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Latest Update: January 15, 2004

From The Sacklunch Boards
Have the Gravity Games been sold to Outdoor Life Network? That's the latest discussion on the Sacklunch Message boards. Does anyone care about the Gravity Games? Let us know.

Sack The Vote
Two months ago we asked you what was wrong with China made skateboards. Here's what you said: 46.7% thought the
loss of American jobs was the worst part. 33.3% felt there was no problem at all. Maybe that's the real problem.

Big Brother is DEAD!
On January 15 Larry Flynt Publications finally pulled the plug on it's skateboard magazine Big Brother and send the entire staff home. The magazine that launched the Jackass Revolution and for years offered some of the funniest writing in the magazine world is gone.

Ben Marcus On the Road to Sundance

The world's best surf writer is back on the road, this time driving from Malibu to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah where he will be covering Stacy Peralta's new documentary Riding Giants. Unforuntately, Ike is gone.
-Riding Giants to premiere at Sundance

Shaun White #11 On People To Watch
Each year The Sporting News lists the Top 100 most powerful people in sport for the coming year. This year Shaun White is number 11 on their "Baker's Dozen" of people to watch in 2004.

Snowboarder Dies At Loon
Louis Cecere, 21, died due to head injuries he suffered after slamming on a "popular jump" at Loon Mountain. He was wearing a helmet.

When Helmets Don't Work
Here is a little Quicktime evidence on helmet uselessness from our friends the BMXers.

Billabong Buys Honolua Surf Company

The $10 million purchase gives Billabong 17 retail outlets in Hawaii and two in Las Vegas plus ownership of the "laid-back and casual" Honolua surfwear brand. Tom Knapp and Randy Blumer must be smiling.

Quiksilver Misses the Billion
It was a narrow miss, but Harry Hodge thinks things are still looking up for grand daddy brand to leave the millions behind in the coming year.

Schriber Leaves Burton/Gravis
He was the last of the OGs at Burton and now David Schriber has announced he's leaving the company. He was always a thoughtful, smirking voice of reason in the snowboard industry, and we only hope that we get to read even a small piece of what he says he has to write. Here is the letter he sent to friends and coworkers.

Meehan Trades Mags for Rags
We searched all over for a story and no one mentioned it, but Kevin Meehan, the friendly former group publisher of Primedia's Action Sport Group has left to be the National Sales person for Hurley.

Nike Up 16 Percent
In it's quarterly report Nike added a new category called "Other" which includes Hurley, Cole Haan, Nike Golf, Nike Hockey, and Converse. Sales rose in "other" by 54 percent thanks to Converse.

The Skateboard Mag Launch
The new skate mag by the ex-TWS crew will be launching with a party and art show January 18th, 2004 at San Diego's Premise Intelligence Agency.

Jack Johnson Gives Back

The Kokua Festival's sold out concert with Jack Johnson benefited the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a newly launched nonprofit group that helps start gardening and recycling programs at local schools.

Steve O: The Van Gogh of Morons
He's a wildboy who has done more stupid stuff than anyone alive, but deep down inside Steven Glover has the tender heart of a total jackass. Ah, I keed, I keed.

Another Skate/Hollywood Disaster
The New York Post has put former Spike Jonze wife Sofia Coppola on the New York's Most Eligible Bachelorette list after her recent breakup with Spike. And to think, we used to watch foreign films with her at the Liberty Theater.
-Sofia, so good

Meet Steve Berra
Yes, the BBC website has a swell little piece on everyone's favorite Scientologist and skate/Hollywood disaster survivor Steve Berra. Check it out.

Towing Over the Line
Tow-in surfers had a run-in with a surfer Keith Head, 34, at Todos a couple weeks ago. The jet jockeys were towing people in right past the surfers so Keith paddled over to the boat and cut their anchor line. Keith got a light beating and some broken fins for his efforts.

Randomly Quotable
"Because skating's cool, and the Olympics need a cool factor." - Tony Hawk to Charlie Rose on why skateboarding should be in the Olympics.

No Fireworks from Bleiler This Season
Thanks to a torn ACL in the Vans Triple Crown slopestyle at Breckenridge, Gretchen Bleiler is out for the season. But you can still catch her wearing nothing but paint (with Tara Dakides) on the cover of the February issue of FHM.

Avalanche Victim Phones for Help

Snowboarder Steven Peck, 30, triggered an avalanche at Heavenly Valley that buried him. Though he was able to use his phone to call for help it still took rescuers five hours to find him.

Skatestopper Inventor Heckled
In a San Diego Union Tribune article by action scribe Conor, Chris Loarie, the genius who invented the Skatestopper, says he's gotten tons of hatemail since he launched his product. Now's your chance to send him more.

Andy Mac Goes Back To School
As part of some silly "reality" TV show called Switched, Andy Mac has traded places with a high school student from Andalusia, Alabama. Andy will find out all over again how hard it was being a nerd surrounded by hillbillys, and the high school student will find out how boring the life of a married pro skater is. Sounds like compelling TV to us.

Hey, at least Salman Agah's new sports drink is being created by real skaters. The big question: how does it taste?

Timberlake and Diaz at Vail
Oh, it's all love and kisses for ripping snowboarder Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz during their Vailcation.

Snowboarder Dies At Mammoth

Brian C. Daniels, 26, of Long Beach, was pronounced dead Sunday at 3:08 PM after he was found face down in deep snow by a group of skiers.

Utah Avalanche Search Called Off
Officials called off the search Monday for two Utah snowboarders missing since they disappeared in an avalanche Dec. 26. The body of one friend was found last week.
-Survivor recalls avalanche ordeal

Snowboarder Crashes Into Ski Patroller
Snowboarder Daniel E. Steaves, 22, of Durango was convicted of third-degree assault Monday for crashing into a ski patroller at Durango Mountain Resort in early December. He got two days in the can.

Discrimination at the Canyons?
Mario Escobar, a former manager of housekeeping at The Canyons has alleged in a lawsuit that ski resort officials recruit undocumented workers and then discriminates against them.
-Escobar loses first claim

Spy Selling 'Scripts
Stop The Surf Violence

Primedia Down Even More

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