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Latest Update: July 11, 2003

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From The Sacklunch Boards

Currently being discussed: Vans is working with Interscope Geffen A&M to get kids to spam the Internet with Vans banners. We don't like it and neither does anyone else.

Sack The Vote
We asked you what you though of Surfer removing a logo from a T-shirt from an historical photo and 55 percent of you said that should "absolutely positively never" be done. We agree.

Nike Buys Converse
Looks like the days lookin' cool in your Chucks is over as Converse has joined Hurley as part of the Swoosh empire. Phil Knight and his boys just paid $305 million for the classic shoe company.
-Coverse and Nike won't fit
-Converse sale not a cool move

Quiksilver Shifts Into Neutral
Analyst Mitch J Kummetz of DA Davidson gave Quiksilver neutral rating saying domestic bookings are falling and inventory is high. Maybe they should just move more stuff to the Time Square store.
-Smart Money lists "hot duds" stocks

Globe Falls Even Lower
Executives have agreed that North American has been a complete failure for Globe International. But they've got a plan for their 23 cent stock. They're going to pull back on hardgoods and get moe into apparel.
Fashion is the future. What does this mean for World Industries, etc. . .

Cobb Steps Up At TWS Snowboarding
When TransWorld Snow Associate Publisher Charlie Anderson announced he was leaving rumors circulated widely that Mike "Cheif" Nusenow, the Associate Publisher of Snowboarder Magazine would take the position. That does not appear to be the case as
TWS snow sales rep Justin Cobb was just named to Sales Manager.

Hot Tuna Owner Buys TSA, November

Aussie Apparel, owners of Xsile and Hot Tuna have signed letters of intent to the skate brands as well as picking up marketing rights to the name Bluetorch from whoever owns that. But they won't get the TV show that belongs to Fox. Hmm.

Exit Real World Is Movin' On Up
Missy Samiee has moved her Portland skate/snow shop Exit Real World into a 2,600 square foot place on 23rd St across from Urban Outfitters where she can do battle with the big kids.

Quiksilver Takes Time Square
In what may be the most expensive retail rent zone in the world, Quiksilver opens a store right under the Reuters news ticker in NYC's Time Square to remind everyone to buy more Quiksilver products.

When Life Gives You Lemons
Ali Baba, Orange County's sultan of Happy, has lanched a new action women's magazine called Lemonade. It is guided by the charming Cody and has a slew of industry support. Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis.

BMX Added to 2008 Beijing Olympics
Two track cycling events have been dropped so two BMX races could be added. Are skateboarding and surfing next?

Boring House: North Shore
We may like it, but Dan Jewel at Media Life Magazine says, "The personalities aren't interesting enough." Good thing they can surf.
-Corky Carroll watched it, too.
-Blue Crushed: the surf report
-Is the Boarding House Sunny real

Burton's Family World Tour
Jake is taking the whole family on the road for 10 months starting in July causing some to wonder if something serious might be going down with Burton in the coming months.
-Donna Carpenter resigns from Stowe Education Fund.

The DC Video Premiere
It was a star-studded Hollywood event on the Blvd. Danny Way will blow you away. Go see it if you get the chance. Seriously.
-The SF premiere

Uber Agent Astephen
The father of The Familie and action sport's first action agent Steve Astephen gets profiled in the San Diego Union. Greed is good.

Abercrombie Gets Clotheslined
In a suit that accused Abercrombie & Fitch of forcing employees to buy and wear A&F clothes to work, the company has settled and will pay employees $2.2 million in back clothing fees. Watch out Nike.
-Hiring discrimination suit filed against A&F

Boost Mobile Let's It Ride
Las Vegas was host last weekend to the biggest money event in the history of skateboarding. TNT is $40,000 richer. Dave Sypniewski always was good at spending money and making a scene.

Next Firing at TransWorld Skate?
The guys at got spanked for making fun of Thrasher's Jake Phelps' and his Boost Mobile loving editorial have now turned on Transworld with their poll asking the question, Which TWS staff member should be fired next? Currently in the lead: Atiba Jefferson with 23.9 percent.

Content Affects Online Advertising
We've understood this for years, however, it's just been shown in a study by the Online Publishers Association that advertising is most effective when it is on a site that users identify with.

Skaters Nab Purse Snatcher
In a rare news story of skateboarders doing something positive a group of Parkersburg, West Virginia skaters chased down a 16 year old who had grabbed a purse from a 72-year-old woman.

I Want My BamTV
After becoming somewhat of a star with Jackass, Bam Margera now has his own TV show in which he will continue to terrorize his parents and neighbors. Oh joy.

Tony Hawk Metaphors of the Month
" The first landmark judicial decision of the Nintendo generation skated right down the fence like Tony Hawk." - Jonathan Malavolti writing for his college paper on a Supreme Court decision.

""I was 17. I had one of those Tony Hawk haircuts, you know, where it's just the bangs." - DJ Brian Simpson profiled in Manchester, VT's HippoPress.

Best Surfer In Tennis?
That's what tennis pro Mark Philippoussis has been telling people lately about his newest off court activity. Then again, that isn't saying much.

Nike Stock Down 6.8%
The stock took a dive after it was reported that shoe orders for the next six months are 10 percent down thanks in part to the company's feud with Foot Locker.

Ken Park Banned in Australia

Larry Clark's new movie named loosely after former Vison skater Ken Park and about a skater kid who kills himself was banned at the Sydney Film Festival.
-Larry Clark defends his film

Love Park Getting Some
It's been closed for more than a year now, but Philly is convinced that it will never be the same without the park and skating.

Boys Pants Half Off

Sales of teen boys pants have fallen 10 percent and jeans are down 15 percent in the year ended April 30, 2003. Is vert really making that big of a comeback?

Cherry Hill Remembered
One of the first great indoor skateparks in the world is remembered on Brian Keith's website The park may be gone, but Brian is keeping the dream alive.

The ShapeMakers
Paul Krouss film looks into the lives and philosophies of some of surfing's greatest shapers including: Dick Brewer, Ole, Velzy, Bill Hamilton, Tom Morey, Rennie Yater, Terry Chung, Midget Farrelly and the others.

Skaters Wax Crematorium
Seems like the some skaters have taken a liking to the Misawa, Japan crematorium. City officials are upset that their "waxing the stairs."

Security Guards Plead for Respect
You'd think if they really wanted respect they'd become police officers, the civil service test can't be that hard. But no. They whine about all kinds of things including being struck with a skateboard.

Stephen Koch Still At It
He's been talking about it for six years, planning it for almost as many and finally, this summer he's going to snowboard Everest. Really.

Louisville Loves Their Extreme Park

City's have been famous for much, much less, but it's nice to see a skatepark bringing this much notoriety to a city. More cities should take pride in their skaters.

Jake Burton Holds Dean Fundraiser
Endorsing Three Year Old Sports Stars?
Surfer Magazine Alters Photograph

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