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Latest Update: November 10, 2003

From The Sacklunch Boards
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Sack The Vote
Dwindle is moving all their deck production to China where they will have most of the snowboard industry as neighbors. Why is moving production to the Far East such a bad thing?

Spy Selling 'Scripts
Mainstream action scribe Conor Dougherty pens the story of Spy Optics and their dive into prescription lenses. Beaver and action sports specialist Doug Palladini are quoted.

Stop The Surf Violence

In Australia the Surfrider Foundation Australia is warning surfers that unless they get their act together, the police are going to begin patrolling the water. Finally, a beat cooler than being a motocycle cop.

Quiksilver Phones One In
Quik and Boost Mobile are together again to repeat their Roxy phone success with a phone aimed at young men. It will do all that stuff all over phones do, but it will have a logo on it.

Love Park Stats
The new mayor is in the house and now it's time for skaters to ask him to deliver on his campaign promise to open Love Park. Here's how it's going so far.

The New Winter Season

Meg Lukens lays down a state of the industry story for the start of a new winter season.

Bob Mignogna's Farewell Interview
He was the boss at Surfing Magazine for 29 years. He's seen editors, owners, and surfers come and go. Now, as Bob moves on, he finally gets an interview.

Primedia Down Even More
The owners of Surfer, Surfing, et. al, lost nearly $40 million in the third quarter which is seen as ever more reason for Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co to continue selling off. Next up, and Kagan World Media.

Grant Brittain at Volcom Store
The photography of Grant Brittain will be on show at the 126 La Brea, LA Volcom store. Opening reception is Nov. 15 at 6:00 PM. If you missed the San Diego show don't miss this one.

The Snowboard Journal Staffs Up
Anyone wondering who Jon Foster and Jason Ford had as part of their new publishing team can wonder no more. The staff now includes Ted Newsome, Scooter Leonard, Stacey Swift and Barry Berg.

Hamilton Support Overflowing
Bethany Hamilton, one of the best 13 year old surfers in the world, had her left arm bitten off by a Tiger shark while surfing at Tunnels on the island of Kauai. People have responded to her story with support from around the world.
-Bethany's website and messageboard
-Shark maims surf star
-Shark bites of left arm of Kauai surf star
-Dad in hospital when daugher arrived
-Shark repellent device sold out

Burton Cuts More Jobs

On Thursday Oct. 23 Burton cut 22 more workers in "round three" of layoffs which bring the total to 228 jobs eliminated since April 2002. Jake is still on his family vacation.

Billabong Odyssey In Theaters
In what could be the most expensive team movie ever made, Billabong drops it's big wave film into theaters on November 7. Just go see it, don't let Bill Sharp's starring roll dissuade you. He's actually pretty good in it. Click here for a theater near you.
-The SF Chronicle loves it
-New York Times Review

Perry Ellis Buys Redsand
While selling off his personal shares to the tune of $549,201 Perry Ellis CEO George Feldenkreis mentioned that the clothing giant had purchased Redsand a "San Diego action sports brand" for an undisclosed amount. He also didn't mention how they were going to make money with the brand.
-TransWorld Surf's coverage
-Timmons says it's all good

DC Hires Frank Messmann
Fresh off the heels of his 9 year stint as president of Dwindle and World Industries, Frank is now going to drive DC Europe from headquarters in Amsterdam.

Globe Is Back In Black
The Australian shoe giant is back on track and reportedly will turn a profit this year. Their most recent CEO (number three in the past year) is going to cut another $20 million in expenses and focus on "core brands." At least he knows the lingo.

Dwindle's Chop Shop
Dwindle has stepped up to explain exactly why they think China boards are better and why they will be making all their boards there in the future. Part of it must have something to do with $20 million in cuts at Globe.
-Talk about it in the Sack boards
-Have you seen him graphic

Tony's Boom Boom Room
Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star serves a straight-up review on Boom Boom 2003. And it's a sell-a-bration of action sports.

Dickies Cool Anti-cool

They've done nothing to market their pants to the youth market, yet, they make some of the coolest stuff around. How does that happen?

Alpine Meadows Starts Tahoe Price War

They're calling it a price reduction, but Alpine is now chargin only $39 a lift ticket. I guess when you compare it to $65 it is cheap.

Campaign Premiere's in Hollywood
You have to wonder when a surf movie debuts in Hollywood. Who really wants whom? Fact is, everyone showed up (even former Jay's Gourmet hostess turned AI girlfriend Lindy). Transworld's newest surf scribe Casey Koteen serves up the details.

Da Hui on New Offspring Album
The band's new album features a song titled, Da Hui, which is about our friends on the North Shore. The video for the song features several of the heavy hitters, as it were.

Activision Big Spending
The North American roll out for Tony Hawk's Underground is the biggest in Activision History. Where is all that money going?

Modern World On Line
Fran Richards is now up online with Modern World his "media-consulting-partnership marketing' company.

Michael Jager Roadtrippin'
In their book Roadtrip Nation two guys went around interviewing cool people with cooler jobs to see how they ended up there. JDK's Michael Jager was one of them. The question they didn't ask, however, was "Does he miss being Burton's graphic designer?"

Christian Skate Camp Molester
United Christian Camp's Christian Skateboard Club leader David Yoshito Smith, 36, of Prescott, Arizona could face 59 years in prison after pleading guilty of molesting a boy. Would Jesus do that?

Klug On the Organ Dinner Circuit
As the only organ transplant recipient to win an Olympic medal Chris Klug has become a popular speaker for organ donor education. This week he's speaking at Salvatore's Italian Gardens in Depew, New York.

Markovich Sets World Record

In a contest sponsored by LG Mobile Phones Kris set a world record in the longest ollie. Longest? What the hell? What's next: barrel jumping in the X Games?

Spike Jones DVD
If you've ever wanted to see the whole library of Spike's smaller films, now you can with The Work of Director Spike Jonze. Then you and your friends can get into the ever popular "who I could have been if I'd had a trust fund" discussion.

When Children Attack
In Musselburgh, England 54-year-old Jim Whyte who is opposed to a new skatepark in the town was jumped by kids ages 10-15 in retribution for his anti-skatepark sentiments. Would that work in Cali?

Kylie's Snowboarding Disguise
Sultry singer Kylie Minogue says she likes snowboarding because she can be completely disguised as a 14 year old boy. No comment.

From The Ground Up
The New Bedford Art Museum in Massachusetts produced a show of skateboard art that runs until January 9 featuring
the of artwork of 28 artists, some of whom actually skateboard.

Helmet Laws Suck Even More

Sacramento Bee writer Jim Sanders polls "two dozen" kids in downtown Sac and finds that none of them are wearing their helmets.

Gold Badge of Harassment?
Tacoma federal air marshal Gregory Case Skyles power trips a 17 year old skateboarder into getting into his car and then threatens him with more violence. Can you say Mystic River?

Zimbalist Back In Mag Biz
Amnesty Art Deck Auction
Burton Gets Inline For Sales VP
Mr. Rogers Leaves The Neighborhood

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