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Sacklunch 1.22: December 27, 1999

Sacklunch 1.22: December 27, 1999

by The Editors on December 27, 1999

Latest Update: December 27, 1999

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Nozzle Nuzzling Resorts
If it weren’t for snowblowers it would really suck at Western resorts right now. In fact, it still does pretty much suck.
Seattle coverage of no snow.
Resorts tormented by warm weather.

Donner and Boreal Finally Get Connected
The two Tahoe resorts have been 100 yards from each other for more than 30 years and they’ve finally decided to share lift tickets. It’s probably the biggest “No Duh” in resort history.

Aussies Ban Nude Surfing at Bondi
It was the highlight of the Fringe Festival but conservatives got their way and ended the nude night surfing event saying the shark and lightening dangers were too high.

Mindless Quote
“However, given ESPN‘s influence and the growing popularity of its X Games, the top athlete of the 21st Century probably will be jumping off cliffs on a skateboard.” —Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune on ESPN’s SportsCentury TV show. .

Extremesports.com Ambles Along
Alan Gibby has done more for action sports than most with his TV production company DynoComm, however, now he’s diving into the web and things just aren’t the same. Of course, you won’t here any of that in this LA Times puff piece.

Telecommuting Surfer Keeps Life In Order
He works out of Chicago, but he lives in Manhattan Beach, CA. Tim Rohner has the perfect set up.

New Law Makes Underage-Drunk- Motorized-Skateboarding- Without-A-Helmet Illegal
Now what will our kids have to do after school? The good think is it appears that being drunk, over 16, and on a motorized skateboard is still quite legal.

Revolution Snowball?
Those wacky snowboarders are at it again. This time they’re going after Taos for not allowing snowboarding with the Free The Snow campaign.

Pendleton Turns 75
The shirts that have warmed the surf world make it to the 75 mark.

Slater Wins 1999 Pipe Masters
Thought he wouldn’t? I didn’t think so. The champ is still the champ at the Mountain Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters. For those keeping track at home this is the fifth time Mr. Slater has won this thing. Damn. He’s good.
Gotcha.com’s North Shore Coverage.

Tom Sims Wins Fingersnowboard Contest
What started out as a bar joke ended when Tom Sims walked away with a $1000 CAN check in Whistler.
Xtreme Soul Finishes TV Pilot
Runway Productions of Newport Beach, CA has completed just what the world needs: another “extreme sports and music show” that will air early next year. God, will this never end?

Surfer Magazine Gets New Website
It’s still a bit clunky but it’s colorful and it’s a far cry from that last version of HTM_hell. Check it out.

Rare Medals Stolen From Tomson’s Home
Gotcha cofounder Shaun Tomson loses $50,000 worth of jewelry and surfing medals when theives broke into his Montecito, CA home December 21, 1999.

SF Bureaucrats Could Kill Skatepark Plans
If the Bay Conservation and Development Commission has it’s way a new sports facility at Piers 27-31 which included a skatepark will die. And columnist Ken Garcia doesn’t like it a bit.

Teenager Mugged By Fellow Youths
A 14-year-old Pacific Palisades boy was robbed of $7 cash Friday night, while he watched some other teenagers skateboard on the Third Street Promenade.

Starting ‘Em Out Young
” I celebrate Christmas. I bake cookies and put milk on the table for Santa . . . This year I’m going snowboarding and having New Year’s with my friend.” –Tatiana, 9, Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary, Sherman Oaks.ææ

God I Love So Cal
While the rest of country is either freezing, flooding, or wishing it would snow, here in Southern California we’re spending Christmas at thebeach surfing. How cool is that?

Big Moon Time For Midnight Surf
With the full moon it’s time to surf at midnight. And just think how good it will be on your skin. No sunscreen needed.

SF Citizen Against Skate Harrasment
San Francisco wasn’t to keep skateboarders from grinding benches so they put in metal clips, but says one women “the clips are far uglier and distracting than the skateboard marks.” And she’s right.

Man Accused of Molesting Skateboarder
G-Shock Air And Style Carnage
Skaters in WTO Protest in Seattle
Backcountry Snowboarders In Too Deep?

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