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News Update: June 15, 2006

Pig Wood "Pro" Program to End

Tum Yeto announces the closure of the Pig Wood "Pro" program. After three years of development we have decided to end this division of the Pig Brand and focus our efforts on the long-time mainstays of Pig, which are premium wheels, bearings, bags and accessories. Our plan is to continue to bolster the Pig Wheels and Bearing team and strengthen our relationships with our customers.

We appreciate all the effort and support from the riders that contributed to the Pig Wood program. Those riders included Ragdoll, Matt Ball, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Adrian Mallory, Sammy Baca, Shuriken Shannon and Eric Hamamoto. We wish them all the best going forward. They are all great talents and we urge other companies to consider these guys for your deck programs.

Ragdoll, Don "The Nuge" Nuygen, Matt Ball, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Adrian Mallory and Shuriken Shannon will remain on the Pig Wheels program. We are happy to announce Don "The Nuge" Nuygen will also join the Foundation team. Don joins Ethan Fowler, Corey Duffel, Mike Rusczyk, Gareth Stehr, Angel Ramirez, Matt Allen and Tommy Gurrola on Foundation.

Pig will continue to offer limited deck runs and completes going forward. Tum Yeto will continue to focus its efforts and resources on the successes of the Toy Machine and Foundation premium wood programs.

Go Skateboarding Day. June 21st


Tod Swank
Tum Yeto, Inc.

The Tum Yeto, Inc family of brands is an industry leader in performance, quality and reliability since 1989. In addition to having one of the most intense programs for team riders and marketing, Tum Yeto is a full line manufacturer, nationwide distributor, wholesaler and exporter of high-end professional skateboarding products including hard goods, apparel and footwear. The company is run by skateboarders, for skateboarders and is a member of the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). Remember, "Go Skateboarding Day" June 21st.

Tum Yeto Inc. - 2001 Commercial St. San Diego, Ca 92113 - ph: 1-800-TumYeto fx: 619-232-9666
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