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News Update: June 29, 2006


Signal snowboards is expanding! We are adding new members to our departments, and we welcome Mike Akins to the Signal family.  Joining us from Mervin Mfg., Mike is heading up the sales department in our Seattle office.  He’ll be spreading the Signal love to new shops and areas, pumping up our existing shops, and making it easier for snow-lovers to get access to Signal goods.  “Signal, as a group, has some of the most amazing creative forces combined with a passion for enjoying life that is truly inspiring,” said Mike.   “They have literally dedicated their lives to living, not just for the breath and material possessions, but also for really making it worthwhile.”  His experience and commitment perfectly reflects Signal’s dedication, and we’re stoked to have Mike on board.  For sales inquiries, contact           

Steph Nitsch, from our Seattle office, is moving east to the Rockies.  Steph will be running our PR department, making sure to keep magazines, websites, and blogs up to date and informed of Signal happenings and any exciting news.  For press and PR inquiries, contact


Alaska rep Paul Kelly hosted a Signal demo event during the first ever Big Easy Snowboard camp at Alyeska Resort, Alaska.  The camp’s first session ran June 10-15 and offered killer features and technical lines built by crews from some of the biggest West Coast resorts.  Campers were schooled by a coaching staff that was brought in from local areas, Boreal, and Northstar.  “Everyone was pumped with the Signal boards,” said Paul Kelly about the demo sessions.  “Signal is taking over, and kids are so pumped on a fresh new company that has a board that has everything in the right place.”

Signal art director Kellie Talbot has launched another successful art show at Seattle-based Gallery 63 Eleven.   These oil paintings are from her collection “A Song for Occupations,” inspired by American poet Walt Whitman’s ideology of the working-class man.  “For me, there is beauty in machinery and architecture.  Workers do not appear in the paintings but are felt through their tools and creations.  These objects become more beautiful with time and use,” said Kellie.  The show opened June 10th and will run through July 5th.


Gallery 63 Eleven

6311 24th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

The Goods

Free Sticker Fridays are now in effect!  We have a fresh, new batch of stickers locally printed.  Drop by the Signal office anytime between 3 and 5pm on Fridays for a free pack of Signal stickers and to check out our headquarters - we’ll even let you pet our 13-pound cat.  We’re located at 227 9th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, right across the street from Jones Soda (who also conveniently has Free Soda Fridays between 3 and 5).  Free is better than not free.  Don’t live in the area?  Drop us a line with your name, mailing address, and email address and we’ll send you some stickers and keep you posted with Signal updates you won’t want to miss.

Don’t forget to check out our Myspace page and our profile!

Signal is dedicated to the integrity of snowboarding and individuality.  We welcome and encourage phone calls, letters, and emails.
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