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Press Releases
Olivares Promoted at Fuel

Latest Update: August 9, 2004

From The Sacklunch Boards
There's lots of talk going on at the Sacklunch Message boards. Including Burton's recent acquisition. Click the link and don't miss a lick.

Peech & Harrell At Skateboarder

The Sack boards have been discussing it for a while, but now it's official PS Stix Roger Harrell and SBC Skateboarding editor Brian Peech are now on the Prime team.

Climbing K2
Since moving to Carlsbad, California K2 has been buying up the sporting goods world. Here's some of the logic behind it. If you can call it that.

Slater Radio On Satellite
If it worked with Tony Hawk, why not Kelly Slater? Sirius Satellite is now launching Slater's Radio K-os. It launches August 22.

Political X-perts
Kelly Slater surfed in the X Games with a Kerry-Edwards sticker on his board, and Andy Mac put "Regime Change In The USA" in his grip tape.

Montana Art Talk
Ben Marcus interviewed Herbie Fletcher and Russell Chatham in the same week. Something about a studio with no windows and coming on at Sunset. Read it, you'll understand.

Primedia Deals With Mobliss
Soon you'll be able to download photos and content from Primedia's stable of action sports magazine to your cell phone. Why? No one knows, but they're sure excited about it.

X Games Really Raw
Where else can you hear a male announcer kick down a line like "Hey, if Kobe groped me I'd do him." Only on a live, raw feed. Check it out.

Warnaco Buys Op
Warnaco, the parent company of Speedo purchased the old brand for $40 million dollars. Dick Baker signed on for five more years. Nice turn around, Mr. Baker. The Sage Group LLC did the deal on this one, too.

Shark Be Gone Being Tested
Researchers say they finally have found a potent repellent to drive away sharks. It is an extract of dead sharks. Hmm, wonder if the same thing would work with tourists?

Massive Waves Are Out There
A European Commision study Maxwave has found that massive waves up to 100 feet in height actually roam the oceans quite frequently. The problem for XXL competitors is finding them.

Billabong Up 35.8%
Things are looking up as Queensland companies lead the Austrailian market by a long shot. Billabong is up AUS$442 million.

Quiks Video Union?
In a move reminding us of an old Monopoly game strategy Quiksilver is doing deals with all the major action sports filmmakers to help take the message to the masses. Is VAS worried?

Ooh Baby I Love Your Suit

Seventies stadium rocker Peter Frampton has filed suit against Billabong for a T-shirt and bikini which features the words "Oh Baby I Love Your Waves." Some guys will do anything to stay in print.

Print Is Really Dead
It's not like we haven't known this for years, but a recent Jupiter Media report says that by 2008 online advertising will exceed print advertising by half a billion dollars.

Kobe Abberton Charged
His brother Jai Abberton is being charged with murder and now Kobe has been officially charged with "being an accessory after the fact" to the murder of a 37 year old "stand over man." His case will be heard Aug. 27.
-Surf star's brother "lured victim"

Huffy Falls Below SEC Limits
Since falling below the $50 million dollar mark for more than 30 days Huffy (HUF) which owns Sims, Lamar, and LTD is in danger of being delisted on the NYSE. Who would have thought.

Billauer And Stem Cell Research
Ron Reagan is going to take his thoughts on Stem Cell Research to the Democratic convention and Jesse Billauer is his example of who this kind of research could help.

Snowboarder Gets Three Years

Michael Wolff, 21, a drunk snowboarder who plowed into a ski school class two years ago has violated parole and will now spend three years locked up. Talk about a bad last run.

Surf Blowing Up Across the Pond
England is seeing a new boom in surfers, especially surfer girls. And guess who's riding the wave to profits? Quik, Rip Curl, Billabong, etc. . .

The Beautifully Lost Interview
Aaron Rose, half of the team that brought together Beautiful Losers, the most culturally significant art show in skateboard history, is interviewed by TWS' Eric Stricker. Just read it.

The Industria Revolution?
Former TransWorld Skate Biz Editor Saba Haider (and the crew at ASM) have launched a new European based skate trade mag called Industria. The first issue looks very smooth and reads well.

Quik's Media Manipulation
Ad Age discusses the way Quiksilver is using entertainment (film, TV, and books) to sell more product, specifically helping to fund Stacy Peralta's new film Riding Giants.
-Quik to broadcast "Analyst Day"

T. Hawk On Satellite Radio
Broadcasting from a "custom studio" in his California practice facility Tony Hawk will kick off Demolition Radio on July 20, 2004 at 3:00 PM EST on the Sirius Satellite network. Now we can all listen to crappy 80s music together.

Klug Joins the Autobiography Club
Tina Basich, Todd Richards, and Tony Hawk have them, and in November snowboarder Chris Klug will have one, too titled To The Edge and Back a story of his life, liver transplant, and his bronze medal in the Park City Olympics.

Burton Buys Four Square/Forum
After finding out how expensive it is to launch action sports brands (Gravis/Analog), and being non-existent in the oh-so-important SoCal market Burton Snowboards has decided to grab Forum, Special Blend, Jeenyus and Foursquare before K2 did. Can you say "price-point?"

Quiksilver's Exploration
Short profile on the company centered around The Crossing's visit to NYC. Is being compared to Rocawear, Nike, and Hilfiger a good thing?
-$6 million expansion in Torquay

Hosoi at Harvest Crusade's Summerfest
Fresh off the grounds of a federal prison, jail-house convert Christian Hosoi is out speading the gospel. Apparently this drug is still legal.

Israeli Surf War

Some good Mediterranean waves will be lost to Israeli surfers when Ariel Sharon gives Sycamore Beach back to the Palastinians in September 2005. But they take turns really well in Israel.

West Oz Surfer Dies In Shark Attack
In another shark attack 29 year old Bradley Smith died when he was attacked by one shark, with another smaller shark circling.

Riding Giant Waves of Praise
Seems like everyone loves Stacy Peralta's most recent action documentary: especially LA Weekly's Joe Donnelly.
-Well, except for this woman
-Seattle loves it, too
-Ben Marcus Interviews Peralta
-SF Chronicle Loves it, too

Evil Tony Strikes Again
Tony Hawk, 38, is in jail in Springfield, Oregon after striking his wife Karen and their mutual friend Allen with a "pipe-like object."
The real Tony hasn't been married to a Karen, yet.

McDonald Rises to the Top at TWS
Transworld Media has named Brad McDonald to the position of group publisher "at the ripe old age of 33." Wait, is he really that old?

Time Jumps On XXLs
It took a while, but the July 19 issue of Time magazine includes a story about Pete Cabrina and the hunt for the 100-foot wave.

Beautiful Losers Opens In SF
All your favorite artists who skateboard, or hang out with people who skateboard, or know how to dress like people who skateboard have an amazingly cool show that you should check out. Back Online
If you love drunken Newport Party pictures as much as we do, then you'll be glad to know that the crew is back in action.

Sandro Pulls the 900
The legend of the 900 continues as the Baltimore Sun reports on Sandro Dias pulling the 900 after six-months of trying. More ugly hucking is sure to come.

I Want My Tony TV from Hasbro
On July 15, Tony Hawk will be appearing with Hilary Duff to introduce their new Hasbro VideoNow Color personal video player at Toys R' Us in NYC.

Andy Mac's Pogo Stick On Amazon
You know you've been wanting to hop on board the latest crazy in action sports, now here's your chance with Andy Macdonald's Flybar 1200 "high performance sporting good."

Killington To Secede From Vermont
The town of Killington is pressing forward with plans to leave Vermont and join New Hampshire. Then the resort could be New Hampshire's biggest pile of shave ice.

Forzani Fined by Canada
The largest sporting goods retailer in Canada (and most recent owner of the constantly morphing Jamie Salter company once known as Gen X) has been fined $1.7 million CAN for reportedly inflating the original price of goods so the sale price would look even better. Yes, that's wrong.

Bigger Box Buys Big Box
Quiksilver Surfing On A Rocket
K2 Buys Marmot, Marker, and Volkl

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