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News Update: September 24, 2004

Action Sports Filmmakers Launch Indie Record Label

Venice Beach, CA August 24, 2004 –  Founded on the concept of merging the raw power of music with the energy and high-flying exploits of action sports, Fast X Records is  creating a fresh new force in the marketing and distribution of Independent Music.

Fast X Records’ first offering will be the debut album from T.A.S.C., a Los Angeles-based band that has appeared on such action sports video soundtracks as Crusty Demons of Dirt and All My Crazy Friends.  The album, simply titled T.A.S.C., will be released independently in September 2004.

Production companies with limited funds have been turning to the Indie music scene to license music for their movies for years. This exposure for an Indie band is great; however, with no marketing plan, no distribution and merely a CD-R demo as product, many of these artists never reap the benefits of sales.

Enter Digital Distribution. Only now with pay-online digital distribution does an independent worldwide distribution network exist for music.  Now more than ever Indie record labels can generate sales while simultaneously marketing and shopping their artists to the majors.

Fast X Records intends to do just that. As the little brother of the action sports production and distribution company Fast X Entertainment, Fast X Records will be able to market its artists by placing them on the soundtracks of its DVD releases.  This will provide artists with the international attention that playing live on the small, local club circuit could never offer.

Fast X Entertainment is no newcomer to independent, better known as Core Market, DVD distribution. Its All My Crazy Friends series, among others, has had swelling success in the core market, and the company is focusing on Fast X Records to further expand in that arena with its music artists.

For a complete bio on T.A.S.C., or for additional information on Fast X Records, please call 310-577-5009 or visit their website at,
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