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Latest Update: February 10, 1999

839K Intro Screen for
Got a DSL connection or 15 minutes to waste listening to splashing water and a looping techno beat? Then is just for you.

Marciandi Dies in Avalanche
Pro snowboarder Davide Marciandi, 29, was swept to his death Thursday in an avalanche he triggered while riding off-piste in the Italian Alps. .

Hawk, Malloy, Brewer In Antarctica
Steve Hawk, Chris Malloy, Art Brewer and a team of adverturists are currently searching for surf on the southern most continent. You can follow the action on

Christian Hosoi Arrested in Hawaii

The former pro skater (who lived the Hollywood highlife in the late 80s) was arrested at the Honolulu Airport on January 28, while in possesion of nearly a pound of crystal meth.

Wainright Wins High Ollie Contest
On Sunday February 6, 2000 Danny Wainright popped 44 1/2 inches off the flatground to win the Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge at the ASR Show.

That Wacky ASR Show Is Back
According to the Orange County Register the 2000 ASR Show is a "three-day orgy of deal making, people watching, beer drinking, . . . and shameless schmoozing." And we thought it was just another trade show.

Warm Storms Disaster for LA Resorts

While Mammoth Mountain is getting dumped on, local resorts are having a much harder time with rain. The LA Times reports on the state of the snow.

Japan Hosts Toyota Snowboard Big Air
Pro snowboarders have the chance to win US$100,000 in a Big Air February 19, 2000

Tony Hawk Tied with Bruce Lee and Dr. J
When the Village Voice polled their sports writers for the top sports figures of the century. Guess who made the list? Yep, T-Hawk. Damn, he's global!

Fu Manchu Rocks the Planet
This story doesn't have a whole lot to do with the topic at hand, but it you haven't heard "King of the Road," read this, then go out and buy it because it rawks like nuthin' you've heard before.

Ventura Pier Takes A Beating
Giant waves pounded the coast Monday with the season's biggest swells, testing the strength of the newly renovated Ventura Pier. But it's still standing.

Accused Child Molester Appears In Court
After six weeks in hiding, Glenn Valenzuela, a former Pittsburg assistant city manager, was in court to face charges accusing him of molesting a 15-year-old boy who was helping the city design a skateboard park.

Snowboarder Lost In Sierra Found
Dan Kossowski and his friend got lost at Alpine Meadows last weekend. But they're okey-dokie now.

Runoff Not Completely Blame in HB
Last summer most of Huntington Beach was closed due to contaminated water. The city is still looking for answers. So far there are none.

Police Log
PLACENTIA Berkenstock and McCormack lanes: Malicious mischief involving three juveniles on skateboards damaging street signs was reported at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

More Skatepark Hassles
Residents of Cypress City, CA want a skatepark for their kids, they just don't want it in their neighborhood. How tired is that excuse?

Teenager Mugged By Fellow Youths
God I Love So Cal
Big Moon Time For Midnight Surf
SF Citizen Against Skate Harrasment

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