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Latest Update: July 7, 2005

From The Sacklunch Boards
Volcom went public. So, how did you do? Sack boards.

Quik Boosting Iron Maiden
Wonder if Iron Maiden is going to get as mad at Quiksilver's "Belly of the East" surf tour as Dischord got at Nike for the Major Threat tour? Not likely.

Quik's New Global Overlords
It's Marty Samuels on America, Pierre Agnes on Europe, and Clive Fitts covering Asia Pacific. Bob McKnight is still Chairman and CEO and he's sure these new titles will help Quik continue on it's path to be the "world's leading outdoor sports lifestyle company."
- Quik acquires DC's Canadian distributor

Zumiez Sales Jump 10% in June

People who rate stocks are saying that Zumiez is still a good buy, and what with all this success who can blame them. Go ahead, get greedy.

West Moving in on America
Following a long line of Aussie invaders, West Surfing is making moves on America from Oceanside, CA. But Jim Watson, CEO of the US Division says West is going to remain "core" and only sell to specialty retailers because "they're an integral part of our industry." Sure, until he can get West into Pac Sun, Nordstrom, and Kohls .

Wooly Has $133 Million Dollar Day
Thanks to lots of interest from the investing community Volcom IPO launched at $19 the morning of June 30, but in the first few minutes of trading was up to $31.20. Surfing on a rocket indeed.
- Volcom skatepark opens in Costa Mesa

Quik Co-ops Wall of China Jump
Looks like the marketing heads at Quiksilver know a good media stunt when they see one as they grabbed the title sponsorship of Danny Way's Wall of China jump from DC Shoes. Ownership has it's privileges.

Huck Trouble In Toyland
North Shore Militia Resources Corp, the Tahoe City, CA makers of the Huck Doll line of action sports figures (including the Ross Powers and Tara Dakides action figures) is suing Tony Hawk, Mattel Inc. and McDonald's for copyright infringement over their Boom Boom Huck Jam action figures.

The Block Big Bear Opens
Pro snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya has opened his second The Block Hotel in Big Bear Lake, CA and starting today, you can stay there. Of course, we'd wait till winter. But, hell ride your Harley up there and get stabbed at Chad's.

World Party Wave Record
Some surfers in Carlsbad, CA set the world record for most surfers on a wave: 40. At least they raised some money for the Special Olympics.

Girl Dies in Florida Shark Attack
Surfers pull 14 year old girl out of the water after a bull hit her in the thigh. ""He just followed us right to the beach," one surfer said. "He was determined to finish lunch. I hate to put it that way, but that was what he was trying to do."
- Boy loses leg to shark in second Gulf attack
- Experts say it's "just the beginning"

Nike Boosting Minor Threat
Action sports has been ripping off high fashion for years. However, when Nike borrows a Minor Threat album cover to promote it's east coast skateboard tour not everyone is happy. Wait a minute, that bald head looks familiar. . . Kevin is it you?
- Discord Records classic punk rock whine, whine, whine
- Nike Skateboarding apologizes

Brooklyn Banks Redux
The City of Brooklyn is revamping the Brooklyn Banks with a new park and it looks like they're going to make it a "skateboard-friendly park." It should open in July. More cities need this kind of planning.
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