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Sacklunch 1.19: October 27, 1999

Sacklunch 1.19: October 27, 1999

by The Editors on October 27, 1999

Latest Update: October 27, 1999

Rich Harbour Still Shaping Art
He built his first surfboard to replace one his parents bought him as a birthday present. That was in 1959. Forty years later the founder of Harbour Surfboards is still at it.

Colin MacPhillips Takes Longboard Title
The World has a new longboard champion, Californian Colin McPhillips won the Oxbow World Longboard Championship.

Gotcha Glacier Plans OKd
The Anaheim planning commission approved site and design plans for the $105 million extreme sports park on Monday. But then Anaheim seems to have a thing for eyesores.

Beach Access Owner Sues Dr. Laura

In the Big Brother battle that just won’t end, Thomas Moore has filed a cross complaint against Premier Radio and Dr. Lame-a.

LA Times Jumps Arnette Story
Two weeks after Snowboarding Business busted the story on Arnette’s slashing of 66 percent of their employees Snowbiz’s sibling publication launches a story of their own.

Pro Surfer Wins $50,000 From Police
Jorge Minero Lopez, 26, settled after an alleged beating by a baton wielding Orange County Sheriff’s deputy at the Country Rock Cafe in Lake Forest, CA.

Brian Wilson Plays LA’s Wiltern
The troubled genius was able to take the stage and play his music (mostly old Beach Boys stuff) for a mesmerized crowd.

Family Values Tour Rocks Anaheim
Limp Bizkit is on the road and things are looking pretty good for the pseudo-skate band.

Vancouver Islands Best Waves of the Year

Surfing in BC Canada? Duh! Last week’s swell brought great waves and everyone on the Island dropped in. Well, not everyone.

Occy Wins World Title
Pretty good for an old man, huh? If the TransWorld Surf story isn’t enough here’s a pretty scratchy audio clip from Surfer Magazine.

Oxbow World Longboard Championships
Joel Tudor appears to be surfing well, however, the rest of the world is out to get him at Middle Rock.

Skateboarders Give Input on Park Design

Sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be amazed by how many cities have built parks without speaking to local skaters. Luckily, that’s not happening in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Rob Machado Interviews Ben Harper
Learn amazing facts about Ben Harper including the story about how he used to hang with Chris Miller in this interview the TransWorld Surf site.

Variflex’s Income Rises

The “recreational products” company says things are looking up, at least that’s what Jay Losi says.

Summer Camp Love

Onboard Magazine’s Anders Hagman discusses the trials and tribulations of hooking up at snowboard summer camp.

Weird Wacky Boardsports
How about a pedal powered skateboard? Yep, that’s what Wade Spital created. And he’s not the only misguided engineer (but then we all knew that). There are also some people making weird snowboards and some like Steve Link making normal snowboards that are really light.

Kite Surfing World Champs?
Speaking of weird, whack sports there is now a contest for kite surfing and Robbie Naish is on the bandwagon. Geezus!

William Gibson’s New Book Looks At SF

This doesn’t have anything to do with skateboarding, but you should read it anyway.

Hip-Hop Compilations Better than Albums
Someone speaking about the state of Hip-Hop and a little about skateboarders being into hip-hop. Yo.

Police Log
About five juveniles were skateboarding in a drainage ditch. 10:51 a.m. Saturday

A neighbor stole a kid’s skateboard at 4:05 p.m. Saturday.

Extreme To Death
Here is another piece of sensationalism posing as journalism that perpetuates the theory that BASE jumpers, skateboarders and snowboarders love risking death. (I love it when they lump us in with BASE jumpers.)

San Lorenzo Valley Finds Place for Skatepark
Park supporters think a riverside area of Highlands Park in Ben Lomond could be used for a park, what, they don’t have a rail road yard or a city dump nearby?

Skate Related Snowboard Tricks
Scalp and Bryce Kanights have pulled together snow and skate photos to show the similarities between the two. It’s a cool excersize in style wars.

Tony Hawk Retires from Competition
Gotcha Glacier Delayed Again
Swatch Wave Loch
Arnette Streamlines with Luxottica

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