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Latest Update: February 23, 2002

Hurley Swooshed Up Official
We told you about this in the last issue of the Sack, but now everyone is talking. Phil Knight and his crew of merry cobblers is now the boss of Bob Hurley. Here are the details as seen on Transworld Surf. As everyone knows, the action sports industry just loves Nike.
-LA Times coverage of the sale.

Adidas-Salomon's New Digs
The German sports giant has set up shop in Portland, Oregon
on an 11 acre $110 million converted hospital compound. Maybe they just wanted to keep an eye on Nike/Hurley?

Is Chilli Video Growing Cold?
When Sportsworld Media Group signed a $12.75 million deal with the ASP in November of 2000 some where skeptical. Now, with SMG's stock in the pooper many are getting worried. TWSurf Business's Sean O'Brien reports.

Roots, Snowboarding Big Olympic Winners
The Canadian maker of those God-awful USA team berets and companies aligned with snowboarding will be the big winners out of Salt Lake 2002 according to Reuters' Brad Dorfman (no relation).

Jack Johnson Profiled in LA Times
Lately he's had to surf the fine line between music and the beach and so far Jack Johnson has stayed right in the critical section. LA Times calendar writer Steve Hochman reports on the life in the barrel.

Shark Attacks Down in 2001

It was a great shark season in Florida with stories blowing up every couple weeks, but according to Researchers at the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File shark attacks are down.

You Sir Are No Jeff Spicoli
Newsweek web writer T. Trent Gegax likes to write directly to people. In fact, he wrote a story directly to Danny Kass saying that "I know Jeff Spicoli and Danny Kass you are no Spicoli. You're too smart." Shhssh, Trent it would supposed to be snowboarding's little secret.
Danny turns lifestyle into Silver Medal

Liver Boy Wins Bronze Medal
Is there anyone who believes that a great snowboarder like Chris Klug could win a Olympic medal with a borrowed liver? Apparently we're the only ones.
The Billy Flood's liver lives in Klug
-Chris Klug's family cheers him on to bronze
America sucks at Alpine racing
-Rosie Fletcher missing PGS finals

Look Dude, No Drugs
After Ross Rebagliati's run-in with the IOC in Nagano, it's not surprise that these kinds of stories are popping up. But Olympic snowboarders have been tested again for drugs and this time they're clean.

The Emperor of Ubiquity
You'd think that Sheppard Fairey would be tired of his whole propaganda poster program but the guy just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Here's another story from the LA Weekly.

Federation Buys Hot Tuna
Founded by Richard and Jo-Anne Meldrum in 1969, Hot Tuna is now owned 85 percent by Federation and 15 percent by a new management team.

Florida Town Outlaws Backyard Ramps
The Indialantic, Florida Town Council Monday clarified a rule that they say was already on the books that bans skateboard ramps from homeowners private property.

Get Out The Brooms, It's A Halfpipe Sweep
The US Snowboard Team did it up just right as Ross Powers, Danny Kass, and JJ Thomas land on the podium with medals around their necks.
It was an American Beauty in Olympic halfpipe
Halfpipe dreams come true
-America has a new national sport, dude

Snowboarders Sure Talk Funny

Another lazy journalist pens the quintessential "snowboarders have a different word for everything" story and the country is amused. NBC announcer Kevin Delaney sets the nation straight.
-Snowboarding brings it's own style to the Games

Shannon Dunn Pulls Out the Tricks
The bronze medalist from Nagano has a trick that she thinks will help her land on the podium. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

HB Surf Series Has No Sponsors

The Huntington Beach Pro/Am Surf Series, and 8-year old surf event may go out of business if event director Seth Matson doesn't find some sponsors now that Hurley is out.

Surf Ambassador Freeth Remembered

He's been dead for nearly 80 years, however, George Douglas Freeth Jr. is still revered as the man who brought surfing to Southern California.

A Bodyboarding Statue at The Wedge
Kevin "Mel" Thoman thinks that Newport Beach's most famous surf spot needs to be memorialized with a statue of a guy on a sponge.

Cottrell Saved a Parade, Now Remembered

Former Island Water Sports president Kirk Cottrell saved the Founders' Day parade in Deerfield, Florida. Now the parade is remembering the man who worked to keep the parade rolling and later died while surfing in South Africa.

Chronicle Discovers Jack Johnson
Well, it's good to know that the SF Chronicle is backing the "surf musician" after checking out his recent sold out show. "The appealing 26-year-old singer is clearly a man on his way somewhere." Oh his way? Come on, he's already there.

Fu Manchu's New Rock Glamour
Don't know what the headline means, but it felt good. Just like you'll feel after you read about this hawd rawk band. Especially the part about the song Downtown in Dogtown. A song about the Z-boys.

More Surfing Fighting in Palos Verdes

Thomas Banas, 18, who reportedly protected his father from another surfing by throwing rocks at the attacker was arrested for alleged assault after walking into Spyder Boards in Hermosa and punching another customer twice.

Dior Skateboards

Yes, the Christian Dior design house has released a skateboard which retails in London for $150 with the words "Pray for Dior" as the graphic. Why?

Surfers Rescued at SF's
Seal Rock
Ten surfers were plucked from the Pacific near San Francisco's Seal Rock yesterday after an unusually strong riptide took them out past the surf line and kept them from returning to shore.

Wet Dreams Buys Elite Australia
A company that made a charge at Quiksilver and Rip Curl in Austrialia's hot surf fashion market and thrown in the towel on the rag trade and purchased Elite Models Australia. We're all in it for the girls anyway, right?

Wahine Wipes Out
This is an old story (last month) but we missed it last time and it's definitely a great story on what happened to a really cool women's surf mag.

Stories that First Appeared on Sacklunch
We're going to begin keeping track of stories that run on other sites after they were first seen on the Sack. We're sure it's just a coincidence.
-Jailboards: Ding repair in a Brazilian prison
-Swedish snowboard team "trains" in Dana Point

The Cynic Youth Action Sports Letter

NYT Magazine Vs. Danny Kass
Takayama Moves to Oz
TV With a Side of Beans and Rice

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