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News Update: December 7, 2004

The 1st China Teen and Youth Culture Research Study Captivates Global Brands Needing Vital Information about the World’s Largest Market

December 7, 02004—Global interest and demand for first-hand, authentic research about China’s red-hot growing economy among brands and marketers has sparked considerable interest for Label Networks’ China Teen and Youth Culture Study—the 1st and only consumer research study ever conducted focusing on 13-24-year-olds. As a result, Label is offering pre-order discounts now available until December 31, 02004 for brands interested in subscribing to the Study currently underway in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

“The Chinese market, particularly the youth market, is comprised now of an entirely new generation among their 1.3 billion people who have grown up among massive economic reforms resulting in a spending power of more than $3.3 trillion,” remarked Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks. “There’s a huge youth demographic that’s adopting new trends and demanding Western brands in mass volume. Cool logos are like badges; young people want exciting advertising; and they are without the cynicism seen in other youth markets,” explains Wallace.

However virgin the marketplace seems in China, it is a complicated place which takes insider knowledge and research to understand. For example, while young people deal with identity issues in general, it’s even more apparent among 13-24-year-olds in China, the first generation of the one-child rule to have experienced economic reforms, open markets, and capitalism with a Communist twist. Their first steps have been towards developing a culture that’s greatly influenced by Japan, Korea, and especially the West. In Beijing, a city steeped in history as well as heightened political awareness and preparations for the 2008 Olympics, life is a fascinating mix of old and new: Young people now sip cappuccinos at a Starbucks in the Forbidden City. In Shanghai, the “chosen city” for international business, young people are living squarely in a fashion-heightened neon oxymoron thanks to massive modernization resulting in a port city that’s part Paris and New York with an Oriental twist and futuristic Jetson’s-like architecture. Such seismic shifts influencing the youth market are apparent in the incoming results based on what young people want and why, which is very telling about where things are headed.

Similar to Label’s other Global Studies in North America, Europe, and Japan, the China Teen and Youth Culture Study will provide authentic, street-level quantitative and qualitative information based on face-to-face interviews about young people’s motivations, lifestyle traits, influences, and preferences that are shaping trends, particularly where they spend their money, how they use technology, communicate, adopt fashion trends and new sports, among other results. 

The China Teen and Youth Culture Study offers quantitative results in the form of charts and graphs, translated into actionable editorial outlining key trends and qualitative ideas for applying results in easy to understand summaries, plus images and on-going updates throughout the course of a 12-month subscription. The Study also provides information about entry strategies into China, key aspects to marketing, and how to prepare for future success. Release date for the China Teen and Youth Culture Study is late January, 02005. Pre-order discounts are available until December 31, 02004.

For businesses tracking the shape of the youth market, subscribing to Label’s authentic, on-going research Studies in North America, Europe, Japan, and China, mark a fundamental step for building and embedding successful business strategies in the global youth marketplace. For questions and subscription costs, or for information about proprietary questions or custom research, consulting, and presentations, please contact Kathleen Gasperini or email; or call +310-745-3005.

About Label Networks:

Label Networks, Inc. is the only global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company covering the most trendsetting and mainstream subcultures in the world. Label was launched in 2000 to bridge the gap between companies trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful, authentic research about the fast-changing landscape. Label created new methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data about the marketplace accurately and quickly with a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a credible team of global Youth Culture Experts. Together, Label measures, reports, and consults with brands, agencies, and media about pinpoint consumer preferences gathered from face-to-face interviews from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Global Youth Culture Studies include North America, Europe, Japan, and China; Clients: Oakley, Burton, Vans, Braun, Harley-Davidson, LG, American Legacy-The Truth, Footlocker, Tylenol, Siemens, Fox Sports Network, Salomon, Levi’s, Quiksilver Europe, Billabong Europe, DC Shoes, Xbox, Ford, Columbia Sportswear, Wizards of the Coast, Warped Tour, Creative Artists Agency. Contact: Label Networks, Inc., 6320 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 72, Los Angeles, CA 90048; (001) 310-745-3005;;

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