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News Update: August 7, 2006

Snowboarding Youth Culture Profile Report Reveals Industry + “Associated” Lifestyle Brands Poised for Significant Growth

August 7, 02006--When it comes to the 13-24-year-old North American demographic, snowboarding is one of the main sports poised for the most significant growth, as revealed in fresh results released today from Label Networks’ 2nd annual Snowboarding Youth Culture Profile Report. As gold medalists Shaun White lands another endorsement deal after stoking the crowd in his crossover sport, skateboarding, at the X Games last weekend, and gold-medalist Hannah Teter gets hyped with rapper Bubba Sparxxx in this month’s YRB Magazine, snowboarders are ramping up in their roll as the new rockstars of American youth culture.

Based on results in the Snowboarding Profile Report, 61.7% of “non-snowboarders” within this demographic watched snowboarding on TV during coverage of the Torino Olympics in February; whereas 77.5% of those who snowboard, also watched snowboarding on TV during the Olympics. This is among the highest sports watched so far in 02006 by these demographics.

“We’re already seeing the impact that snowboarding has had on youth culture in other ways,” says Kathleen Gasperini, SVP of Label Networks. “For example, in our Global Youth Culture Studies, which cover many other topics, we’re seeing the impact of snowboarding by the increase in snowboarding brands named as “Favorite Apparel Brands” overall; plus top backpack brands; and clearly in the Sports section about top Sports to Learn and Why.”

Association with this sport, not only in hardgoods, but also within the lifestyle of snowboarding via apparel, accessories, top athletes, DVD’s, video and cell phone games, and event sponsorship, is an important place to be for brands hoping to reach this elusive and savvy demographic in winter ’07. Here are some examples from Inside the Snowboarding Profile Report ’06:

35% of young people would buy more snowboarding-related brands if there was either a store near them that carried such brands, or they knew where to go online to get them.

“Not sure How to Get Started” remains a top reason why young people who are interested, don’t ride yet.

15-17-year-olds are the most familiar with top Professional Snowboarders

Expense of the sport as a major concern has increased from ’05, particularly among males; however females are far more willing to pay more for rentals and apparel in general.

Young people are willing to pay higher prices for rentals and getting to the resort, than the actual average price of a lift ticket.

Top brands vary greatly between those who snowboard and those who would like to learn, indicating mixed perceptions of familiarity.

Global warming increased as a top concern about the future of the sport.

The Snowboarding Profile Report 02006 was comprised of a representative sampling of 7,000, 13-24-year-olds across North America and conducted from May-July 15, 02006. Results include actionable, Macro trend editorial summaries from those who snowboard, as well as those who would most like to learn to ride, in order to reveal market opportunities. Results also include answers to why young people responded the way that they did; historical comparisons and trending from ’05; key cross-tabs by gender and specific age groups; and related stories from Label Networks.

The margin of error for this study is less than 2.5% at a confidence level of 95%.

The Snowboarding Profile Report is free for subscribers to Label Networks’ North American Youth Culture Study Subscription package; introductory rate for non-subscribers is $995. For information, contact us at (323) 630-4000 or email


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