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Ben In LA
Latest Update:
August 15, 2004

The Surfer's Path Communication Continues
From Here.

*surferspath*: the stringing you along bit alludes to the (natural) desire of (all) accounts poeple to pay as slowly as possible. I work on behalf of all my contributors to get them paid asap, so we don't end up in situations like this. So i was warning you, kind of as a friend, that they'll be stalling on such a huge amount, but reassuring you that I'll make sure they get on it and pay as soon as possible. You didn't get that little gesture, and turned it into a fued. ourse it is. it's your only way of making yourself feel better, to try bring in sympathy from people who don't give a shit. I don't share my correspondence with anyone. I'm more secure than you.

TheBenM: People love my emails. You should see how much feedback I have gotten from Sacklunch.

TheBenM: You're just bored, Alex. You;re stuck in a pointless job in a pointless industry. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for yourself.

*surferspath*: Of course. It's entertainment. People like Big Brother as well. And candy floss etc etc

TheBenM: Writing abotu surfing is abotu as trivial a pursuit as exists on this earth.

*surferspath*: what a wasted life you've had then

TheBenM: Candy floss? the person who wrote "back to the womb: is talking about candyu floss.
TheBenM: It has been wasted up until now, yes.

*surferspath*: Like I said, that was Drew's suggestion.

TheBenM: Well you followed that suggestion, so you are still guilty. And the rest of it was just as bad. It is the duty of a writer to have something to say.
TheBenM: But you writer about surfing. Very few people on this planet give a shit, so babble on.

*surferspath*: Maybe, but my point was simple: we can't all be cool, Cali-type surfers like you fascistically say we should be, all the time. Some of us are real people.

TheBenM: You know I'm right about tall this, you';re just amazed to read someone writing what those little voives in your head have been saying for a long time.
TheBenM: Man you are lame. California surfers aren;'t cool anymore. California surfers a bunch of tattoed, white-trash idiots. The whole thing has fallen apart. That is my point. Even the Malloys notice it. And they are younger than me.

*surferspath*: Don't talk to me about 'voices in your head Ben'. I know all about that isde of your life and try not to let it impinge on my dealings with you. Trouble is, they rule you right now.

TheBenM: This was fun at one time. When I started it was Kong, Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards.
TheBenM: You dont know anything about my life. You;ve met me like twice. Im five times mroe talented than you could ever hope to be and sometimes smart people have demons.

*surferspath*: and you worshipped them then, then you grew up and burned your bridges, and now you're left dry and bitter. Pretty clear what happened with you, Ben.
*surferspath*: ouch, again. another body blow

TheBenM: Im not dry and bitter. I just get pissed when little slackert wannabe surf magazines dont pay on time.
TheBenM: I get tired of doing good work for people who don't reciprocate. You sre just as bad as the rest of thesurf industry. Be proud.
TheBenM: You wish you had my freedom. In Malibu now for a swell, then to the Journal then up to Montana by next Sunday to write a book.
TheBenM: People like what I do.
TheBenM: Because I'm good at it.

*surferspath*: Maybe, but they don't like you.
*surferspath*: ha! great to know we can cause such a giant of a man just a little discomfort. We really must be important for you to spend so much time on us.

TheBenM: You're not important at all. Just want you to unflakifize yourself and pay on time. Not too much to ask. I certainly wont be spending any time with you in the future.

*surferspath*: I don't want anything you have. I have a brand new child and it makes me see what's important in the world and what isn't. you're the worst thing to happen to me since he came into my world.

TheBenM: You know I'm right, Alex. You just cant do anything about it.
TheBenM: If im the worst thing then you have a pretty easy life. This is just a bunch of emails, asking to be paid on time.
TheBenM: This is going in Sacklunch, by the way. All of it.
TheBenM: And you're getting most of your info from Tor, who is, I repeat, a spoiled rotten little dilettante who is waiting to inherit all his money.

*surferspath*: 'On time' is what we'll pay you, as we pay all our other contributors. You just drew up a schedule of your own and now accuse of being 'late' because we don't fit into it. You know that's all that's happened here, Ben. So do the people who've responded to me after your cc-ed e-mails. Very reassuring.

TheBenM: Tor and who else?

*surferspath*: I don't know where you get this Tor obsession. I haven't had a dceent conversation with him for months. He's been greiving Ben. His mother, who you slandered and slagged off in a roundabout way, just died.
*surferspath*: Who responded? I'm not going to tell you that. Of course you want to know. it's a symptom.

TheBenM: Yes I know and I felt bad about that. How such a nice woman produced such a little shithead of a son is beyond me.
TheBenM: I dont care who responded, really. I know everyoen in the surf industry and I can't think of one person whose opinion I care about.
TheBenM: Not one.
TheBenM: I had my time, I had my influence. I'm proud of it Time to move on.

*surferspath*: You have got the wrong end of the stick on just about everything you've been shouting about since two weeks ago. The Sacklunch readers deserve to know that.
*surferspath*: This is a symptom of your mental state and I hope you get better, I really do.

TheBenM: Nope. Just pay on time. That is all I wanted. I dont think that is too extreme a thing to ask.

*surferspath*: you keep saying that, and keep ignoring my ansswer to it.

TheBenM: You're answer is: "We are another rinky-dink little surf industry operation who, in your own words 'string people along.' There is nothign I can do about it, because this is not my magazine and I just work here and if I raise a stink they will fire me and then I will really be screwed because I am only just barely intelligent enough to work for a surf magazine."

*surferspath*: why do you insist on ditching rationality when a counter-argument comes your way? It makes it hard to communicate except in this hectic, abuse-driven way. And it's your doing.

TheBenM: Pay on time. That is all. Issue is out, you pay. Period.

*surferspath*: No, that's YOUR answer, Ben.

TheBenM: You like these arguments. Your day is boring without them.
TheBenM: Workjing for a surf magazine is stupid, Alex. Trust me, I know. It didn't used to be, but it is now.
TheBenM: I was lucky to be there in the Hey Days, but they are long long gone.

*surferspath*: I do, but it's so personal now that I'm finding a reaal drag. I don't do feuds. Decent debate is fine. Pleasurable disagreement is great. But you went straight for all out abuse, and cc-ed everyone in the industry and I'm kind of vexed about that.

TheBenM: Surfers are stupid, and getting stupider by the moment. If you dont want to waste the rest of your life, get out of it now and go do something worthwhile.

*surferspath*: everyone says that their day was the heyday, particularly sad old has-beens.

TheBenM: I dont give a fuck what you are vexed about, You probably won't even be there in another month.
TheBenM: Alex I still produce 10times more good work than you ever ever ever will, and I don't even care.
TheBenM: People love what I do. I get it all the time.

*surferspath*: I certainly won't take life advice from you, loser.

TheBenM: So continue working for a surf magazine. Your loss.
TheBenM: It is a profoundly trivial life, but I guess you are happy with that.
TheBenM: I do waht I like to do: Travel, write and do good deeds. I jsut wish people would pay on time so I could do more good deeds.

*surferspath*: And what happened to my suggestion of publishing the Malibu story? Wjhat happened to my attempt to make peace. You don't want that do you. this is your idea of fun: picking out some guy who actually answers you back and trying make them look foolish. I have other ways of enjoying myself than adding to the negative shit in the world.

TheBenM: You love answering back, You love finding someone with an IQ over 12 who can answer back. As fo the Malibu article, I have pitched it everywhere. I have been doing it for months. I donít need your editorial help, that is for sure.
TheBenM: Negative shit is paying people two months later.
TheBenM: Pay on time. Do the right thing and there will be no negative shit.

Go read the Malibu story in your magazine.

Don;'t you wish you could do that?

I'm even impressed with what I do. I do it, forget about it and then read it later.

It's pretty good.

*surferspath*: You know "everyone" in the surf industry...that's what pisses you off. you don't know me, you don't know the dudes in germany, or France or Brazil or all the other millions out there who surf and work around that lifestyle. It's a revelation: there is no "everyone" in the surf industry like you always thought there was. Just a huge diverse world full of people UNlike you! The Horror!

TheBenM: I just dont care anymore, because it's all about as close to being meaningless as you cane be.
TheBenM: Alex I have been mroe places and met more people than you ever have and ever will.
TheBenM: Surfers are trivial. Don't be trivial.

*surferspath*: seems like you might need my help if no one is taking such a good story. Shall we meet online for a little seminar, we'll try and get your little scoop published shall we?
*surferspath*: more people, mor eplaces, more nonsense..blah blah.

TheBenM: I doubt there is anything you can do. I am writing that for the book I am writing and maybe the Journal will run it.
TheBenM: Alex, I know more about the world than you do. A lot more. And I am also smarter.

*surferspath*: gosh.

TheBenM: So I am not going to take any advice from you.

*surferspath*: smaart people don't say dumb things like that, Ben.
*surferspath*: smart people act smart.

TheBenM: Sure they do. Smart people say whatever they want.
TheBenM: I am acting smart. I am standing up for what is right.

TheBenM: Dont be like every other surf industry slacker.
TheBenM: Show a little integrity. Try to do the right thing.

*surferspath*: Like Gerry Lopez would act like you have been for the last 3 weeks?! He's a surfer. He's smart. I admire him. I see none of him in you.

TheBenM: Piss him off and see what happens.

*surferspath*: I wouldn't want to. I respect him.

TheBenM: He doesnt try to make a living from writing. It's just a sideline with him.

*surferspath*: I know, he refuses to even let us pay him.

TheBenM: Just pay on time, Alex. That's all. You know I'm right you just can't do anything about it.
TheBenM: He doiesnt need money. I do.

*surferspath*: great guy. (of course we pay him nonetheless. we have integrity.

TheBenM: Bologna. Youre just like everyone else in the surf industry.
TheBenM: Bro this and bro that but when it comes time to do the right thing: broshit.

*surferspath*: Read this, Ben, just once. WE ALWAYS PAY ALWAYS AFER
*surferspath*: actually don't read that, I pressed return by mistake.

TheBenM: always afer?
TheBenM: I dont care. I';m done with you guys. I guess I will get paid by you eventually and that will be the end of that.
TheBenM: Im going to the Journal tomorrow. I have at least a half-dozen things I want to do for them.

1. Profile on a housing maker.
2. Monroe/Lawford
3. Dick Dale bit.
4. Hawaiian museum.
5. Bill Parr profile.
6. Bev Morgan

They are going to pay me-in advance-to do these things.

That is the way it should be really. Legit magazines pay half in advance.


TheBenM: Get out of the surf industry alex. The sooner the better.
TheBenM: Alex when I ask to be paid and you say "Don't hold your breath" and "string you along" how am I supposed to react? You know I'm right and you also know that you are going to be out of there as soon as you can, becauser it's lame.

*surferspath*: were you able to read the bit in capital letters?
*surferspath*: need help on some of the words?

TheBenM: No, I understood perfectly. You're a rinky dink little magazine that either doesnt make any money or likes to hold onto it as long as you can. Fuck your contributors, Who cares? It's the surf industry. Where else will they go.



*surferspath*: fued.
*surferspath*: feud

TheBenM: I don't care. Just do it and you will never hear from me again. As it is, I am going to pass along the pain of being paid two months later by making myself as big a nuisance as I can. Maybe it will teach you a lesson. People understand why I do these things.

*surferspath*: 8 years, and I've always been on the side of the contributor. That's why I'm so indignant. I used to be freelance. Since then I've been on the side of the contributor entirely because I sympathise, and because we need you to be happy working for us.

TheBenM: Then pay me. Now. So simple.

*surferspath*: See above, blockhead.

TheBenM: But I just get the runaround and the blah blah blah.

*surferspath*: how much clearer do you want it?

TheBenM: You can't do it. You have so little pull there they even have Drew edit the thing. Are you that bad? what do you do there, anyway?

*surferspath*: you've made an enemy out of a freind, something I hear you've spent your life doing. you must be so proud.
*surferspath*: No, Drew is our US editor, not Editor. He and I do it together.

TheBenM: I burn bridges that are meant to be burned. If they are meant to be there, they will be rebuilt., Worked with Hawk. Worked with SURFER. I don't care.
TheBenM: Just flow the dough, bro, and I will go.
TheBenM: That was good.

*surferspath*: No, it was shallow and lame like all your stuff. And no, I won't pay because you are demanding to be paid. In fact, the more of a stick you kick up, the less chance you have anyone hurrying to pay you.
*surferspath*: why should they when they get treated like this?
*surferspath*: counter-productive is not smart. Might be fun, but it aint smart.

TheBenM: I'm shallow and lame? That is coming from YOU??????!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
TheBenM: Alex it is people like you that made me get out of the surf industry. You are such a pointless little twit.

*surferspath*: ow!

TheBenM: When I started I worked with Pezman, Divine, Warshaw. Now it's the likes of you.

*surferspath*: biff!

TheBenM: It has all been taken over by wannabes and no-talents.
TheBenM: So I don't care what anyone in the surf industry thinks. It is a thoroughly demoralized bunch.
TheBenM: SURFER and Surfing are owned by some media conglomerate and the big companies sell over-prices clothes to suburban wannabes. Why would anyone want anything to do with it.
TheBenM: Go back and read the Malibu piece, Alex. It got editied weird, but it will give you something to aspire to.

*surferspath*: You know what I'd like? I'd like you to say, 'OK, sorry, this has been a misunderstanding. I need the money, so can you pay me sooner than that?' I'd say, sure, we'll try and speed things up for you,Ben and no doubt you'd be paid pretty quick. Then I'd like to carry opn wirking with you because i like your stories, think you're a decent bloke somewhere under there, and everyone would be happy. But you don't want a world like that do you? you need enemies (just like Bush) to make yourself look like you ARE someone.

TheBenM: OK, sorry, this has been a misunderstanding. I need the money, so can you pay me sooner than that?

*surferspath*: be nice, now...
*surferspath*: :-)

TheBenM: I kind of like Bush. He is a horrible public speaker and a dolt, but he did the right thing. He got rid of Saddam.

*surferspath*: smiley, smiley, smiley,
*surferspath*: kitty, kitty, kitty, here puss....

TheBenM: The sooner you pay me, the sooner I will go away. I aint workign for your guys again, I can promise that.

*surferspath*: sorry for you my friend.

TheBenM: Ive written off the money and your magazine as just more surf industry crap.

*surferspath*: you need the money. More than that, you DESERVE the money. That's why you'll GET the money, in the normal time.

TheBenM: But I got a good article out of it and there will be some Malibu people who will be happy with me. I went by Matt Howard's last night but he wasn't there. He'll be jazzed., I can park at his motel when Malibu is flooded. So at least I got something out of it.
TheBenM: Whatever. Normal is abnormal. Normal is when the issue comes out. If you guys cant handle that, then okay.

*surferspath*: cool, bro. bro points are so important in a world as shallow as yours.
*surferspath*: No normal is normal Ben. You changed our schedule without telling us. we're shocked!

TheBenM: I dont know why you think my worlkd is so shallow. I do everythign I can to be good and invisible. People love what I do but they have no idea who I am.
TheBenM: Your scheudle is lame and disrespectful. That is why I am assuming I wont ever be paid and I know I will never submit to your rinky dink operation again. You'll survive, as you said.
TheBenM: You still have articles asking whether ocean-located wind-generating plants will wreck the surf.
TheBenM: Are you fucking kidding? Where are you guys getting your drugs?

*surferspath*: There's no depth in your thinking. All you do is observe a reality and filter it through a SoCal-based idea of what's cool and what isn't. EG like the hardcore surfers of the world want to read about you being NEAR Adam Sandler in the line-up. Most thinking people in the world don't know or care who he is. But you and a few million mall rats do.

TheBenM: That could be just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a surf magazine.
TheBenM: People love Adam Sandler's movies. Brock Little loves Adam Sandler's movies. I got a lot of good response on that from people everywhere. Emails. It appeared in Malibu Monthly, in its more complete version.

*surferspath*: yep, except that there's a bunch of dumb people out protesting about it down in wales here, which is what raised the question.

TheBenM: People in Wales are bored, then.
TheBenM: Just pay on time, Alex, It is so simple. Issue out, checks out.
TheBenM: I have to go to Malibu. My timing is lovely. It has been flat for weeks and now the swell is coming up tonight and for the next three days. It is going to be a zoo, but I just go to paddle these days anyway.
TheBenM: Shock the shit out of me. Show me your power. Pay me.

*surferspath*: I know they do, but they're mostly mesemrised, hypnotised by crap US culture. Some people actually do prefer to watch waves breaking, birds flying, trees growing, than crap Hollywood shit that's contributing to the moronic nature of humankind. That's your thing? Fine. we're not writing for people like that. Brock Little likes it? great. and...?

TheBenM: Brock Little and about two hundred million others. Adam Sandler is funny and human and that is why he is popular. And he is a nice guy. Very much afgfainst the whole Hollywood thing. That is what that story was about, dingaling. You guys ruined it.
TheBenM: Time to go surfing. It has been a lovely conversation. Tune in to Sacklunch for the whole thing.

*surferspath*: No, he's about as against Hollywood as you are the surf industry - you ARE the surf industry personified in its worst form. he IS Hollywood, whether he likes it or not.
*surferspath*: Enjoy the crowdds and pollution and superstars. It's great that the world is so diverese that people like you can find the right shit to swim in.

TheBenM: Im not the surf industry at all. I have nothing to do with it. I live in Montana. You are the surf industry. Your magazine is the surf industry. Cheap ads-the sex positions one was just great taste, no?-you copy what others do, cater to your advertisers and copy something that already existed.
TheBenM: Oh you wish you had Malibu to surf every day. Better to be in England, in the summer.

*surferspath*: No you ARE the worst side of the surf industry, in one Michael-Moorelike form.
*surferspath*: I live in London right now. And you'd be too scarde and unfit to surf the waves we surf in Cornwall. There's NO doubt about that.
*surferspath*: Ciao

TheBenM: Surfers are idiots, Alex. I am not a surfer anymore. I completely disclaim it every chance I get. why do you think Lopez lives in Bend, Oregon and Nat Young lives in Sun Valley. They are two of the best surfers in the world and they want nothing to do withit
TheBenM: Go back to the womb, Alex.
TheBenM: See you on Sacklunch.

*surferspath*: exactly. Why do you think I live in London?

TheBenM: Because you are a wannabe.

*surferspath*: Go get run over by a micro celebrity.

TheBenM: And you dont have the brains or skill to do anything else. You are a no talent little twit in a shitty industry, doing something extremely trivial. Conbgrats./

*surferspath*: umm. no. I'm very confident with my surfing ability and experinces.

TheBenM: dont you wish you were going to surf Malibu on a six foot swell? You probably arent evem smart enough to know what a good wave it can be.

*surferspath*: gald to see you're back to raw insult. We'll do English lessons next time.

TheBenM: Go do something meaningfly Alex. You will feel better. I am.

*surferspath*:'s way down my list of desirable waves. I prefer them empty and heavy.

TheBenM: Yeah right. You rule.
TheBenM: If you were a real surfer you would live in Ireland.

*surferspath*: no, just enjoy something else in surfing other than your candyfloss bro bullshit.

TheBenM: You're living a trivial live, Alex. Change it. Soon.

*surferspath*: No, I am a real surfer and I don't live in Ireland.
*surferspath*: hey, there's 4,000 likeminded friends waiting in the lineup for you. Hurry!

TheBenM: Who cares if you are a real surfer. That means nothing anymore. Surfers are stupid, smug, selfish and pointless. They are way down at the bottomn of the totem pole. Way down.
TheBenM: surfing is fun. surfers suck.

*surferspath*: yep, you've said that again and again. Now go surf, surf writer star. get good waves, be happy and the world will be better for it.
*surferspath*: Aloha.

TheBenM: I am good at what I do, I just dont want to do it anymore. Id rather be in London, writing abotu the womb. You are such a wanker.

That was a waste of time. Better go get things done.

Need to get that check in the bank, because no one else will pay me.

It is almost 9:00.

Where was I before I started that huge IM with Alex?

Contact Robert Duvall to interview him for the surfing book about Colonel Kilgore.

Contact John Philbin to interview him about Turtle in North Shore.

Deposit that $200 check.

Get a check from Malibu Monthly.

Go to traffic court.

Go to the Surfing Heritage Foundation

Go to the Journal and get assignments and maybe money.

Oops, here we go again:

TheBenM: Trivial, Alex. It is your new mantra. You are trivial. Don't be. It's a wasted life.

*surferspath*: go away, lost soul. Find a good life. I wish you luck, i really do.

TheBenM: Trivial, Pointless. Oh I'm a surfer! I'm cool. I live in London. I wrtie crap for a surf magazine that is copyhing the Surfer's Journal. I rule! I'm a meaningful person.
TheBenM: I bag on politicians who are actually out there changing the world. I'm a surfer! I'm a self-important little moron.
TheBenM: But we're a green magazine!!!! Doesnt make us any less superfluous, but at least we're green!!!!!!!!

*surferspath*: you know when we ate at that resaurant in san Diego at the ASR last summer - me, you, Drew, Barlo etc? - you got lost from the rest of us and had to park your car so you couldn't find the restaurant. No one gave a shit. I was the only one who went out and looked for you on the road so you'd know where to go, because I thought w]you didn't deserve that treatment. That's why I'm so angry at you. Because I was the only one that gave a shit about your feelings...and now this.

*surferspath*: you're really hurting aren't you.

TheBenM: Drew and Barlo? There's a pair to draw to. They are in the surf industry. They are meaningless. Hurting less, because I am doing other things.
TheBenM: Barlo is the biggest wannabe on the face of the earth. Drew was great once, but it is scary to think of him still doing what he is doing.
TheBenM: That is why I got out of it. It became stupid.

*surferspath*: whatever. Go away and be important in your little fishpond. I'm just living my life, which if you knew me at all is actually very low-key. but you don't, so you're all wrong about all thiss stuff.

TheBenM: Alex. you are a surfer. You work for a surf magazine. You are at the very bottom of the totem pole and seem to be happyt there. Get out of it. Now. Today. Go do something worthwhole. You are wasting your time.

*surferspath*: which is why it doesn't hurt. The only thing that hurts is that I have tried to help you and be decent to you and you won't hear any explanations to the contrary. So go swim with the micro celebs and be a happy Montana survivalist.

TheBenM: And you arent even very good at it. Talent is its own justification, but without that.....
TheBenM: You wish you were going to Montana. Better to be in London, in a bit shitty city.
TheBenM: Are you good at Trivial Pursuit?

*surferspath*: go away, I hope you get better.

TheBenM: Im fine, Youre stuck in London writing abotu the womb. What a pointless little wanker. Get out of it, Alex. Now. Today.

TheBenM: Barlo? Ha. Barlo needs to be put down.

*surferspath*: I told you, your advice and your criticism are falling on deaf ears. You are not as important as you dream you are.

TheBenM: Get a life, Alex, It isn't too late.

*surferspath*: don't they have court orders for perverts like you who pester people? I'll have my attorney look into it.

TheBenM: I didnt say I was important at all. No one in the surf industry is important. I jusrt want to live a decent live. And writing about surfing is not a decent life. It is a trivial life. Surfers are dolts. Don't be a dolt.
TheBenM: You started this, moron. I had an IM from you waiting when I woke up.
TheBenM: You know I'm, right. You are just shocked to hear someone say it. Everything that is truly important in the world is going on without your involvement. You put out a superfluous surf magazine and that is about it. Congrats. Man of substance. Wanker.

*surferspath*: Then get out, go away and leave me alone to what I'm doing in my little world. you don't like - fine. No problem I don't like you or your world. But I'm OK wiht all that, you obviously have greater problems and for that I am sorry for you. That's just about it Ben. I am sorry for you.
*surferspath*: oh and by the way, we're the only mag on the shelf that IS green, and that is importnant. Most people just talk and complain about polluted water but don't do anythuing about it. we have.

TheBenM: You dont need to be sorry for me. why would I care what you think? You're a surfer. You're trivial. I have friends who are splitting atoms and saving the world. You are not even a speck on the radar.

*surferspath*: but you don't care about trivial things like the state of the planet. you like bombs and war and Hollywood and crowded malibu and slaggin off exx-friends and colleagues and so on and so ad nauseam....

TheBenM: Your magazine is superfluous,. It doesnt need to exist. You are wasting paper and ink to put out a copy of The Surfer's Journal, and include just incredibly crass, stupid ads like that sex thing. You are the trivial one, Alex,. You are a surfer. You are trivial,. You know that.

*surferspath*: keep spreading hate, it might bring love....

TheBenM: Oh I care about the State of the Planet more than you ever could. I am trying to convince my ex-wife's family to convert their rendering plant into a biodiesel plant. I was there yesterday talkign to them about it., You probably don;t even know what biodiesel is.
TheBenM: The only thing worse than a hippie is a wannabe hippier. Santa Cruz is full of people like you.

*surferspath*: or it might not. You ARE George Bush in the form of Michael Moore.

*surferspath*: go save the planet, go lose more friends, go slag everyone esle off. I don';t care, Just go, bra.

TheBenM: I dont look like Michael Moore. I think like him. He's about 50 per cent right and 50 per cent full of shit.

Your magazine is a waste of paper and ink, so you can make money and not pay people.


TheBenM: I value the friends I have. Few of them are surfers. Or even worse, wannabe surfers. You are living a pointless life, Alex, You know that. You are the one who is tortured.

TheBenM: Do you even know what biodiesel is? I didn;t think so. Youre a wannabe Greenie like you are a wannabe everything else. What kind of SUV do you drive?

*surferspath*: you are like MM in many ways, except he has depth and is canny. And you DO look like him. Anyway, enough of this. Go forth and divide, since that is your trip. Adios.

TheBenM: Youre just a poinltes human being, wasting fuel, accomplishing little. Congratulations.



Ben In LA (Montana)

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