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Latest Update: July 17, 2002

(Editor's note: If you click on a link, and it requires you to register before viewing, just enter "sacklunch" into both login prompts. We've registered so you don't have to.)

Judge Awards $5.2 Million Snowboarder

Charlene Vine, who was paralyzed after crashing off a snowboard jump at a Bear Valley, CA end-of-season party has now been awarded a total of $9.2 million. Look out snowboard parks.

Behind Surfer's Power Issue
This arrived as email yesterday. It appears to be a bit of satire surrounding the transcript of a meeting that lead to Surfer's Top 25 most powerful people in the surfing issue.

Sam George Responds
To: Sacklunch
RE: Behind The Power Issue
" Poor Ben. Poor sad Ben. How he must miss his days at SURFER, when, pre-firing and subsequent restraining order, his voice actually meant something. Yes, and before it was reduced to the whining of a pathetic, lonely misfit who, standing outside the prom, seethes in romantic impotence while watching others dance with the girl he loves.

Sam George
Editor, SURFER magazine

Billabong's Shoe Fetish
Yes, they're out there looking for some shoes for their little feets. Yes, there are three main skate footwear companies that they're looking at. Anyone want to guess which ones? And really, how much should they pay?

Salomon Becomes Core Surf Company?
Adidas edges into the surf industry with an entirely new core system. Want is behind the S-core. TransWorld Surf's Aaron Checkwood kicks it down.

Water, Water, Everywhere?
Okay, not quite. But if you can get your hands on a copy of Issue number 2 of the Steve Zeldin, Preston Murray, McElroy joint you won't be disappointed. Now, if Zeldo would only send us a copy so we don't have to keep "borrowing" it from someone else. Click here to subscribe.

Trend Spotting Is So, Like Over
According to NYT writer Ruth LaFurla the old "cool hunters" of yesterday are no longer pulling the big dollars for their inside scoops on the next big thing. Maybe it had something to do with being wrong all the time.

Love Park Reopens Sans Skaters

Skateboarders and police have been battling over Philly's Love Park for years. When the park was closed for a remodel skaters around the world thought it was over. The first week of July, the park reopened. Is it still skateable?

Quiksilver Investor Presentation
Yes, if you have an Internet connection then you too can watch the Quiksilver Investor presentation live on the net July 9, at 1:05 PST.

Hawk Second Only to Jordan

Sports Illustrated recently guessed that Tony Hawk is now pulling down a smooth $10 million a year and driving sales of $250 million. The Boston Globe's Geoff Edgars gets in behind the Birdman hype.

Burnquist Wins OP King of Skate
Well, if the circus-side-show, pay-per-view skateboarding special created by Doug Palladini's Cynic Youth advertising agency had to have a winner (which apparently it did) then why shouldn't it be Bobo. Did anyone watch this?

Airwalk Outlet Stores?
Vans has done it. Quik is doing it. Now Airwalk joins the retail party with their first outlet store in Golden, Colorado. The 4000 sq ft store will feature Airwalk and Ripzone product.

Big Business Applauds Huffy Purchase
When Huffy, maker of notoriously crappy bicycles bought out Gen X Sports dealer of notoriously crappy action sports products for $19 million cash and 5 million shares we just laughed. Big business, apparently, has other ideas.

Globe Buys Kubic (World Industries)
Sorry we missed this one two weeks ago. Here are the details from the LA Times business section. Now Globe is the proud owner of all the World Industries brands including Blind, Darkstar, Tensor and enjoi. Skate biz's Miki Vuckovich believes it's a good thing.

Jeenyus Website is Real Neato

Ever seen a marketing website done right? Probably not. That's why you should check out Jeenyus Snowboards. Evan Rose, the purveyor of fine web sites like and knows exactly what a website needs to keep people coming back again, and again, and again. Rinse and repeat.

Snowboard Camper Missing
Police are still searching for 18-year-old Sarah Wishnietsky after she disappeared from a Mt. Hood snowboard camp on Wednesday. Clackamas County authorities say 15 people and 2 canines were involved in the search operation.

Ben Marcus Gets Ink
Local newspapers love goofy local stories and Ben "The World Best Surf Journalist" Marcus can scare up a bucket full of goof. Here is the story about his trip to sure the Turnagain Arm bore as seen by a local reporter. (Please note the photo of Ben actually holding a surfboard.)

Skater Dies at Ashland Park
Rory Ably, 23, from Talent, Oregon had been skating at the park with friends Sunday evening when he removed his helmet to try a few tricks. He hit his head on the lip of the big bowl.

Ryan Sheckler Better Watch Out
Mitchie Brusco seems like your average 5-year-old boy. But, according to Journal reporter Matt Thompson, when Mitchie hops onto a skateboard, he is anything but average.

ISF Calls It Quits
The International Snowboarding Federation, which did more for competitive snowboarding than any other organization in history decided to call it quits last month. Looks like the FIS finally won the battle. Here's the whole story.

Sardines Stop Night Surf Content in Durban
Thanks to swarming schools of sardines and faulty shark nets the Mr Price Pro Night Surfing contest scheduled for July 5-7 in Durban has been canceled.

Hawk Brings Extreme to Theaters
If you want teen boys to come see your movie you'll need to cast Tony Hawk. At least that's what Chris Hewett of the Calgary Herald thinks.

Not Wearing Helmet While Skating # 2
Gabriel Naponelli, a 19 year old skater is in the intensive care unit at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after he fell from his skateboard. Investigators determined he most likely was riding his skateboard too fast, lost control and crashed. He was not wearing a helmet.

Elkerton and Hakman Visit UK Groms
Gary Elkerton and Jeff Hakman visited the UK leg of the Quiksilver Grommet Series.

Charges Dropped Against Surfer
Hermosa Beach surfer Tommy Banas, 19, will not face charges of attacking another surfer, Christopher Millican, with a large rock after Millican and another man allegedly attacked Banas' father, Tim Banas, 44. Deputy District Attorney Kevin Halligan said the charges were dropped Monday because Millican and six other witnesses would not cooperate.

Navy Reopens Kaua'i Beach

For the first time since September 11, 2001, the Navy will begin allowing beach goers to visit the beaches of the Pacific Missile Range Facility.

Family Adopts Shark Attack Beach

Richard Peltier and his family have adopted the beach where their 10-year-old son David was attacked and killed by a 9.5 foot Bull shark a year ago.

Dogtown Video Release Hits the Streets

Columbia, the distributor of the Dogtown and The Z Boys video and DVD has hired street marketing company Streetwise to promote the skateboard movie's video release.

Girls Surf Clothes Blowing Up
Quiksilver's Roxy has far surpassed their men's sales and it looks like Billabong Girl is on the way to doing the same thing for Billabong. Just wait until Blue Crush comes out.

SI For Women Swimsuit Issue?
Ben Marcus Is Back In Alaska
Whistler Wins 2005 FIS Snowboard Worlds
Santa Cruz Surfers Don't Want to Share

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