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Latest Update: March 13 , 2003

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From The Sacklunch Boards

Currently being discussed, K2 cutting it's non-work force (if they were working they'd still be there, right?) and Burton fires 42 people worldwide. If you read a post, write one.

Sack The Vote
Last issue we said that reports of Skateboarding's death are premature, but if, on the outside chance the skate market did crash, who would be to blame? Sixty percent of of our readers said, "Nothing, skateboarding will never die."

Burton Cans 42 Employees
In what Burton president Laurent Potdevin called a "restructuring" the company cut employees in nearly every department.

New Globe President Stocks Up
Paul Isherwood, this week's chairman of Globe International shoes ponied up $72,000 of his own money to buy stock proving that he is serious. . . . about dumping them as soon as they go back up. "Yes, it's an indication of a reasonable confidence in the company," he said showing good humor. "But if anyone followed my career as an investor, they would not have much success."
-Globe chief on skates in revamp

Quiksilver Charges China
In a joint venture with Glorious Sun Enterprises the Orange County based bikini giant is set to move into the largest potential retail market in the world. Just think of all the money they'll save on shipping.
-Quiksilver whooping it's rivals
-Quiksilver rides wave of prosperity

Perrin To Sell Remaining Shares
Billabong's former CEO Matthew Perrin, 30, is laying the ground work to sell his remaining stake in the company. The sale could net Perrin another AU$25 million. What can you say?

Billabong Fuels Headline Battle
When Billabong International's stock hit a two-year low March 3, 2003 financial writers worked overtime to come up with "surfy" text. Here are just a few of them:
Billabong looking more like a swamp
-Billabong shares face wipeout
-Billabong hits dry spot
-Surf's Up as Quiksilver rival falters

Nike and Hurley: A Happy Sellout
The Orange County Register says the two are getting on quite well and that fears of kickback from "the kids" didn't happen. Even the derivatively cautious Hurley shoe line is selling well. Maybe that's why Bob is smiling in the photo.

Surfer Paddle for Peace in SF
Two dozen surfers paddled out at Fort Point Sunday March 9, 2003 with a banner that read "Surfers Against War". Chris Kendrick, an organizer, said part of the reason for the protest was that during Orange Terror Alerts Bay Area surfers were not allowed to surf the Point because of safety concerns for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Monster Garage Meets Mr. Hawk
In a new episode of the cult classic TV show, West Coast Chopper's Jesse James will ask his crew of metal shapers to transform the Jones Soda RV into a "one of a kind mobile skate ramp." If you've never seen this show be sure to watch on April 14. This will be cooler than turning a limo into a fire truck, trust us.

Beachley Wants To Surf With The Boys
Five-time world champion Layne Beachley has mentioned that she'd like to surf against the best men in a world championship event. She said she wouldn't mind "losing to a bloke."
-Beachley's new INXS boy

White Rides Away with $24,000
In two days Shaun White rolled away with more than many make in a full year behind a computer. The San Bernardino Sun even called him a "former skateboarder." Just wait 'till the summer X Games.

Oakland Helps Longboard Skate Company
Sure, walking to you car after work may be a bit sketchy, but when Jason Salfi looks at all the perks he's gotten for moving his company, Comet Skateboards, to Bay Area's toughest city it all works out okay.

Child Labor Pays Off For Microsoft
You know a company is in trouble with it thinks that simply asking kids what they want is an amazingly innovative way of getting information. That's the kind of thinking that gets you a raise in Redmond.

Vallely Signing Autographs at Best Buy

Last weekend Mr. Vallely was out promoting his video Drive, which is now available in So Cal Best Buy stores. So far there are no reports of any fights breaking out.

The Master of Disaster Interviewed

Duane Peters kicks down the stories of the road in a interview covering US Bombs, skateboarding, and the future of punk rock.

Snowboarder vs. Snowpounder
A snowboarder at Japan's Miyagi Zao Eboshi Ski Area was crushed to death when she unexplainably slid into a "snow pounding" machine. "We did not take sufficient safety measures and apologize deeply," a spokesman for the ski resort said. Japan, where the word respect still means something.

Snowcave Kills Snowboarders

When four snowboarders died in an Australian snow cave four years ago it was not understood what actually killed them. Now, it's become more clear.

My Beach, My Wave

Hawai'i has some pretty good rules that keep contests on the North Shore to a minimum (16 days a year at any beach) the problem is, that's not enough for the promoters who want to hold events at Pipeline. It's no surprise to anyone that Eddy Rothman has had his dates for the past two years.

El Jeffe Anderson Is Gone

Tony Hawk On The Hershey Highway
SnowboardCross Added To Olympics
Sandow Birk's Inferno

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