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News Update: Feb. 1, 2004


January 31, 2005, Aspen, CO-  In what is being called the “most technical run in snowboard halfpipe history” Flow rider Antti Autti shocked the world by winning the gold medal in the X-Games Nine.  Antti introduced himself to the world last weekend at the FIS World Championships in Whistler, BC where he took first in both freestyle events- the halfpipe and big air.  Hoping to continue his run, Antti came to the Winter X-Games at Buttermilk Mt., in Aspen with a few new tricks up his sleeve.

Antti came into the three run format finals in second place, with Andy Finch in the lead, and Shawn White in third.   After the second round of runs, the riders had shifted places to find veteran riders Danny Kass, and Shawn White in first and second, respectively.  The veterans found they had to step up their game to compete with the 1080 nose grab’s Antti was throwing on every run.  With only one rider left to go, Antti stepped up to the pipe to throw down the winning run.  The crowd watched in awe as Autti pulled off two consecutive 1080’s at the top of his run, followed by two perfect 900’s to finish it off.  His score of 93.00 was the highest of the night, and a decisive victory for the 19-year-old Finnish rider.  Although he tried, Andy Finch couldn’t beat “Double A’s” score, his final run consisted of huge airs, which wowed the crowd earning him a score of 92.00 and a silver medal.  Autti and Finch bumped Danny Kass to bronze, and golden boy Shawn White right off the podium.

Once seen as a convenience product, Antti has proven Flow to be all about performance.  Last night Antti rode what Flow is calling “Triple Threat Technology,” a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten performance and control when used together.  The obvious success of Triple Threat was evidenced by Antti’s win last night.

Flow has been producing innovative snowboard products since 1995.  As the originator of the reclining high-back binding, Flow introduced to the world a new wave of binding technology.  Viewed as revolutionary, competitors have tried to imitate the reclining high-back, although none have seen the same success.  Over the past nine years, Flow has become known for ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their bindings.
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