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News Update: August 16, 2005

Skateboarding Consumer Research Study Released Today Reveals New Trends Shaping Youth Culture based on the Influential Market of America’s Most Independent Sport

August 4, 02005—Fresh research results released today within the largest consumer study ever conducted comparing those who skateboard with those who most want to learn to skateboard across North America, reveals detailed insight, trend information, and new market opportunities in and around the lifestyle of skateboarding, including information about the influence of the industry on youth markets in general.

The Skateboarding Consumer Research Study 2005, conducted from June 1- July 30, 2005, included thousands of participants between the ages of 13-24-years-old from 49 different regions based on a representative sampling of skateboarders and a highly screened demographic of those most interested in learning to skate. Label Networks, producers of the Study, are widely known for their street-level global youth marketing intelligence and research from North America, Europe, Japan, and China. By creating the most in-depth consumer study from America that captures data from young skateboarders and those who most want to learn, the goal of the Study is to provide brand leaders, agencies, and designers in skateboarding and related lifestyle industries with a new resource for authentic, consumer-based research from which to make the smartest business decisions.

Some sample results include:

Marketplace Changes + Potential: New market trends illustrate where the greatest potential lies, such as the female and youth marketplaces, plus changes in perception of skateboarding-inspired footwear, denim, T-shirts, accessories. Marketplace changes are also apparent in hardgoods based on what’s taking shape in decks, trucks, and wheels. Comparing results of skaters and would-be skaters indicate market opportunities based on shopping patterns and explain the age-increase of those who shop in Specialty Skateboard Stores. 

Change in Perceptions: Skateboarding in the past has always attracted fringe players and original personalities, but now in its Tony Hawk phase, skateboarding is clearly a mainstream activity in youth markets. This Study details the future concerns of skaters, changes in brand perceptions, and comparisons with those who are most interested in learning to skate, thus providing insight into the market potential based on the shifting lifestyle aspects of the sport.

New Skater Insight: What will it take to grow the sport, but keep it ‘core, and continue the dynamic nature of this notorious industry? Who’s driving trends now and what’s the profile of future skaters? Such questions are answered within the Skateboarding Consumer Research Study 2005.

Among other topics included in the Skateboarding Consumer Research Study 2005 are:

  • Demographic Profiles: Skateboarders vs. Non-Skateboarders (but would most like to learn)
  • Projected growth opportunities—inside skateboarding + outside influences
  • Where they shop and why and what they plan on getting
  • Where they find out about new brands and styles
  • Spending patterns and retail shopping influences
  • Favorite brands, hard-soft goods, accessories, and why
  • Favorite websites, magazines, music, video gaming
  • Skateboarder Participation Patterns and Profiles
  • Lifestyle traits of skateboarders including the influence of Pros
  • Apparel preferences in/outside of skateboarding
  • Special sections on Denim, T-shirts, Shorts, Accessories
  • Hardgood brands including Wheels, Decks, Trucks, Gear, Helmets
  • Skatepark and Sport Camp questions: Travel, spending, influences
  • Internet preferences, habits, communication patterns, IM-ing
  • Where the greatest challenges lie: dying markets vs. new markets
  • The ripple effect of skateboarding on youth culture lifestyle
  • Future concerns from skateboarders vs. non-skateboarders
  • Attitudes, opinions of skateboarders vs. potential skateboarders
  • Ideas + Solutions for increasing growth  

Overall, for industry leaders looking to maximize their strategies as they pertain to the youth culture marketplace based on the ripple effects from the influential industry of skateboarding, the Skateboarding Consumer Research Study 2005 provides a vital resource for gaining trend insight and knowledge from fresh quantitative and qualitative research. Introductory rate is $1,250USD. For more information or to obtain a subscription, please contact Label Networks at; (310) 745-3005; fax: (310) 270-5029; Label Networks, Inc., 6230 Wilshire Blvd. #72, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

About Label Networks:

Label Networks, Inc. is a leading global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company covering the most trendsetting subcultures in the world. Label was launched in 2000 to bridge the gap between companies trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful, authentic research about the fast-changing landscape. Label created new methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data about the marketplace accurately and quickly with a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a credible network of global Youth Culture Experts. Together, Label measures, reports, and consults with brands, agencies, and media about pinpoint consumer preferences gathered from face-to-face interviews and online from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Global Youth Culture Consumer Studies include North America, Europe, Japan, China, the Snowboarding Consumer Research Study 2005, European Boardsports Retailer Study; Clients: Apple Computers, Vans, Burton, Oakley, Harley-Davidson, American Legacy-The Truth, Footlocker, Rossignol, Fox Sports Network, Levi’s, Pepsi, Billabong Europe, DC Shoes, Xbox, Ford, Dodge, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Verizon Wireless, Creative Artists Agency, the Warped Tour, Wizards of the Coast. Contact: Label Networks, Inc., 6230 Wilshire Blvd. #72, Los Angeles, CA 90048; (310) 745-3005;;

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