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News Update: December 10, 2004

Volcom Stone's Nutstravaganza $10,000 Pro Mini Ramp Contest

Volcom is proud to announce the Nutstravaganza Mini-Ramp Jam.

• Surf Expo January 7-9, 2005 in Orlando, Florida
• $10,000 Purse
• Separate Pro and Am contest
• Mini-ramp dimensions: 60' wide, multiple heights, and if it is possible there might be some banks, ledges, and other street obstacles included
• Confirmed Pros: Chris Haslam, Mike Peterson, Geoff Rowley, Kyle Berard, Chad Knight, Anthony Furlong, Carlos De Andrade, and Daewon Song
• Click here for the flyer. Detailed information is below
• Registration or details please contact or

Volcom Nutstravaganza Mini-Ramp Jam

Taking Place During Surf Expo - January 7-9, 2005 Pro Mini-Ramp Jam Format:

• Based on 30 skaters
• 5 heats, 6 skaters each heat
• 1 introduction run, skate until you fall with a max. run of 45 seconds
• Immediately into a 12-minute open jam
• 2 skaters from each heat qualify for a 10-skater final

• 10 skaters
• 1 heat
• 1 introduction run, skate until you fall with a max. run of 45 seconds
• Immediately into a 20-minute open jam
• 1 closing run, skate until you fall with a max. run of 45 seconds

Am Mini-Ramp Jam Format:

• Based on 30 skaters
• 30 skaters will be determined based on Friday and Sunday Am practice
• Judges will make all decisions
• There will be designated times announced when judges will be taking notes
• Top 30 skaters will be announced immediately after Sundays Am mini-ramp practice
• Note: Top 30 skaters will only be needed if there are over 30 skaters participating in contest
• Am Format will the same as the Pro format

$10,000 Purse

• Pro invite-only registration up to December 17th
• Open Pro registration begins December 20th
• You will need to be on the contest registration list if you do not already have access to the show floor
• Contact or for registration and information

Surf Expo Schedule
• Friday
10:30- 2:00 Street/Open Session
1:00-2:30 Mini-Ramp/Am Only Practice
3:30-5:00 Mini-Ramp/Pro Only Practice
5:00-6:00 Open practice/Pro and Am

• Saturday
10:30-12:00 Street/Open Session
1:00 - 2:00 Mini-Ramp/Pro Practice Only
2:00-6:00 Mini-Ramp/Pro Contest
If time permits we will have a Pro Best Trick Jam

• Sunday
10:30-12:00 Street/Open Session
1:00-2:00 Mini-Ramp/Am Practice Only
2:00-5:00 Mini-Ramp/Am Contest
If time permits we will have an Am Best Trick Jam

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