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Latest Update: January 24, 2002

33% Think Olympics Will Be Attacked
In a recent poll by the Associated Press one-third of the public believes a terrorist attack is likely at the Winter Olympics next month in Salt Lake City.

The Olympic Ringers

The International Olympic Committee is amazingly strict about exactly who can use the five sacred rings. So starting today, we will be featuring the rings on our site not to celebrate the games or the human drama of athletic competition, but to see how long it takes before we get a C&D from IOC lawyers. The clock is ticking.

Snowboarder Tricia Byrnes' Olympic Diary
CNN Sports Illustrated has roped Olympic Snowboard Team member Tricia Byrnes into writing a diary about her experiences at the Olympics. We're sad we didn't get to her first, but here is on of her updates.

American Boardsports New Website
Tom Carter and the boys at Thruster a.k.a. ABCI Holdings have a fancy new Flash site. It looks pro and should make investors feel real good about it.

Vans Hires Former Adidas Guy

Robert Nagel is Vans all new Senior Vice President of sales and apparel. Formerly, he was Director of Sales and Marketing for Adidas America, Inc, and before that worked at Nike. Apparently he was a shoe-in for the position.

Lasek, Burnquist and White Trading Cards
According to the manufacture these digi-cards allow kids to play online games to increase the value of the trading cards and will feature "skateboardings top 10 stars". They went on sale earlier this week at Toys R Us in NYC. Digital is cool. Skateboarding is cool.

Noah Johnson Surfs Like a Girl
Cross dressing at Pipe? Yes. While filming for the new $35 million film epic Surfer Girl, Noah dressed up like a girl and pulled in at Pipe, according to's Evan Slater.

Swank's Big Skateboard On Ripley's
We missed it, but Tod Swank and the Foundation Super Company "World's Largest Skateboard" were on Ripley's Believe It or Not on January 9, 2002. If you have video, let us know.

Tony Hawk On Tonight Show with Jay
Another show we missed. Tony was on with Jay on January 22 with guests Sara Jessica Parker, Aimee Mann and Michael Penn. This is listed here for historical purposes only.

Snowboarder Injured at Sugar Bowl
Joshua Arbenz, a 22 year old from Cal Poly tumbled down 200 feet of cliff while "riding the back of Lincoln Mountain" January 22. He is is fair condition at Washoe Medical Center.
-16 year old Dies at Alpental, WA.

Get Real Dolls for Girls
No, it's not the sex toy featured on the Howard Stern show. These are action sports dolls for real girls. One doll is "Skylar the Canadian snowboarder, who is adopted and half-Japanese." Strangely, the "short, fat, ugly, uncoordinated white girl from the wrong side of the tracks" is missing from the doll line.

A Set-top Trunks and Video Company?

It's going to take people much smarter than us to figure out what Marvin Winkler is up to now. The owner of Gotcha (who's later became Bluetorch) recently announced that he was purchasing Broadband Interactive Group and Bluetorch from DSI Inc, and that he's pulling all three brands under one roof. Maybe you can read this story and explain it to the rest of us.
-Story as seen in the LA Times.

Chris Klug on Today Show
On Monday morning, Chris Klug and his soon-to- be world famous liver were featured on the Today show with Matt Lauer.

Chris Klug and His Transplanted Liver
We're all glad that modern science has allowed American snowboard racer Chris Klug to retain his quality of life thanks to a liver transplant. And yes, it is an amazing story.
-His scar is getting coverage as well

Quiksilver Launches TV Programming
In other "trunks-to-TV" news Quiksilver has announced a partnership with TVN Entertainment Corporation to deliver action sports programming over Pay-per-view systems and delivering it to "all last mile television program providers."

Da Cat is Not Coming Back
Miklos "Miki" Dora, has died of cancer. He was 67. Described by one surf journalist as "a Gypsy and a thief" Dora left a mark on surfing that no one will forget. He was infinitely quotable and he will be missed
-Story as seen on
-Story as seen in the LA Times

New Calvin Klein Model a "Surfer"
Calvin Klein's brand-new underwear model is Travis, a 22-year-old surfer from "Down Under" who came to America with $60 in his pocket and (and we quote) "ended up blowing the pants off the casting folks at Calvin Klein!" Of course he did. Isn't that what male models do?

In Search of Captain Spicoli
Allan Weisbecker signs a big Hollywood deal and then moved to Costa Rica to write the screenplay of his book In Search of Captain Zero.æIt is supposed to star Sean Penn and be directed by Stacy Peralta. Not bad for a first film. interviewed him via email.

Vans Opens Another Skate Park
Orlando Sentinel staff writer Tyler Gray witnessed the opening of the latest 61,000-square-foot park mall skate park from Vans. This time in Orlando, Florida.

Skateboarding As Art
An interactive skateboarding exhibit has wheeled into Burlington, VT. The exhibit, titled "Reflector," is on display at the Sanctuary Art Site Gallery. The collection contains dozens of skateboards and personal reflections from their riders.

Snowboarders Finally Getting Respect
Sacramento Bee Columnist Ron Agostini relates the changes the snowscape has gone through in recent years. "Skiers were the establishment. Boarders, well, they belonged to themselves." Yes, he used the word "boarder".

A San Antonio Profile of Ross Powers
People in Texas need to know what's going on in snowboarding. And that's why the paper in San Antonio, TX told this story: "Santa delivered a snowboard for Powers and his brother to share that day. They hit the halfpipe in Bennington, Vt., in the rain and rode it all day." Now you know the rest of the story.

More Idiot Snowboarders Rescued

Everytime we read stories about snowboarders being rescued it seem they are always in their early thirties, and from the City. The Placer County SheriffÍs office rescued three such snowboarders who were lost out of bounds at Alpine Meadows. If you're 30-something stay in bounds.

Snow-related Injuries on the rise at Tahoe
Emergency officials at Lake Tahoe say current weather conditions are contributing to a considerable increase in skiing injuries. The experts say the slush/freeze cycles is causing the problems.

Man Holding Snowboard Dies At Heavenly
Mark Betzold a 31-year-old San Jose, CA truck driver who had been snowboarding at Heavenly, walked over to get a better look at The Face run when he slipped and tumbled 1000 feet to his death. He later died of a brain hemorrhage. He was holding, not riding his snowboard at the time.

Five-year-old Skateboarder Killed By Car
Joseph Koloskus, a 5-year-old boy was struck and killed Wednesday afternoon when he skateboarded into the path of a car on a residential street in south Denver. Joseph and a friend were chasing each other around the front yard when he jumped on a skateboard and rolled directly infront of an oncoming car.

Landfill Suggest for Skatepark Site
Proving that cities always build skateparks on their most valuable land, the mayor of Shelton, Connecticut Mark A. Lauretti proposed building a skatepark and ATV on the city landfill claiming the landfill's isolation from residential areas made it a perfect place for a park. Why put in a skatepark where kids can get to it?
-Olympic Washington's Landfill Skatepark

General Motors Makes Skateboard Car
GM has designed a fuel cell-powered car that uses a skateboard style chassis which would allow the company to put any kind of body on the car without redesigning the drive train.

Aspen Opens, No One Cares
Ajax may finally be free, but itÍs not proving especially popular. The Aspen Skiing Co. estimates that about 10 percent of the people on Aspen Mountain so far this season are on snowboards. Guess it just sucks there, huh?

Ranigler Tests Positive for Banned Steroid

Carmen Ranigler, Italy's best hope for a gold medal in the parallel giant slalom, tested positive for a banned steroid. One more dirty test and it's good-bye to the Olympics for Carmen. Viva Italia

Clumsy Cat Driver Sues Aspen
Aspen Skiing Co. snowcat driver Adam Platt is suing the mountain after he says he broke his arm getting off a chairlift at Snowmass last March. The self described "expert snowboarder" claims the ramp was not built properly. Sometimes the goodlife is just an arms length away, isn't it?

Surfer's Village For Sale?
Want to buy a "global news service for surfers" based in London? We don't. We'll let you know when someone picks up Maybe it would be a good buy for Gotcha. What do you think, Mr. Winkler?

Myles Padaca Fractures His Leg reports that recent Rip Curl Cup winner and Vans Triple Crown champ Myles Padaca recently broke his leg while attempting a flip during a tow-in session on the North Shore's outer reef.

New Lake Tahoe Ferry Shortens The Lake
A 40 minutes shuttle now takes shuttles snowboarders and skiers from one end of the lake to the other cutting out the long, often tedious drive down the lake. And the best part? When the ferry breaks down you simply drown in icy water.

Man Skates Away From Police and Kills Self
A man whom police tried to question for obstructing traffic while riding a skateboard ran into a house and apparently killed himself. Stop Skate harassment.

Silver Surfer artist John Buscema Dies at 74
John Buscema, a revered comic book illustrator whose pencil breathed life into the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, the Mighty Thor and Conan the Barbarian for a half century, died Jan. 10 in Port Jefferson, N.Y., after a bout with stomach cancer. He was 74.

Surfer From Cerritos Dies Off San Onofre
Kevin Green, 28, of Cerritos died after collapsing while surfing off San Onofre State Beach.

Singapore Skatepark Allows Graffiti

Singapore is well-known for caning graffiti vandals (see: Michael Fay), but this famously tidy city-state now has a place where rogue painters can spray away. The skatepark of course.

Tony Hawk Signs With The Mouse
Mervin Manufacturing Silliness
McKnight Says Quik Good Long Term
The Whole Bluetorch Story

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