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News Update: September 24, 2004

Jackson Hole Ski Company vs. Photographers: A Letter from Wade McKoy

Hello from Wade McKoy,

Stop the presses!

Wow folks......pretty wacky stuff going on. Really hurts to be so undervalued.

I appreciate Greg Epstein¹s efforts with the letter he sent you, but it¹s a tad confusing and way too long. And, although my name is on it, I didn¹t help him write it.

So, here¹s my take on this, and while it¹s similar to Greg¹s, it isn¹t so far reaching.

Let me say up front, if you want to write a letter supporting us (as Greg has outlined in his previous emails), please send it to us, not to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). Flooding them with letters responding to info that may not be entirely correct will only make it harder on us.

About a week ago the JHMR emailed the following proposal to approximately seven of the twelve photographers who currently live here:
1. Submit 10-to-100 quality images taken during the 2003-2004 ski season. Subject matter to include ski action, wildlife, lifestyle, town of Jackson, etc.
2. JHMR will select photographers based on the quality of their submission.
3. Selected photographers will give the JHMR 10 images chosen by JHMR for the nonexclusive, unlimited usage on its website, for collateral and PR, for an unlimited term.
4. Selected photographers will receive a season pass, unlimited early tram privileges, and 50 model tickets.
5. Photographers not selected, or those who choose not to submit, will be given August prices on a season pass (about $1600), and three early trams.

We wonder what¹s going on with the photogs who didn¹t receive the email. Some of them won¹t talk to us.

I¹m trying to work through this bizarre scenario without starting a war.

At least we have some time before the season starts.

Thanks for listening.

Wade McKoy

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