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Latest Update: January 27, 2003

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The Legend Lives On
Craig Kelly died in an avalanche in British Columbia on January 20, 2203. For the past few days snowboarders the world over have been faced with trying to put their memory of Craig into perspective with the fact that he is gone. The following is a list of stories related to the accident and to Craig's life and legacy.

-Memorialized in Frequency Magazine

-Survivors Recall Horror on Mountain
-Loss Felt Hard in Aspen
-An Icon in the Snowboarding World
-Revelled In The Spirit of "Soul Riding"
-Police say skiers didn't trigger avalanche
-Negligence Not Cause of Death
-Ruedi Beglinger Replays Events
-Audio Interview with Kevin Sansalone
-A Tragic Ending to A Snowboarder's Life
-Snowboarding Lost it's Jordan
-A Legend Who Pioneered a Sport
-A Survivor Tells Harrowing Tale

Transworld Staff Reduction
It appears that the payroll at TWS has been lightened a little. One week ago Tuesday, seven people were laid off including Snowboarding Editor in Chief Jon Foster, Snowboarding Managing Editor Andy Blumberg, and Surf Managing Editor Stacie Perry.

Wing Wing's The Wahoo's Story
The University of Colorado played host to the king of action sports schmooze as Wing Lam passed on knowledge about how he and his brothers surfed and partied their way into success with Wahoo's. Which reminds me, I'm hungry.

The Irons Top Media Whores
Each year TransWorld Surf Business ranks surfers based on their coverage in American Surf Magazines. It takes awhile to get through all the info, but this thing is packed with all kind of info to see which marketing directors are doing their jobs. Oakley, Billabong, and Dragon seem to be doing pretty well.

Gator Featured in Stoked Film
Sundance has another skateboard movie packing them in this year. It is Helen Stickler's Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator and it's reviewed here by Dean Kuipers.

The ER/Ing Twins Blurb Off
Early reports of the Surfer/Surfing magazine publishing under the same roof mention the fact that the magazines would continue to "service different segments of the surf community". Hmm, doesn't look good so far.

Surfing Magazine

Biggest Tubes Ever: Jaws Opens Wide for Laird Hamilton

Andy Irons: "How I Won the World Title

19 Days of North Shore Perfection

Free 80-Foot Jaws Poster of Makua Rothman
Surfer Magazine

Attack On Jaws:
The Greatest Big Wave Session Ever

Andy Irons Wins World Title

50 Years On The North Shore: Uncensored Stories We'veNever Told-Until Now

Free Wardo Poster

One of these things is quite like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong. Can you tell which one is quite like the other, before I finish singing my song.

Nicholas Leaves Broadcom
He's been involved in so many suspect deals (Gotcha,, Bluetorch) that we're not sure what we think about Broadcom President and CEO Henry Nicholas III. Regardless, he resigned on January 23 citing "serious family matters."

Seven Director Takes On Dogtown
David Fincher has replaced previous director Fred Durst on the upcoming Stacy Peralta penned skate film, The Lords of Dogtown. Thank God.

Bluetorch All Over Again
54321 lands at FOX this Monday with a whole new line up of hosts. Well, accept for former Bluetorchette Leann Tweeden and her store-bought breasts. Guess you can't do an action sports TV show without them.

All The Dirt from Surf Expo
Transworld Surf Business' John Maynard kicks down the latest "vintage" trends from he right coast's trade show extravaganza.

Surfing Magazine Offices For Lease

You don't need two buildings if you're only doing one magazine. Do you?

Poppen Still The Father of Snowboarding
He has no problem taking credit for inventing snowboarding, but why should he? He's Sherman Poppen. The Dallas Morning News profiles the former chemical gases engineer.

Local Paper Overhypes ASR Show
The Long Beach Press Telegrams talks about the ASR Long Beach show being the biggest showcase for actions sports products. Too bad the show was one of the slowest in recent memory.

Pacific Sunwear Gives Billabong a Boost
Has Globe Fallen from Grace?
Surfline and the ER/ING Twins Team Up
Powder Magazine Publisher Laid Off
Tristan Picot Dies at Teton Pass

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