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News Update: November 1, 2006


Lancaster, Calif. - Over 150 bad-ass mofos lined up outside of Pharmacy Ride Shop at midnight to be the first on their block sportin’ those new Altamont threads. At 12:01a.m., the doors opened and Altamont gurus Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman, running the registers themselves, greeted the late-night hordes. Well, until somebody crashed the computer system [Drew?], that is. No worries, the crack Pharmacy staff had it sorted in no time. At exactly 12:06 am. on October 31, 2006, the very first item of Altamont gear ever sold went to Emile Murray of Lancaster, California. Emile chose the Camo Hoodie in green. When asked what influenced his purchase decision, Emile stated, “I wanted the grey color, but my girlfriend said I should get the green one.” Well, Emile, your girlfriend may have been right, ’cuz you look damned good in your new Altamont hoodie!

These first-ever Altamont shoppers in the world recognized instantly that Altamont isn’t just your average “factory gear” schlock. And in case there were any questions, Andrew and Bryan remained on hand to guide them through some of the finer details regarding the fit, fabric and finish of every Altamont item in this hand-numbered, super-limited Holiday Collection. It’s this kind of detail and exclusivity that sets Altamont apart from the masses.

Sometime around 1:00 a.m., the boys in blue showed up to have a look-see at all the commotion, but they were quickly smoothed over and sent on their peaceful way. In the wee hours, the crowd had thinned out enough for Pharmacy’s Donny Damron to give Andrew and Bryan and the rest of the Pharmacy staff the green light to take the rest of the night off and go enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Visit the newly updated site today for more information on Altamont, the bold Holiday Collection and the official list of select Altamont dealers to release limited product starting yesterday, October 31, 2006.

About the Jeans:
Altamont jeans are made with denim from the world famous Swift Denim Mill in Georgia, USA. The longer you wear Altamont jeans without washing them, the better! Indigo fabrics will pick up characteristics that are unique to you. Try not to wash your jeans for the first six months and see what happens. After that time, wash them inside out in cold water only when you have to, with chemical-free laundry soap and hang dry.

About Altamont:
“In an era of turbulence and uncertainty, Altamont emerged as a pivotal moment in youth culture when idealism and anarchy rode together on the same horse and no one knew for certain who was holding the reins.” - Nick Aretakis,


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