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News Update: July 19, 2006

Sole Technology with Andrew Reynolds Launches Altamont Apparel

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - Sole Technology today announces the much anticipated launch of Altamont Apparel Ltd. set to hit select stores globally in October 2006. Altamont Apparel is created by and for those whose sense of uniqueness, personal style and swagger is evident in everything- whether it be skateboarding, art, music or dress. Arguably the biggest influencer in modern street skateboarding today, Andrew Reynolds' inspiration and influence can be seen in his creative vision as the owner of Baker Skateboards and now as the Design Director for Altamont Apparel.

The inspiration for the name Altamont came from what was billed to be the "Woodstock of the West." In 1969, the Rolling Stones held a free concert at the Altamont Speedway where turbulence hit as crowds frenzied. The tragic events of that day would forever link the word Altamont with the end of one phase of youth culture and the beginning of a new one.

The affair at Altamont reminded the world that ignorance is not always bliss and there are consequences for those who choose to ignore or refuse to accept the difficult truths of the world. Altamont Apparel embraces those truths for what they are and accepts a responsibility to honestly reflect the realities of the streets.

Reinventing streetwear from a candid point of view, Altamont Apparel introduces an unconventional style and individualism that is true to the vision and experience of its creators. It is the real look of the street, designed by the real personalities pushing the trends.

The result is a unique break from the formula of traditional skate wear coupled with a fresh point of view on modern streetwear. The collection encompasses an avant-garde spirit through a mix of premium materials with surplus, vintage and DIY looks. Focus on premium fabrics include a selection of hand picked, washed and worn-in pieces, broken in and tumbled garments and top quality denim with clean finishes with an overall emphasis on fit and feel. Each piece is intended to be a rare gem -- treasured.

"Looking around the market, we feel strongly that an authentic, skate perspective on streetwear is not being met," said Pierre Andre Senizergues, founder and owner of Sole Technology. "By working together with Andrew, we are now bringing people the real and true perspective of skateboarding."

Earlier this week, a small group of select retailers and people were chosen to visit the historic site of Altamont to witness firsthand the unveiling of this new brand. Picked up in San Francisco by retro limousines, reminiscent of the original era, the group was shuttled an hour to Altamont Speedway, where they heard directly from Andrew his vision and passion for this new project on the actual concert site that stands as a strong symbol of an awakening of a new culture.

Altamont Apparel will debut its full Spring 2007 line at Project, Las Vegas in August 2006. For more information visit,
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