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Latest Update: July 30, 1999

Vans Buys High Cascade Snowboard Camp
The company that just can't get enough buys a camp to teach people to snowboard. Indoctrination starts young.
--Vans Opens Skatepark in Bakersfield.

Letter From Wanaka
Snowboard Life editor Ewan Morrison is in New Zealand to cover the Rip Curl Heli Challenge. It sounds pretty good.

Dan Miller: Roxy Model?
A technical-service manager at the University of Arkansas would probably like to be a Roxy model. Do you think he has what it takes?

Dr. Laura is Big Brother's Newest Enemy
Idiot radio personality Laura Schlessinger caught her son reading Big Brother and it's the end of the world. "Dr. Laura's right. The pornography in the magazine is well-hidden, because I haven't seen it either," Dave Carnie said.
--Beach Access Owner May Sue Dr. Laura

Gotcha Pro Webcast
It's in Real Player G2 and it rocks. Well worth checking out. You can watch in real time. Or watch it on the ASP Live site.
--Occy video interview.
--Slater video interview (ah huh!)

Tony Will Compete in Oceanside B3
After winning a couple gold medals in the 99 Summer X Games Tony Hawk is going to put on a show for the hometown crowd.

The Champ Speaks of Beating Machado
In an interview from the ASPLive site, that's right, it Kelly "6-time champ" Slater in audio.

Beachley and Garcia Overcome Injury
The two warriors of the waves made it into the third round at the Gotch Pro in Huntington Beach.

Gotcha Glacier Has Management
The company that runs the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim announced that it's going to be running the Gotcha Glacier indoor snowboard park.

Right Word, Wrong Place
The Celebrity Skin page ( is free but is designed to snare the surfer into an inescapable maze of the company's credit card-snatching "interactive" sex sites.--Village Voice.

Curren Keeps Going and Going and. . .
Tom Curren looks as good as he ever did in the Gotcha Pro at Huntington Beach. 35-year-olds around the world rejoice.

Surfing's Brisick Leading the Blind to the Surf
"I can't even tell you how much I enjoy this," said 24-year surfer Jamie Brisick, editor of Surfing Magazine. "Their excitement and enthusiasm is so contagious. It makes you feel good."

Gotch Pro Dream Heat?
Is it possible to get a heat with Occy and Curren in 1999? On Thursday it was a real possibility.

More Lingo from Marcia Smith
How to talk like a surfer with OC Registers pipeline to action sports hipness.

Wahinies' Woes and Layne Beachley
It's tough being a girl surfer. What with all the guys hating you being out in the water, or that's what Marcia Smith thinks it's like.

The Beschens are Cool Guys
Yeah, here's a news story. "Their wide-ranging personlaities have not kept them from succeeding." The OC Register makes them sound like surfing Sybils.

State Gets Tough on Testing the Water
Thanks to new regulations coastal counties are required to increase testing for ocean pollution. So at least we'll know how bad it is.

Neal Stephenson Writes Cool Books
His first one included a skateboarder with a great set-up and his new book is about cryptography. You should read them all.

Rape in the Woodstock Mosh Pit
This story included the word "surfing" so I linked it even though it has nothing to do with surfing.

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Special thanks: to Jim Romenesko's for the inspiration. In the words of Eddie Murphy on doing Richard Pryor material, "It's a tribute."


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