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News Update: March 22, 2006

Jim Shubin Joins WESC!

Culver City, CA - March 21, 2006 - WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy,Inc. is proud to announce Jim Shubin has joined WESC as US Marketing Director. Jim's impressive history includes Drawls Clothing, where he headed up Global Sales, Marketing & PR, and was integral in growing the brand from a garage to over $10 million annually, as well as launching Dawls and Stepson Outerwear. As Director of Sales and Marketing, Jim blew up Dwindle Distribution and launched Almost Skateboards (Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song). At Ezekiel (as VP of Marketing) Jim raised the brand profile, cultivating new teams and spicing up the flavor, bringing Ezekiel back to former glory.

Besides the obvious business acumen, Jim embodies the WESC personality. Jim is awake, extremely good at what he does, and utterly unpredictable!

Some of Jim's past randomness includes:
Selling money (cash) for a small profit through a catalog.
Sending mariachi bands to friends' offices on Cinco de Mayo to play music and hand out beers (at 10am).
Stealing 3 pizza delivery vehicles in 5 weeks from his neighbors' homes. "It's easy because they leave their cars running while they are at the doors collecting the cash for the pizzas. I park the cars down the street after I drive by them a few times and they call the cops. I wear a hoodie," says Jim.
Giving a sheep to a co-worker at her birthday party at a restaurant in Long Beach.
Presenting the Breakthrough Brand of the Year award at the SIMA Image Awards last summer in a stuffed Speedo.

Jim claims that his father was a pirate and his mother a penguin hunter, but the word on the street is that he's actually a genetically engineered superman created by combining the DNA of Lenny Bruce, Che Guavara, and Mary Lou Retton.

Chris Nieratko (friend of WESC) summed it up best with this tale of Jim Shubin: "The last time Jim & I were on a boat just outside of the north shore of Hawaii , we were fighting to pull a marlin into the boat. Jim turned to me and said, "I'm gonna gaff it, reach in to that box, there's a .38 snub nose and a baseball bat. Grab one and either shoot the son of a bitch or hit it with a bat." I was rather drunk, so I opted for the bat because I didn't want to shoot a hole in the boat. But that's Jim Shubin for you, in a nutshell. By gun or by bat, things are getting done."

WESC CEO and co-founder Greger Hagelin says "Jim Shubin's extensive background in the skateboard and streetwear business, together with his experience as a marketing innovator fits us like a hand in glove. We're really excited to have him on board."

Welcome to WESC, Jim!
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