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News Update: February 17, 2006

A Sacklunch Editors' Letter to Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,

Please don't let those short, pedantic, NBC couch jockeys get you down. They may try telling you and the rest of the world that your method was "the biggest gaff" in sports history. But don't believe it. While IOC officials, medal driven coaches, big money sponsors, and the National Broadcasting Company are bathing in their own cash driven drool, you have (whether you like it or not) showed the world that the pure joy of riding a snowboard can not be corrupted by gold medals or the attention of the international press.

You may not have been able to articulate it well in post race interviews, but we know what you were feeling during the moments before you hit that second to last jump. Anyone who has ever honestly strapped on a snowboard knows it all too well. Those feelings weren't what fuels the bozo end zone dance of a meathead footballer. That wasn't showboating. It wasn't rubbing the win in someone's face. It was the honest, uncontainable expression of absolute stoke. It was in the moment and it was beautiful. It was an amazing exhibition of raw exuberance. You are a snowboarder and you kept it real all the way to the finishline. And for that we thank you.

The Editors.

P.S. Plus, it's exactly what Shaun Palmer would have done. . . although, as several friends have pointed out, he probably would have landed it.


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