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Latest Update: September 24, 2004

From The Sacklunch Boards
We don't really understand the hoopla, but the Don Meeks dog pile continues to grow. It seems every single person who ever read SG has chimed in.

A Future in Action Sports?

Future Network USA, the publishers of MacAddict, Guitar World, and X Box Magazine among others, may be diving into action sports with a couple trade magazines and a consumer title. Several former TWS employees are rumored to be involved. Maybe we do need a few more holes in our heads.

DC and Fallen Apart
Jamie Thomas' shoe company Fallen is no longer licensed by DC Shoes according to this press release. Both Ken and Jamie say it's all good. Click here for the details.

Rebagliati Sued by X
Jennifer Friesen, the former girlfriend of snowboarding's first Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati is suing the GS champ claiming she paid for him to live in the years after his Nagano win.

Salter Savier's Savior?

Jamie Salter of Gen X/The Forzani Group Ltd fame just picked up another lost brand when Nike gave him the North American rights to the Savier trademark. NIke's Nick Stowe is extremely happy about the deal. "We believe that Gen-X is the perfect partner to take the Savier brand forward." Forward into what? Walmart? (Special thanks to OldManSkate on the Sack Boards.)
-Portland Biz Journal story
-Forzani gets Nike's Savier

K2's Gorilla Warfare
In the San Diego Union Tribune K2's Richard "Give 'em" Heckman discusses "the increasing importance of mega retailer Wal-Mart," and other strategies that will delight action sports retailers. "Right now, we are a 100-pound gorilla aspiring to be 800 pounds," Heckmann says.

Huffy Pulled from NYSE
The SEC has decided that no matter how many Sims, Lamar, or LTD snowboards Huffy sells they still aren't worth enough to be listed. Huffy will attempt to go "over-the-counter."

The Skateboarding Workout
Skateboarding is healthy according to this story that quotes Miki Vuckovich, Mark Sperling, and several kids at skateparks. Hey, we believe 'em.

Net Income up 44% at Pac Sun
The industry's favorite action sports mall peddlers are up, up, up. All your favorite brands are so happy about it.
-Back to school surf-style

Foam Dancing
Steve "the great Zeldini" Zeldin's newest title has been on stands for a while, but we finally got a copy of Foam, the "girl meets beach" magazine. It's a hot little sister Water can be proud of.

Heavywater Magazine
Brandon Lee, Reid Inouye, and Rob Alston have launched a new magazine targeted directly at surfers who are into big waves. Heavywater? Isn't that what H30 Magazine was called?

Wave Good Morning
The makers of Wave Pillow have made it possible to check the surf without lifting your head off the pillow. Connected to a PC the pillow vibrates depending on the swell height. Talk about subconcious connection to mother ocean. Thanks,

Tijuana Straight

Surf noir novelist Kem Nunn has a new book out and if it's anywhere near as good as Dogs of Winter then click here and buy it right now. We'll have our own review soon.

Daize Shayne Sings a RNC
Pro surfer turned songstress Daize Shayne will be entertaining the idiots at the Republican National Convention this year. Hmm, didn't know she had any pro-war pop songs.

Skate Criminals
Ryan Maxwell, 14, Josh Saltzman 12, were led into court in handcuff and leg shackles after being arrested while skateboarding in front of their own homes in Whitman, Mass. Why do kids love cops?

Marcus vs. The Surfer's Path
Like him or not, Ben Marcus' fascination with bridge burning is compelling reading. In this installment he goes head to head with Alex Dick-Read at The Surfer's Path over a freelance writing payment.

The Muska In Paris?
The New York Daily News calls Chad Muska "companion-of-the-week" for Paris Hilton, but it's been going on much longer than that.

Kid Don't Play With their Balls Anymore
Every year around X Games time, newspapers around the globe write stories about how Little League is dying off.

Irons Getting Paid

Andy Irons has signed a five year deal with Billabong that is being reported as a "multi-million dollar deal." If it's $2 million then he's pulling $400k a year. We hope it's much more.

Greenpeace at the X Games
Yes, thanks to organic farmer Bob Burnquist, there are some people people learning about caring for the planet from ESPN.

Peech & Harrell At Skateboarder

Climbing K2
Primedia Deals With Mobliss
Warnaco Buys Op

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