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Latest Update: October 20, 2003

From The Sacklunch Boards
A thread about Jamie Thomas going to DC devolved into a thread about why DC didn't help Philly skaters save Love. Now that Love is going to reopen, doesn't seem like there's much to talk about.

Sack The Vote
Seems like everyone is starting their own magazines these days. So we're asking you what is behind all this growth in independent Action Sports Titles?

Zimbalist Back In Mag Biz
Ex-Times Mirror Magazines chief executive Efrem "Skip" Zimbalist III has created Active Interest Media to buy up special-interest magazines. He feels the time is now. More importantly he's taking former Mountain Sports Media and Transworld Media president Andy Clurman with him. The leavings continue.

-Seth Masia's behind the story story

Mignogna Says Bye To Primedia
Bob Mignogna, former publisher of Surfing, is apparently moving on to pursue other opportunities a.k.a. was canned. Don Meek, formerly president of Gravity Games, will replace Mignogna. Norb Garrett is still VP/Editorial Director and Kevin Meehan is still on sales and marketing.

Amnesty Art Deck Auction
You can help Amnesty International by bidding on skateboard decks signed by famous and pseudo-famous musicians, artists, and cool guys including Audioslave, Beth Orton, Robert Smith, Michael Stipe, N*E*R*D, Ozzy, and many more.

Burton Gets Inline For Sales VP

Amy Buckalter, a former Nike employee and once head of K2's inline skate effort has been hired as Burton's new VP of Global Sales. Some former co-workers are extremely happy for her.

Mr. Rogers Leaves The Neighborhood
After a whopping three months as TransWorld's group publisher and seeing three skate editors quit, Glenn Rogers has also left the building. It is doubtful that he will be working with Dave Swift and Grant Brittain's new The Skateboard Mag.

Ken Block Interview
Ken Block has spent the last past 10 years taking over the skate shoe market with DC, now he's finally taken some time to talk about it.

Aging Rocker Sues Vans
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has sued Thrasher and Vans for allegedly using his image in an ad without permission. Maybe they should just explain to him that no one who's seen the ad knows who he is. Thanks,

San Diego action scribe Conor Dougherty considers Todd Richards and a slew of recent alterna sport biographies written especially for kids who don't read.
-Tina Basich has one, too

McDonald's Last Gasp
The world's biggest fat merchant is trying to get people to eat the crap they're selling by paying celebrities to hang out in their hip new ads. Victims include: Justin Timberlake, Clipse, and, you guessed it, Tony Hawk.
-Talk about this in the Sack boards

Do Boards Make You Horny, Baby?
In a play to make a board that no tacky, middle aged, Rolex wearing, Hummer driver can live without Burton offers up a board featuring a big gold Playboy 50th Anniversary Bunny on it, while Birdhouse does the same with a skate deck. Looks like Sims was right afterall.
-Money magazines story on Playboy's toys

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
About 400 skateboarders rallying at City Hall on Sunday celebrated after a city official told them that they would soon be allowed to return to LOVE Park

Huffy Announces Third Quarter
Thanks to the Gen-X (Sims, Lamar, Dukes, LTD) acquisition Huffy is proud to report increased sales and $2.9 million in net revenue on $106.7 million in sales.

Skinny's Home Invasion Tour
Phil "Skinny" Ladjanski, owner of Exclusive, and a group of friends were robbed by men waving shotguns and pistols, wearing black ski masks, and shouting "Where is the money?"

Time May Dump More than AOL Name
TransWorld Media's parent company Time Inc, recently dropped AOL from it's name, but may do more than that if the giant online company doesn't turn around in the next 8 months. Oops.

Jason Lee Had A Baby
The skater turned actor and his girl have a new baby. In keeping with Hollywood wackiness they reportedly named him Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee.

Jesus Is A Baldwin Brother
Stephen Baldwin (yes, that Baldwin brother) is busy making a skateboarding and BMX video for Christ. He's been saved and recently visited Burnside trying to round up more souls with a DVD called Livin' it.

TransWorld Walkout
Hektic Skateboards A Front?
Thomas Launches Fallen with DC
Officials Consider Love

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