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Latest Update: January 23, 2001

Dogtown And The Z-Boys Rocks Sundance
The film by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk (and narrated by Sean Penn) premiered last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival and everyone was there for the party Sunday night including; Stacy, Craig, Tony Hawk, Nathan Pratt, Skip Engblom, Jeff Ho, and Tony Alva. Fu Manchu played and we wish we'd been there. Seriously.
-The back story from

The Ben Marcus Report
Ben spoke with Peter Mel this morning (January 20) and got the rundown of and Surfing Magazine's trip to the Cortez Banks (100 miles west of San Diego) a.k.a Project Neptune. "It was fucking great. It was an insane trip," Mel said. "We scored. We just got back into San Diego Harbor." Be sure to check out in the next few days for the whole story including photos and video.
-A diver's description of the Cortez Banks. Buys
Just when you thought the world would be one skate site smaller, sweeps in and rescues The site, financed by a group of skate industry players was rumored to be out of biz for the past two weeks. Now it appears that it will continue to roll.

Jack Johnson Blowing Up
Okay, we're always the last one's to hear things, but even we can't ignore all the play Jack has been getting lately: including playing at Chad DiNenna's 30th birthday bash in Encinitas. Even Jack's website is cool. If you missed the Martini Ranch show, well, you won't get a chance for quite a while as his tour starts Feb. 1.

The Scuttle From Surf Expo
TransWorld Surf Biz's Sean O'Brien and John Maynard weigh in on all the "news" from Orlando.

Kaua'i Beaches Reopen
Kaua'i County officials yesterday reopened more than 25 miles of coastline from after hazardous surf conditions improved.
-Oahu's big surf warning.

Australia's Medical Assoc. Praises Helmets
Dr. Michael Rice has warned the Adelaide City Council that skaters who do not wear helmets are at serious rish for head injuries.

Web Surfing Down 17 Percent in December
According to recent Neilson ratings people spent fall less time surfing the web from home and work in December.

Quik Drives into Golf With Fidra
These guys don't fool around. Rather than doing a surfish golf line, Quik tee'd up golf clothing designer John Ashworth (yes, the guy who founded Ashworth) to be president of the new company. Other than the name, it all sounds good.
-TransWorld Surf Biz coverage.

Lost Snowboarders Found
Eric Diber, Justin and Bently Blaho and Doug Smith were riding Vail when they got lost. Diber called his mother on the phone to tell her that he and his friends were lost. She called search and rescue. After a night in the snow the four are fine.

Clarke-Jones Wins The Eddie
Everyone knows the results, but for the story check out Evan Slater's great coverage of how it all went down on While you're there, you might also what to check out Ben Marcus' interview with stunt man Brock Little.

Skateboarding Number 36 Search Word
What are kids searching for on the web? Well, the top five are Britney Spears, Dragonball, Pokemon, WWF, 'N Sync and Pamela Anderson, but skateboarding is number 36 right between Digimon and Madonna.

Snowboarding Growth Tapers Off
Denver Rocky Mountain News'
Gil Rudawsky wrote a story on snowboarding's growth slowing and guess who got quoted? That's right, the "editor of Snowboarding Business" Sean O'Brien. Apparently no one mentioned to Gil that O'Brien is no longer editor of Snowbiz, but in reality, the editor of TransWorld Surf Business. Hum?

Mavericks a Place of Conflict and Survival
Bruce Jenkins pens a story for the San Francisco Chronicle on Mavericks. It's a macho, macho place, apparently; especially with Swell's $60,000 Big Wave Challenge on the line.

Santa Cruz Pissed at Computer Dorks
Looks like old school surfers and freshly rich compu-dorks are getting into it both in and out of the water in Santa Cruz. Money does not a local make.

Surfing Is A Crime for MLS Players
Galaxy defender Danny Califf is in trouble because he broke his nose and his major league soccer contract in the same surf session. Then he lied about it when he claimed he broke his nose "during and accident at home."

News Flash: Snowboarders Often Hurt Their Wrists
Yep, it's true according to a story in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Cody Stark: Six Year Old Skateboarding Badass
Even with a broken arm wrapped in a splint, Cody Stark still can't quit skating, his skateboard streaking along an inverted ramp as if he's on some kind of wild roller coaster.

It Snows: PR Flacks Weigh In
It snowed recently in California and the LA Times called everyone including Mountain High's John McColly, Snow Summit's Genevieve Gunnarson, Mt. Baldy's John Koulouris, Mammoth's Karen McGillis, and June Mountain's Paul McMahon. This writer knows how to get free tickets.

Vans Sounds Like a Buy
Jim and Mike (your guess is as good as ours) discuss the outlook for Vans stock and they say, buy it, buy it, buy it.

Look Out Gotcha Glacier
Hollywood Sports LLC of San Juan Capistrano will break ground Jan. 23 on a 23-acre sports park featuring BMX bicycling, skateboarding, paint ball, rock climbing and other activities at Lakewood Boulevard and Somerset Avenue in Bellflower. Sounds extreme.

T&C's New Zealand Distributor Loves His Job

Craig McDonald saw a surf apparel business for sale and decided he was the perfect guy for the job. He bought the New Zealand T&C distributor ship and now is selling between $5 and $10 million dollars a year. We all should be so lucky.

Penguins in Rio
It's true. A flock of penguins is a bit confused because of temperature changes and is washing up on the world's most famous beach.

Transitions and Exits
Force Feeding
Boyer Humiliated On Ebay
Big Waves At Maverick's Yee Haw

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