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Press Releases
NYC Rail Jam Invitation
Volcom Pro Mini Ramp Contest at Surf Expo
Mountain Creek Guns It
Label's China Teen Study
Olson Joins O'Neill

Latest Update: January 21, 2004


West 49 Sold for CAN$24 million
The action sports retailer West 49, which has 57 locations in Canada was purchased entirely by J.U.M. Capital on December 1. The new company West 49 Inc. will soon begin trading common stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Billabong In Time Square
How do you remain the world's number two surf brand? Just do what number one does. Billabong is following Quiksilver with one store and an Element store next door on the Great White Way.

Abberton Cleared of Assault
When Matthew Mytka, a 25-year-old bodyboarder, was beaten while surfing at Maroubra police quickly assumed it was Koby Abberton. Turns out Abberton was cleared because the victim could not properly place Abberton's tattoos.
-Abberton enters not guity plea in accessory after the fact to murder

Emerica's Manifesto
Can't say we disagree with anything in this little piece for Emerica's Wild In The Streets promotion. Gotta promote so their shoes don't end up in an Etnies outlet mall store. Thanks for the link, Sheepism.

Huffy Dumping Product
In an effort to get some money together, the bankrupt Huffy is dumping their inventory of Sims, Lamar, and LTD snowboards for $840,000, inline skates for $240,000 and skateboards for $42,000 (maybe more). Who wants to bet Jamie Salter buys it all?

Billabong Invades Santa Cruz
Alistair Craft and Adam Repogle are carving out a little piece of Santa Cruz for Billabong smack dab in the middle of O'Neill country when they open their new shop the day after Thanksgiving. Can you say West side? Let me hear, ya.

Globe Marckx The Spot
They've been spinning lately and it looks like Globe is finally getting back on track when earlier this month they hired former Op marketing VP Micheal Marckx as Vice President of Global Marketing. We're liking Globe more already.

Murray Launches Aqua VI
She rocked it at Hurley and walked with a nice piece of Nike cash. Now Lian Murray is launching her own, very high-end line of surf clothes called Aqua VI. Wait, doesn't "Aqua" mean "Water"?

Frye Is Surfing's Political Hero
In her bid for the job of Mayor of San Diego, Donna Frye has showed the world that surfers' wives are smart, motivated, articulate, honest, calm under pressure, and most of all cool as shit. Donna Frye 2008. There, we said it.
-Frye loses on "good old boy" technicality

Burton's Million Dollar Campaign
JDK is getting real with Burton's new ad campaign according to Adweek. The first ad shows team rider JP Solberg's "every crack, wrinkle or spot." Let's hope it's not every crack.

The Burton Rumor That Won't Die
In a story about Phil Knight handing over the reigns at Nike, Portland Tribune writer Jon Bell revs the Nike takeover machine again saying, ". . . persistent rumors that Patagonia Inc. or Burton Snowboards may be under consideration have never been substantiated." Nope.
-Perez to fill Knight's shoes

Cornwall's Locals Only Hoax
A crew of surfers in Cornwall, England put up a Locals Only website, sent out PR and ended up creating a media shit storm around trying to keep visitors off their waves. Now they claim it was all a hoax. Hmm, must be more toothless British humour.

Snowboarder Back from Iraq
Tristan Wyatt, 21, of Franktown, Colorado was in the back of an armored personnel carrier when it was hit by a RPG outside Fallujah. He lost is leg. Now he's just hoping he'll be able to snowboard again. Thanks, George W.

November Reign
Todd Underhill and Jeff Dale are bringing snowboarding back into the grassroots with November Snowboards. Wait, a snowboard company not owned by a ski company? How cute is that? Ah, look at the little guy.

Klug's Liver Book Out
Bronze medallistChris Klug won his Olympic snowboard glory on a swapped out liver. The media ate it up. (Not his liver, silly. His story). Now you can, too with his new book To the Edge and Back.

Thanksgiving Helmet Story

Jonathan Collins fell off his skateboard on August 17, 2004 and suffered a massive head injury. Read this story and you'll be thankful you're not Jonathan. Seriously.

Zero Break Hit's Bookshelves
Pac Sun Profits Up 30%
Bakoda Pipe Is Actually a Tool?
Pac Sun's New CEO

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