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Latest Update: November 5 , 2002

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Billabong Named in US Lawsuit
In a humorously vague notice to the Australian Stock Exchange Billabong Executive Chairman Gary Pemberton said that Billabong has been named a defendant in a lawsuit which "relates to the dismissal of an employee at a company which was the subject of a potential acquisition by Billabong, but which did not proceed." Anyone know what this is about? Click here.
-Billabong's Perrin Resigns
-Billabong denies Perrin was pushed out
-Interview transcript with Gary Pemberton
-Perrin's replacement probably from inside

Knoxville Is No Jackass
The star of the number four movie last weekend dines out at New York's Le Grenouille and proves that he's actually shamefully bookish and smart. Like that's some kind of surprise?

Skateboarding And Gun Safety
Lansing police and Michigan's largest teacher's union have created a gun safety video starring a character called "Scotty The Skateboard." Why use a skateboard? Wouldn't it be better if it starred "Gary the Gunshot Wound?"

Mavericks Winter Season Opens
The season may have started, but there may be no Men Who Ride Mountains contest thanks to Quiksilver pulling out of the event.
-Quiksilver Entertainment launches 54321 TV Show.

The Skate Generation Has No Respect

Seems that skateboarders have been using the Jack Kerouac Park as a skate spot and people in Lowell, Massachusetts don't like it one bit. No, they want skaters to get on the road.

Randomly Quotable
"The thin-crusted pizzas are terrific, skateboard-sized pies. They're probably the best things the restaurant has to offer." -- Buca di Beppo restaurant review in the LA Times.

Extreme Oops
Get ready for snowboarding's further exploitation in a film coming out later this month titled Extreme Ops. The movie features some of the worst snowboarding ever captured on film. In fact, we've been laughing our asses off since we saw the movie trailer. As one reviewer said, "It looks stupid beyond words."

Monarch Ski Resort Sold
A Colorado-based investor group has agreed to buy the Monarch Ski and Snowboard Area near Salida, Colorado for about $5 million. Now, if they can just figure out a way to charge $500 a ticket they just may show a profit.

Nathan Groff 8-Year-Old Skate Champ
He took the Southern California title in the 8 and under group at the CASL SoCal finals, but now Nate is off to Milpitas, CA to take on NorCal's finest.

Abercrombie Hits The Beach
The surf industry fears it, but can Hollister Co. stores really make a dent in authentic surf gear sales? Sure. The mall kids won't know the difference. Side note: Quiksilver still has more mall stores than Hollister.

DC Shoes vs. The IRS
The IRS is apparently going after DC Shoe Co., for what Forbes magazine calls a "long list of alleged sins." The IRS wants $1.1 million in back taxes. DC is disputing all in the charges in U.S. Tax Court.

Sponge Bob No Pants
announced today the closing of Bodyboarding magazine. "After more than seventeen years publishing BodyBoarding magazine, I am sad to announce that we will discontinue the title," Bob Mignogna said to staffers. If Bob is sad, he's the only one.

Laguna Surf and Sport is Swell

Eric "E.J." John, the man who reportedly poo-poo'd online shopping by saying, "You can't smell surf wax on the Internet," has "merged" with and finally helped make it the "click and mortar" play its always dreamed of being.

Globe Taken Out at the Hips

The Jackass Reviewer That Gets It
Vail Cuts 100 Jobs

Billabong's Perrin Asked to Resign

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