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News Update: October 19, 2004

MAGICAL GO-GO Provides the Slide Year-Round

EAST LONGMEADOW, MA. – Western Massachusetts’ best skate and snowboard wax company welcomes the cool autumn months and has you covered no matter what your wax needs are.

Kick it to the curb with MGG’s Powersparkle™ Formula skate wax, the foundation upon which the MAGICAL GO-GO empire was built. These curb cakes are ideal for smoothing out the harshness of spots both newly discovered and those thought previously unskateable. Its combination of Tuf-Lon™ and super Powersparkles will give you and your crew the slippery edge needed to stay ahead of rival gangs, raw dogs, and hoolie hoos.

It’s October and that means pre-season snowboarding which leads to early season snowboarding, which itself usually leads to actual snowboarding season. GO-GO fast, free, and easy with the MAGICAL GO-GO sno-go formula that’s right for you and your board. Choose from Thunder Snow™, the wax that’s proven itself from the backyard to the backcountry, or our serious, super-secret formula specially developed for graphite bases, Grease Lightning™.

What better and more stylish way to face the lower temperatures than in a new MAGICAL GO-GO Zip-up hoodie? Don’t let the name fool you: it also zips down when you need it to and the pockets are perfect for carrying that drink box and ipod. On those sweaty indoor skate days, or for a 4th layer on a sub-zero day, MGG has a wicked colorful selection of tees. And when you’re not wearing them, they make great flags. To cover your cranium, check out the ever-expanding foam hat selection.

All MAGICAL GO-GO wax is prepared in our own laboratories in Western Mass and is tested by our Global Team while on various adventures, missions, and scavenger hunts throughout the land. See them soon in various flicks including the wildly anticipated new Sno-Go Promo video.

MAGICAL GO-GO would like to remind you all to buckle up, keep both feet on the wheel, don’t wax steel coping,, to vote early and often and check out for all the latest drama.

MAGICAL GO-GO, founded by Roger Cameron, is a skateboard and snowboard wax company based in the quiet Western Massachusetts town of East Longmeadow. MAGICAL GO-GO believes in the promise and quality inherent in hand-crafted products, but most importantly, puts the “fun” in “para-fun.” We go beyond simply relying on the finest ingredients and technologies in our wax, all the way to using actual magic in each and every one of our products. At first we made just enough for us, our team, and our friends. Now we make a little bit more so you can experience the magic yourself.


Sarah Cameron
t. 413. 525.7479
f. 413.647.7680
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