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News Update: June 1, 2006


New Collection Redefines Advanced Performance Wear For Boardriders

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - (June 1, 2006) - Quiksilver, the boardriding industry leader, announced today the launch of QuiksilverEQPT, the first collection of performance wear that satisfies rigorous off-board training needs while offering designs and cuts that remain true to the Quiksilver way of life.

Today's board sport athletes are going bigger, longer and harder than ever.  Because of the increasing physical demands and risk of injury, many riders have turned to off-board cross-training to build and maintain their strength, balance and endurance.  QuiksilverEQPT is Quiksilver's performance wear collection of shirts, shorts, jackets and pants specifically designed for these riders that are committed to finding that extra edge.

Just as boardriding has redefined what an athlete is, QuiksilverEQPT is redefining performance apparel.  QuiksilverEQPT answers the call of boardriders who want technical garments that wick away sweat and protect them from the elements, but who cannot find brands that match their own sense of personal style.

"Before QuiksilverEQPT, everything I saw on the market for working out had too much of a 'jock' feel to it," said Todd Richards, world champion snowboarder and Quiksilver athlete.  "QuiksilverEQPT provides me with performance clothing that keeps me comfortable when I'm riding my mountain bike or in the gym, but still looks cool."

Quiksilver isn't just slapping graphics on moisture wicking t-shirts. The QuiksilverEQPT collection writes the new prescription for performance apparel by meshing Quiksilver style with advanced fabric technologies. The designs, prints, and patterns are reminiscent of Quiksilver's surf-inspired aesthetic. And unlike the tight fitting gear that currently dominates the marketplace, QuiksilverEQPT tops and bottoms offer relaxed silhouettes that are more akin to the mountain and wave lifestyle   Most importantly, all of the products incorporate a mix of performance driven features that protect riders from the sun, wind and rain during rigorous training sessions.  Key technologies for the Holiday collection include:

*       QuikDry: Moisture movement technology that transports sweat away from    the body, keeping riders cool and dry.

*       QuikFresh: Anti-microbial odor eating finish that keeps gear smelling        fresh, even when it's not.

*       QuikBlock: UV coating that provides UPF 50 protection from the Sun's   rays.

*       QuikRepel: Fabric technology that deflects wind and rain to keep riders comfortable when nature has other ideas.

"QuiksilverEQPT is a natural extension for the Quiksilver brand." said Bob McKnight, CEO.  "Since 1969, we have been providing the tools for people to uncover, express, and expand their physical and creative potential. With QuiksilverEQPT, we continue this tradition by offering riders the first collection of performance wear that actually looks cool.  Whether they are biking through the desert, running on the beach, playing volleyball and tennis, or just lifting weights at the gym, guys can now rely on a brand they know and trust for apparel that will protect them from the elements and prepare them for their next mission."

QuiksilverEQPT products, ranging from $40 to $220, will be available nationwide this holiday season at select Quiksilver Stores and better retailers.
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