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Ben Marcus is back in Alaska, this time he's chasing the bore. Click here for the latest update.

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Latest Update: June 25, 2002

SI For Women Swimsuit Issue?
Yes. They did it, however, rather than going the route of SI and showing the hottest models on the planet, SIW has chosen "relevant, sexy athletes." Snowboader Chris Klug and skater Tony Hawk were among those unlucky enough to make the cut. Click their names to see the damage.

Ben Marcus Is Back In Alaska

(Editor's note: Ben paddled out for the bore. Yes, on a surfboard. There appears to be hope). Like the swallows returning to San Juan Cap, the World's Best Surf journalist has traveled back to Alaska. This time Ben is without a cat, a van, or much of a plan. But that's why his travel rants are so epic.
-Part 1 Bored in Alaska
-Part 2 Bored In Alaska
-Part 3 Bored In Alaska
-Part 4 Bored In Alaska
-Part 5 Bored in Alaska

Dogtown And the Z-Boys Incorporated

Ventura Reporter writer Michel Cicero gets down and dirty with the behind the scenes big-money side of the skate movie the grandmothers are even talking about. Put it this way: Nathan Pratt is not exactly happy with Vans who is rumored to have made $15 million off the movie so far. (Unfortunately, the Ventura Reporter has no web archive and this story is no longer with us.)

Whistler Wins 2005 FIS Snowboard Worlds
It will be the year before the next Olympics. But then again it's FIS and as we all know, snowboarders pretty much hate FIS. Still.

Randomly Quoatable

`What was that? Snowboarding?'' --U. S. Soccer coach Bruce Arena after being asked about Apollo Ohno's controversial gold medal swap with South Korean speed skater Kim Dong-sung.

Snow Not Just for White People at Intrawest
Intrawest Biz Dev VP Graham Kwan wants everyone to know that brown and black people are welcome to blow loads of money at Intrawest resorts, too. In fact, even "Persian, Korean, and Islamic" people are also welcome. Kwan knows. He is Chinese.

Newsweek Previews The Surf Schools
Hey, NYC stock brokers have tried everything, now they're turning to surfing and that means a growth in surf schools.Can't they just buy the clothes and the lifestyle without actually getting in the water?

Mossimo Signs With Canadian Chain

He's still rolling on the best thing he ever did. "In my wildest dreams I didn't think it would be as big as it was," Giannulli says. He's also happy about recently signing a deal with Canadian retailer Zellers to launch a home-furnishings collection.

Santa Cruz Surfers Don't Want to Share
Now the story has made it the SF Chronicle. Surfers at Steamer do not want kayaks in the water. A group called Surfers for Safe Berth, is threatening to file a civil rights lawsuit against the city for the way it allowed kayaks in the surf>

Great Lakes Surfers Get More Props
"It's not Malibu" the story says, but it is surfing. Freshwater surfing. And what story on surfing would be complete without a Beach Boys lead. This on'es got it. But it is a Canadian paper so maybe they should get a break.

Orgasms, Ass, and Travel
Yes, it's good. And it will make you want to drop what you're doing and hit the road. Jamie Brisick is living the life for all of us and thankfully he's been writing it down (and shooting photos). We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations helps the reader escape to the world in which we all should be living. It is also a great answer to the question, "I wonder what Jamie's been up to lately?"

Durst To Direct Lords of Dogtown Film

Ah, yeah. Some people will to be bummed about Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst directing this film, but Stacy Peralta wrote the script so we'll have to hope for the best.

Stinson Beach Surfer Hit By Shark
"I saw the jaws of death . . . right in front of my face. I can't believe he didn't bite my hand off," said Lee Fontan after getting nibbled on by a Great White Shark at a beach just north of San Francisco.

BMW's Streetcarver Skateboard
It's always frightening when the outside world gets involved with "new skateboard ideas." BMW adds more evidence against further involvement.

Lego Renews Macdonald sponsorship
The world's third largest toy company has signed Andy Macdonald for a second year of sponsorship to promote its line of BIONICLE(TM) action heroes.

Noll Builds World's Largest Skateboard
Rhyn Noll appears to have had a lot of free time lately. What else would explain the 20-foot-long skateboard he recently rode down Crescent City's Howland Hill. Looks like Tod Swank's "world's largest skateboard" is getting some company.

California Senate Passes Helmet Law
If you're a California kid under 18 you may soon be required to wear a helmet when you skateboard. The ``Youth Helmet Bill'' -- which carries a $25 fine -- will next move to the Assembly, where supporters say they're confident it will pass.

ESPN's "Ultimate X" Gets Okay Reviews
The movie based, on the games, based on our sports enters iMax theaters and the patrons are mostly stoked. We still haven't seen this one.

Skater Wins Prestigious Art Award
An artist who created a 69 foot-long wall painting has won the UK's largest prize for art in the Beck's Futures 2002 awards. Toby Paterson, a skateboarder, collected a cheque for 24,000 from Icelandic singer Bjork at a ceremony held at London's Institute of Contemporary Art.

Surfing Mourns the Loss of Mike Diffenderfer
Legendary gun shaper/North Shore surfer Mike Diffenderfer died on Oahu May 16 after a long battle with a series of brain tumors. He was 65.

Haole Nurse Reunited with Shark Victim

A Littleton, Colo. registered nurse, helped save the life of 17-year-old Hokuana Aki, on March 25 when a shark attacked him at Brennecke's Beach.

TransWorld Surf Game Ships for PS2

Infogrames announced today that the PS2 version of TransWorld Surf will ship to retailers throughout the course of the week. And maybe they'll start marketing it as well.

Snowboarder Dies On Mt. Hood

An Argentine snowboarder who had hiked to the summit was snowboarding down when he fell off a 2,800-foot cliff to his death. A week later a Pave Hawk helicopter crashed while trying to rescue other climbers.

Hurley Swooshed Up Official
Adidas-Salomon's New Digs

Is Chilli Video Growing Cold?
Roots, Snowboarding Big Olympic Winners

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