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News Update: May 6, 2006

t h i n k
sales - branding - media

May 9th, 2006 (New York, NY)
As forwarded from Ambiguous offices (Irvine, CA)
think has recently taken on the AMBIGUOUS clothing line as one of its very select roster of clients. think is a newly formed sales / marketing agency out of New York whose ultimate mission is to offer Sales representation as well as Branding, Advertising, Creative and Public Relations services.

think’s founding partners are Steven Sternberg, Richard Langford, and David Ishay. Together they offer a very unique composite - being able to publicize their clients products or brands in print editorial, music videos, and advertising campaigns, while simultaneously negotiating specific real estate presence to any given retailer, at any given time.

Steven Sternberg, a seasoned veteran of the sportswear industry, has quietly been responsible for the promotion of many classic lines such as; DIESEL, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS, GIRBAUD, JNCO, ECKO, BUM EQUIPMENT to name a few. His vital contributions have paved the way to their success.

Richard Langford, also a veteran of the industry, has been involved in sales and management of several collection brands such as OP, ENERGIE/MISS SIXTY, and QUIKSILVER, and has operated his own brand consultation company specializing in men’s contemporary and young attitude sportswear collections.

David Ishay is the publisher, president, and founder of YRB Magazine and Yellow Rat Bastard catalog. His creative direction has defined and established the irreverent editorial direction of the magazine, as well as the crass and raw identity of the brand itself. Ishay, from time to time, had personally photographed, edited, creatively directed and written in his own publications. Prior to publishing and running a mail order business, Ishay owned and operated a Junior and kids sportswear design co. which domestically manufactured it’s product and sold to department and chain stores under the YOU SPORT and AMERICAN SPIRIT label.

think enjoys showing the AMBIGUOUS line in a very quaint and comfortable location, on the second floor of a unique brownstone, boutique office building in the heart of Manhattan.

AMBIGUOUS has earned the respect of many critically selective retailers on the East Coast such as YELLOW RAT BASTARD, THE BUCKLE, RON JON SURF SHOPS, and BLADES to name a few.

AMBIGUOUS is expected to be one of the most sought after denim inspired sportswear lines. Carried by specialty niche stores looking to offer a more meaningful brand of substance that sustains a classic feel to street. AMBIGUOUS fits this bill, as they are regarded as an innovative and diversified men’s street line possessing it’s own attitude, redefining the tone of street wear. The Ambiguous line is a true organic labor of love.

The Ambiguous showroom at think is located at 38 West 39 St. (between Fifth and Sixth Ave.) NYC, NY 10018. For appointments to view the line call think at 212-398-5850.
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