournament was on hold Sunday, but Monday was a whole different story for Layne Beachley as she edged out Serena Brooke.

Deja.com Rates Snowboards
They don’t have much data in their ratings system, but Deja.com still has a list of boards that users can rate. To bad someone messed them all up.

Rip Curl Heli Challenge is Over

David Pujol of Spain, and Canada’s Karleen Jeffery take first place in the rip roarin’ heli blow out in Wanaka, New Zealand.

K2 Files S-4 With the SEC
When K2 bought Ride, Inc. they had to file some serious paperwork. If you’re into it, here are 80 pages of inside scoop from the deal including notes on Ride’s attempts to sell themselves to other companies.

Late Night with the Silver Surfer
Some have called him a punk, others think he’s a good surfer on the verge of becoming great. Either way, Jay Larson gets interviewed. Questions by Benji Weatherly.

MTV Launches a Snowboard Video Game
THQ Inc. hooks up with Radical Entertainment to creat “the ultimate snowboarding experience” for Sony Playstaion and MTV jumps on for a free ride (as usual).

Random Quote
“Travis is one of those guys who lives on the edge,” Mariucci said. “Whether it’s football or snowboarding or parachuting or whatever.”–49ers Coach Steve Mariucci on special teams placer Travis Jervy in the San Jose Mercury News.

A Day in the Life of Salba
Take a dip in the old school pool with Screaming Lord Salba a.k.a. Steve Alba for a pool riding manifesto by Ozzie from Heckler Magazine.

Bjorn Leines Incorporated
The intro to this interview is difficult to read and includes strange musings on Kate Moss, but the rest is there, even a discussion of the Y2K bug all from the pages of Strength Magazine.

Random Quote
“[Jaws] was a very heavy negative [even though] more people die surfing than by sharks. More people die playing tennis. More people die from bee stings for sure. But what I have just cited is not as spectacular or visceral or frightening.” Al Giddings,on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in the LA Times.
Huntington Beach Economy Look Up
Thanks to surfing HB city coffers are filling up and local business people are very happy.

Jamie Salter Buys Limited
United Sports International Exec. Quits

OC Weekly Gets On Dr. Laura
Daily Pilot Readers respond to Dr. Laura story.
McElroy Sells Out Huge

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